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Quote: “Over 50% of educators quit the profession completely in the first five years of teaching, and I was gonna be one of them.”Watch Live: SummaryOn today’s episode of Spanning The Need, Anthony Spano is joined by Marissa Platton, a mathematics educator at Austintown Local School District. Marissa discusses today, her six year’s experience as a tutor, half of which was affected by the pandemic. She talks about almost quitting in her first year and how she navigates teaching as a profession now.Marissa shares her experience as a mathematics educator. She discusses the challenges she faced in her first year as a teacher and how the Ohio Education Association OEA and other unions supported her. She describes how COVID has impacted the students and educational system and how to keep the teaching profession alive despite the impacts of the pandemic. The episode ends as Marissa offers advice to future educators to jump in and always advocate for their students.Tune in to the show now to explore:-Marissa’s teaching career-Handling teaching and students pre-COVID and post-COVID-The evolution of the educational system due to the pandemic-How to keep the teaching profession thriving in uncertain times-A fun Q&A session where Marissa answers random questions about her professional and personal lifeTimestamps:[00:23] Introduction Marissa Platton[01:23] Marissa’s experience as a teacher [04:26] Handling tough feedback as an educator[09:12] The importance of associations and unions[11:14] Educators are undergoing pressure due to the pandemic[13:16] How the pandemic affected students and their families [14:28] Approaching teaching in a new light post-pandemic [21:35] Changing the mindset of the community about the teaching profession[25:16] Keeping educators in the profession[30:30] Advice to future educators[35:00] A fun Q&A session with MarissaRelevant links:Listen to more episodes: with Marissa:LinkedInOhio’s New Educators
Quote: “We shouldn't be fighting each other, we should be looking at how we can fix the system.”SummaryStarting a new season of Spanning The Need, Anthony Spano has invited Justin Jennings to the show to share his experience, challenges, and results as the newly elected Superintendent of Youngstown City Schools. Justin was a professional basketball player before an injury ended his career. Today, Justin shares with us the challenges that come with his new position and how he aims to change the mindset of the public in Youngstown and advance academic pursuits.Justin begins by sharing a little about his background and what surrounded his move to Youngstown. He speaks extensively on his new role as Superintendent and how this largely involves changing the mindset of the people. He talks about some challenges many don’t realize and how he hopes to solve them to improve the academic standings of Youngstown City Schools. Justin touches on how trauma, mental issues, and security issues are being handled and how he plans to leave a legacy behind.Tune in to the show now to explore:Justin’s background and how he became the CEO of Youngstown City SchoolsThe importance of changing the mindset of people about Youngstown and leadership in generalWhy strategic plans are important for development and advancementDismantling the stigma surrounding trauma and mental health issuesA fun Q&A session where Justin answers random questions about his professional and personal lifeMore at:
Chef Jeff Crystal of Jeff Crystal Catering in Youngstown joins #SpanningtheNeed w/Anthony Spano to share a few of his favorite 4th of July cookout tips, best meat, while talking life and inspiration with Jeff.Read More: at:
Quote: “The market is going to shift. What comes up must come down.”SummaryOn today’s episode of Spanning The Need, Anthony Spano is joined by Holly Ritchie-Relator at Keller Williams Chervenic, a realtor with over 20 years of experience. Holly is recognized as being in the top 1% of realtors nationwide. Today, Holly shares her insights on the current market shifts seen in the real estate market and offers expert advice to buyers, sellers, and realtors.Holly begins the conversation by sharing how she got into real estate after earning a degree in marketing. Holly and Anthony discuss the present market situation favoring real estate sellers. They touch on the frustration buyers face and the challenges many people undergo due to the dwindling economy. Tune in to the show now to explore:-How the pandemic has impacted the real estate market-Holly’s expert advice to first-time home buyers-The current economic crisis and its impacts on income and sellers-What the future holds for real estate in Mahoning Valley-A fun Q&A session where Holly answers random questions about her professional and personal lifeTimestamps:[00:56] Introduction to Holly Ritchie[04:54] The current state of the real estate industry post COVID[09:44] Why buyers are frustrated with the market[14:54] Advice to first-time homebuyers[18:33] Comparing the current market to the 2008 economic crisis [22:47] Holly’s advice to those trying to sell their homes due to economic reasons[27:59] The issues that come with renovating or building new[33:48] The future of real estate in Mahoning Valley[39:00] A fun Q&A session with HollyRelevant links:Connect with Anthony:Listen to more episodes: with HollyThe Holly Ritchie TeamHolly’s Office: 330-509-8765
Quotes●“When you have children, and you're raising your children, the village becomes so important, because that is how we function as a society where we can lean on each other.”●“The first four years of life are the most crucial developmental years for children.”●“Nutrition, I think, is one of the most important things in gifts that you can give to your child for the first, you know, forever but, but really the first four years of their life and showing them a relationship with food, showing them that we eat to sustain and we eat to nourish.”●“Children are little parents. And they tend to gravitate toward the things that we place the most importance on.”As a new parent, you navigate this gauntlet of stuff with the baby. What should you do? What should you not do? You tend to seek perfectionism in your parenting journey, but parenting is a learning process no matter how many kids you have.In this episode, Jeanette Cole joins us to explore parenting tips for new parents. Jeanette is a certified Doula, breastfeeding counselor, and Yoga Instructor. She is also the host of “Mama Says,” a podcast for new parents, seasoned parents, and moms in general, focusing on linking the past with the present.In this session, Jeanette shares her experience as a doula, why you need one, a new mom’s experience, top challenges new parents face, and maintaining healthy development in your child. Besides, she dives deep into the importance of good nutrition practices and not being too hard on yourself.Key Takeaways●Always take care of yourself. So you can take care of the baby. If you can't take care of yourself, you'll have a tough time with the baby. You can’t pour from an empty cup.●As a parent, you are always learning. There is no right way to do anything. Although people will give you advice, you are the only one who understands your child the best. ●Don't take it personally when a kid refuses your food despite how well you’ve made it. It could be a texture thing, or they might like that type of food, but only in a certain way.Timestamps[01:06] Jeanette’s background and her podcast[02:13] Who is a doula and why you should hire one[06:59] New parent’s experience[10:27] Challenges for first time parents[15:20] Taking care of yourself first before taking care of the baby[17:50] Finding the formula you need for your baby[21:23] Are foods with harmful metal additives harmful to the baby?[22:17] How to make your own food for the baby[30:09] Tips and tricks to maintaining your child’s healthy development[37:30] The ultimate thing you need to know as a new parent[45:30] Understanding there’s no perfectionism in parenting[47:13] Jeanette’s services on her website[51:43] To connect with Jeanette[52:54] Fun questions with JeanetteEpisode HighlightsWhy hire a doula?Just like any business, a hospital is a business. Parents or patients might not get that standard one-on-one care specific to the individual. So a doula gives you that specific one-on-one care and gives you the research you need to make your own informed decisions or the birth and raising of a child.Challenges of first-time parents●Having the support of the village: You don't understand or know what a village is until you become the parent. A village not only includes your family members but anyone and everyone with whom you have come in contact.●Giving yourself grace with house chores and meals: You don’t have to do everything to perfection as a new mom. Give yourself some grace. ●Time: As a new mom, you must ensure your schedule isn't so jam-packed that you have zero time to interact with your child. Tips and tricks to maintaining your child’s healthy developmentThe first four years of life are children's most crucial developmental years. How can you maintain a healthy development for them? Focus on ●Nourishing foods: You must ensure that your kids' meals are well balanced. Good nutrition is the best thing you can give to your child.●Reading books: Reading is underrated. Get a book for your kid, depending on their age.● Proper Breastfeeding.The ultimate thing you need to know as a new parentParenting is a learning experience no matter how old you are or how many kids you have. There will always be people to tell you how to do things but just do what you want to do. You’re the only person who knows your child best.Understanding there’s no perfectionism in parentingMost parents seek perfectionism, but you don’t need perfectionism. Find what method works best for you and step away from the perfectionist posers on social media.ResourcesTo connect with Jeanette ColeWebsite:
Listen in on how your high school students can be awarded a $1,000 scholarship for senior from Springfield, Columbiana, Lisbon, or Jackson-Milton High School. K-Square Marketing (Kelsey Klim/Kollin Chupa) discuss this scholarship opportunity during Teacher Appreciation Week on the #SpanningtheNeed show.They have been inspired by the stories on the people and organizations they have helped the stories they have told throughout the years from those districts and hope to grow this scholarship’s impact for years to come.All the Details of the Scholarship: are the details:K Squared Marketing is proud to "Fund the Future" of the bright students within the districts we serve! We are awarding (one) $1,000.00 Scholarship to eligible students (see below graphic) to ANY and ALL future plans of graduating Seniors (licensures, apprenticeships, trades, service industry training, College/University, etc.):The deadline to apply is May 13th at 5pm! See slides 2-3 for application details.
Quote: ”I decided then that the way I was going to make the most difference for the most people was not in politics or law or things like that. It was in the classroom, it was by helping kids become better critical thinkers and problem solvers and decision makers so that they could be good citizens.”SummaryOn today’s episode of Spanning The Need, Anthony Spano is joined by Scott DiMauro, the president of the Ohio Education Association (OEA) who has over 30 years of experience as an educator. Today, in celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, Scott joins Anthony to discuss the challenges faced by the education system and how to improve the lives of educators.Scott begins the conversation by sharing his experience as an educator and how he began his teaching career. He discusses the current state of the education system and why educators are finding it difficult to impact students in the current system. He delves into the issue of funding many schools face and how politics affects decisions made in and for schools. The episode rounds off with Scott calling for resources to be allocated to schools based on needs for the betterment of students and teachers alike.Tune in to the show now to explore:-How the education system has evolved over the years and the pressure of standardized testing-Improving the school system for educators and students alike-The impacts and benefits of unionism and how the OHEA improves the lives of educators-The influence of politics on the education system and how educators can get involved-Managing the impacts of the pandemic on students Timestamps:[00:43] Introduction to Scott DiMauro [01:55] Scott describes what piqued his interest in teaching[05:25] The evolution of education over the years[06:38] There has been a pressure on educators since the pandemic[10:48] Improving the lives of educators is important [17:11] Collaboration and teamwork improves the state of education[17:46] The benefits of joining a union as educators[18:57] How politics influences the education sector and why educators need to be politically aware[22:16] The history of school funding in Ohio[25:55] Examining the effects of the pandemic on the school system[30:31] Why resources should be distributed based on the needs of individual schools[34:38] The issues associated with public school funding[37:09] Scott answers some personal questionsRelevant links:Connect with Anthony:Listen to more episodes: with Scott:Facebook: website:
Len Rome & Jim Loboy from WYTV DayBreak sits down with #SpanningtheNeed so that we can get to know these individuals, their journey, and the media industry.Len Rome/Jim Loboy: Me at:Facebook:
Zach Humphries sits down to discuss Crypto Currency, what it is, how it works and how fast it's growing!Zach Humphries: it at: Me at:Facebook:
#Spanningtheneed sits down with Trumbull County Commissioner Mauro Cantalamessa on the State of the County, as well as how Mauro got started, the commissioners and the programs they offered…Plus a lot more.
#SpanningtheNeed is excited to start Season 4, and our 100th Episode! Tonight we sit down and talk to Keith/Michelle Edenfield with the Melina Michelle Edenfield Foundation to discuss Melina’s story, their foundation, as well as their great work and upcoming annual gala in her honor, the "Evening of Joy."More info at: Me at:Facebook:
Join us for an extra special season 3 finale of #spanningtheneed. I sit down with J. Warner Wallace’s; a cold case for Christ where we discuss his work in cold cases, his life’s journey from atheism to Christianity & his book Cold Case Christianity and finding the faith, and what lead him to where he is today. This interview was truly my pleasure, and you won’t want to miss it. He is a NBC Dateline featured cold-case homicide detective, popular national speaker/best-selling author.J. Warner Wallace:
On this episode of #SpanningtheNeed, we sat down with Ray Simon, a national recognized artist and Mahoning Valley resident to talk about how he got his start, his journey and works involving professional athletic associations, athletes and the entertainment industry, military paintings and historical museums. Some of his works included: Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Tskegee Airmen and past painting of President Donald Trump.Ray Simon: Follow Me at:Facebook:
#Spanningtheneed sits down with Melinda Mikolaj Cook, hairstylist to talk about the salon business, challenges in the last year and how they manage the operation of the business. Watch the video episode at Spano:
#SpanningtheNeed is spotlighting the 2020 H.O.P.E. Honoree for Lifetime Achievement presented by the Hope Foundation of the Mahoning Valley Holly Welch, as she discusses education and volunteerism in the community.We would like to take this time for you to meet some of the 2020 Honorees for The Hope Foundations 2020 Wine for Hope fundraiser event. The Wine for Hope event has been rescheduled until April 29, 2022 and at that time we will announce the recipient of the recipient of the 2020 with the 2022 H.O.P.E. Award For Lifetime Achievement. Hope Foundation:​Watch past and this episode at Spano:
Join us for a discussion on #SpanningtheNeed with author and attorney Jim Tonty, as he addresses the U.S. Constitution from a biblical perspective and his book Constitution Law. If you are a history buff this is the episode for you as we talk about the framers: Thomas Jefferson and John Adams on how Christianity shaped the U.S. Constitution in the early days of the USA.Book: Spano:
#SpanningtheNeed sits down with Emmy award winning producer, motivational speaker, Soccer Official and founding member of Offside brand Brian Barlow to talk about sports, so if officiating in the United States, bad behavior at youth and adult sport events as we get ready for Fall Sports. Brian Barlow: Spano:
Kelsey Webb from the Dave and Jimmy Radio Show and a Youngstown Ursuline graduate sat down with #SpanningtheNeed to talk about her journey, and the great experiences she’s had. This includes an experience with Taylor Swift and her visit to the royal wedding! She also discusses some fun behind the scenes content.Kelsey Webb: US at:Facebook:
#SpanningtheNeed sits down with TV Reality Star and Financial Advisor Ray Housteau to discuss finances, his Amazing Race Season 7 experience, and giving back to the community. He also discusses his experience of almost being on Survivor.Spanning the Need: US at:Facebook:
#SpanningtheNeed sits down with Ellie Platt, Owner of Platt Insurance talks to us about her journey, insurance business, and women entrepreneurs. Platt Insurance: the Need:
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