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Author: Soundproofist

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Soundproofist is a podcast about unwanted or harmful noise and what you can do about it.
15 Episodes
People with cognitive issues also have special needs for their sonic environment. Arezoo Talebzadeh is an architect who designs soundscapes for people with dementia or autism. In this episode of Soundproofist, she describes how personalized soundscapes can improve their quality of life.
You don't need a large budget to measure and map sound. Dr. Tae Hong Park, a professor at NYU, founded the Citygram soundmap project and launched a new airplane-noise tracker project called "Get Noisy." In this interview, he shares details of how he built affordable microphones that can be attached to a window. They send data to your computer through a web browser. His concept is "use what you already have." Learn more about his work with noise, soundscapes, and music in this conversation with Phill and Cary of Soundproofist.
Do you live in a noisy building? Nathan Sibon is an acoustician who works on solving noise problems in wood-framed buildings. He defines some of those common problems and practical ways of coping with them.
Dan Dugan is a sound designer and inventor of the automatic microphone mixer, a key component in professional audio tools. He also records soundscapes in natural environments through his work with the Nature Sounds Society. In this episode, Dan discusses how he got involved in theatrical sound and professional audio, and his more recent work doing field recordings. He also makes some observations about the change in our soundscapes during the COVID-19 pandemic.
How does human-generated noise impact the marine life in our oceans? We interview Michael Stocker, the founder and director of Ocean Conservation Research in California. He shares the history of his organization, how they measure ocean noise, how sea animals communicate, and how his organization works proactively to protect whales from needless trauma.
Most people don't think about hospital noise until they become a patient in one. But jarring noises in medical facilities can disrupt sleep and impede recovery. Mai-Britt Beldam is a specialist in hospital acoustics for Ecophon in Sweden. In this episode, she discusses some common noise issues that impact patients and staff, suggestions for acoustical improvements, and how the results are measured. 
Dr. Arline Bronzaft is a pioneering researcher, psychologist, noise activist, and consultant. Her tireless work since the 1970s changed noise policy in New York City and beyond. In this interview, we review her accomplishments and challenges during multiple administrations. Her grandson, Matt Santoro, joins in. 
What are the biggest noise issues in the UK right now? Soundproofist talks with longtime activist John Stewart about efforts to mitigate traffic noise, airport noise, and more. 
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