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Author: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

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A short weekly wrap-up of the latest news and science from the International Space Station.
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There is never a dull moment onboard the orbiting laboratory. There were three spacewalks to fix a cosmic particle detector and now two space cargo ships are on their way to the station.
The Expedition 61 crew enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast ahead of another spacewalk set for this Monday. A European experiment also tests controlling a rover on Earth from the station.
Throughout spaceflight history, 14 women have completed spacewalks. On October 18, Jessica Meir brought that number up to 15 when she floated outside the airlock alongside 4-time spacewalker Christina Koch for the first all-female extravehicular activity.
50 years ago flight controllers managed history's greatest adventure. Astronauts Christina Koch and Nick Hague reflected on the historic moon landing ahead of the arrival of a new crew Saturday.
Astronauts have been growing fresh produce on station. This week some of that food will return to Earth for analysis. The crew also performed an experiment to investigate time perception in space.
The crew explored radiation exposure in space ahead of the 4th of July holiday. The astronauts also sent down an Independence Day message as the station nears 20 years of continuous human presence.
Three residents of the space station safely returned to planet Earth, but not before another station crewmember sequenced DNA to explore how damaged DNA repairs itself in space.
Astrobee, a free-flying robot, took its first spin around the station. The crew also released four small cube satellites from different countries into low earth orbit.
NASA opens the station for commercial business as the crew worked on the BioNutrients experiment to provide astronauts with necessary vitamins on future long duration missions
Two cargo spacecraft departed from the space station this week. Also, the crew installed an experiment to continue studying plant growth in space for future long duration missions.
Two cosmonauts wished the world's first spacewalker a Happy Birthday during their own spacewalk this week. The rest of the crew is loading the SpaceX Dragon cargo craft with science for return to Earth on Monday.
NASA astronaut Nick Hague is exploring how space radiation damages DNA and how the cell repair mechanism works in microgravity.
A new science experiment will allow scientists to monitor carbon dioxide emission hotspots from space. Also the kidney cells experiment will examine how microgravity affects the health of the kidney.
The SpaceX Dragon became the sixth spaceship at the station Monday delivering about 5,500 pounds of supplies. Also, researchers are exploring microalgae as a dietary boost for future astronauts going to the moon by 2024.
With the station back to full power, SpaceX is ready to launch their 17th resupply mission. Astrobee, a new free-flying robot will assist the crew with chores on board station.
Since the arrival of the U.S. Cygnus space freighter the crew has been unloading the new cargo, including a new air scrubber system, and new materials to be tested in the harsh environment of space.
The U.S. Cygnus space freighter delivered new science today that will challenge future scientists. Also, Christina Koch's will stay in space until February 2020 and new astronauts Jessica Meir and Drew Morgan are now due to launch to the station.
Two astronauts completed the third spacewalk of the year. The first crewed Boeing flight has been extended to a full-duration expedition. Also, results from the One-Year Mission Twins Study are in!
A Russian cargo ship brought food, fuel and supplies to station this week. Meanwhile, two astronauts get ready to complete the last of three spacewalks to upgrade the batteries on station.
This week two astronauts conducted the second in a series of three spacewalks to upgrade the space station's power storage capacity. Also, did you know there have been over 2500 experiments on the Space Station?
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