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Take two nationally respected rock critics, the latest music news, personal commentary, and exclusive interviews and performances, add a huge pile of records old and new, and the result is Sound Opinions, where people who love music can come together.
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On the eve of a presidential election, hosts Greg Kot and Jim DeRogatis talk with the director of the new documentary, Jimmy Carter: Rock and Roll President about how Carter changed the way politicians interact with musicians. Plus, poet and music critic Hanif Abdurraqib talks about hosting the new season of the Lost Notes podcast on 1980.
In honor of Halloween, hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot share their favorite songs about the powerful, independent women sometimes known as witches. Then they do a classic album dissection of D'Angelo's Voodoo with author Faith Pennick.
This week, hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot talk with bassist Kathy Valentine of the Go-Go’s about her book All I Ever Wanted: A Rock 'n’ Roll Memoir. They discuss her independent childhood, finding her musical family with the Go-Go’s and more. Plus, Jim and Greg review new music from Shamir and Shemekia Copeland. Greg also bids farewell to Eddie Van Halen.
It's fall and the records are dropping like leaves. Hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot review new albums from Disclosure, Lydia Loveless, Flaming Lips and Ganser. Plus, the story of electronic music pioneer, Wendy Carlos.
For 20 years, Creem Magazine boasted a roster of creative misfits who wrote some of the most exciting, funny and thoughtful music journalism of all time. Hosts Greg Kot and Jim DeRogatis talk to friend and former Creem journalist Jaan Uhelszki about the new documentary on Creem and what it was like to work alongside Jim's hero, Lester Bangs. Then, Jim and Greg have a conversation with British punk band IDLES.
In the music world, record stores are important economically, but also as community hubs. We talk with the directors of the documentary "Other Music" as well as record store owners in North Carolina and Ohio about how they're adapting to coronavirus times. Plus they talk with music loving comedian Hannibal Buress about his drive in theater tour.
This week, hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot dissect Yes's 1977 masterpiece album Going For the One. They talk about the progressive rock band's history, the rich music and they interview lead singer Jon Anderson about the making of the record. Jim and Greg also review the latest from Detroit rock band Protomartyr.
Nothing in the world can stop great music from being created. Even now there are songs coasting under the radar, not being enjoyed by enough people. We have a new batch of buried treasures to share. Plus, we talk with venue owners, activists and politicians working to save American stages that have been shut down due to the global pandemic.
Oftentimes the best way to celebrate a new venture is with great music, and we could all use a fresh start right about now. Hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot share some of their favorite songs about new beginnings. They also review new records from country singer-songwriter Margo Price and the late Chicago rapper Juice Wrld.  
What role do drums play in Rock? Should they be keeping the beat or leading from the front? Who are some of the greatest drummers in rock music? The beat goes on as Jim and Greg focus on the contributions of drummers to rock music with drummer Joe Wong. Wong also hosts a podcast on drummers called The Trap Set.
The Replacements never had a hit song, but few bands have inspired such a deep connection with their fans. Bob Mehr, author of the biography Trouble Boys, talks with Jim and Greg about the band. Plus we revisit our interview with Mission of Burma.
Jim and Greg explore the background and influence of the Velvet Underground’s debut with a classic album dissection.
Jim and Greg talk with Galaxie 500’s Damon Krukowski about the value of analog listening in an increasingly digital world. They’ll also review new albums from Neil Young and the mysterious Sault.
Jim and Greg chat with Talking Heads drummer Chris Frantz about his new book, Remain In Love. The book tracks the bands commercial success and internal strife. Plus, they dig into some of their favorite tracks by the 'Heads’ and Tom Tom Club.
#765 Chicago Soul

#765 Chicago Soul


From Curtis Mayfield to Minnie Riperton, Jim and Greg explore the Chicago Soul scene. They’ll examine how the music tells the story of political and cultural change in Chicago. Plus, they look at the movement’s lasting impact.
In these confusing and anxious times, we could all use the occasional helping hand. This week, Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot share their favorite songs about helping. Then they help a listener find new music to soothe her grandmother.
It's time for another edition of Buried Treasures, where Greg Kot and Jim DeRogatis share some under-the-radar new music you need to hear. Plus, we hear from the singer-songwriter Caroline Rose about the song that got her interested in making music.
Bill Withers is beloved for classics like Lean On Me, but Greg contends that Withers’ best album is Live at Carnegie Hall. Jim and Greg honor Withers’ life with a classic album dissection of that record and review the latest from Phoebe Bridgers.
Sometimes current events inspire urgent art. Jim and Greg share their favorite instant commentary tracks, songs that were published in a hurry in hopes of affecting change. Plus we review the latest from Bob Dylan.
While the year is only half over, Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot couldn’t wait until December to share their favorite albums. This week, Jim and Greg share their picks for the Best Albums of 2020 so far.
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Paul Kennedy

Thick listening? Mumbo jumbo. Digital is just a means of recording and playing back. You can have as much nouse as youbwant - just like analog. It all depends on what you want to filter out. We thinknof movies like Citizen Kane and Casablanca as all time greats and fans drone on and on about them being in black and white -- like that makes the movie better. They weren't filmed in black and white because the director wanted to evoke a mood. They were filmed in black and white because that's all that was available. Same thing with analog.

Aug 11th

Harold McNaron

Intrigued by the connection to club culture. Curious about your 'out of wedlock' comment.

Mar 20th


Bello INC media

Jan 17th

Jim Eiden

Convoy is a Rap Song

Oct 16th
Reply (1)


still no Billie Eilish reaction. only the Album of the Year. you are officially irrelevant.

Apr 29th


you've never seemed less relevant than when you ignored the release of Billie Eilish's new album.

Apr 24th

Lisa Lawson

10 NEON 20.18. GOD

Jan 18th

Maria Liliana DE

hi what's. is going one you shoube come over and pick. up youre #ages ovst ate. Will. house. ok. monies popes that were I. live. love you. ok. pope. charlie..

Nov 12th

Sen Inno

... the music is nice ... but wtf you need talking sooo much? bigsmiley

Jul 9th

Kathleen Zimmerman


Jul 3rd

iTunes User

I have been listening to this show for a few years.I was happy to see it on itunes.Most music shows are pure crap,so this show is a nice change.

Aug 31st

iTunes User

Jim and Greg sort out the cool from the crap with their "buy it, burn it, trash it" review system. It's great for commuting because it mixes their review with playing the actual songs or albums they review. If you are looking to expand your musical experience and hear reviews of popular music, deep cuts, and music news...this is a must have.

Aug 31st
Reply (2)

iTunes User

I have not listened the last couple of shows, but I have been a big fan of this radio show since started here in Chicago (7 years ago, I think, but not positive). I don't always agree with them, but Jim and Greg are really on the ball. For the novice or the hard-core music fanatic, this is a show that everyone can listen to and still feel like they're part of the conversation. If you're not in Chicago and can't listen to them on the radio, get the podcast. You'll be happy you did.

Aug 31st
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