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Spark - A Roadmap For The Vegan Professional

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Being a vegan business owner can be incredibly exciting, but also scary, overwhelming and lonely. Now there is a podcast you can turn to when you need inspiration! Spark, hosted by Stephanie Redcross West, will provide you with support to help you on your road to success.
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There is a lot of added pressure when you run a passion-based business. When it feels like change isn’t happening fast enough you may react by trying to do it all -- working late, weekend meetings and spending less time with family and friends. But what if you said “NO” more? Would it make you more effective? When you have time to think, take breaks, reflect, and consider your options, you just might have the space and creativity to make a greater impact. We will explore this idea in In today's Spark! Session.  Let’s discuss: - How committing to less can lead to greater impact  - How to determine what to say “no” to ---------------- Get training or support for your business or organization - EXPLORE OUR COURSES  Subscribe to Spark - A Roadmap For The Vegan Professional on Soundwise
The world may influence you but it should not define you. Too often business owners feel like they have to copy another’s style, approach or business model to be successful. But all this does is create an industry of services and businesses that are indistinguishable from one another. And that makes it hard for customers to find their perfect product, service or solution. There’s no doubt that it’s important to benchmark and understand what others in your industry or field are doing and how they impact the world. But you should ALWAYS let your unique self shine. In today’s Spark! session we will talk about how to use benchmarking without watering down your brand’s impact.  You’ll hear more about: - Why you should be focused on learning, while guarding against copying - How to articulate what’s unique about your business or brand, and use it to your advantage Subscribe to Spark - A Roadmap For The Vegan Professional on Soundwise
As you move through the ups and downs of your business, I want to remind you to never lose faith in yourself. The reality of being in business is that there will be times when you don’t have the answers, but you have to make a decision anyway. This can be scary and stressful, but it may be easier if you can remember that you are on a path to learning and growth. As the manager, CEO or founder of your business maybe it seems like you should know it all, but that’s a myth. We all have to take a leap of faith at times. In order for you to land firmly and safely on the ground you have to start with encouraging and believing in yourself. Doubts aren’t the enemy -- it’s your response to those doubts that can derail or send you into turmoil. Today, I want to talk about three things I do every week, to help keep me on an encouraging track.  Join me to learn: - Best practices for encouraging yourself on a consistent basis - How doubt and courage can coexist, and the benefits of embracing that truth Subscribe to Spark - A Roadmap For The Vegan Professional on Soundwise
I’m truly motivated to find actual solutions for business problems, and to encourage others to do the same. There’s a zen moment when you realize that the work you completed in a given week or month has created a breakthrough solution for your business. On the other hand, when you feel overwhelmed, it’s hard to truly fix problems, so instead you might look for bandaids. While I love using quick fixes to stop a project from becoming derailed, it’s important to put a process in place to make sure the action doesn’t end there. For example, I keep a log of issues in my business so I can track them and eventually develop plans to solve them. It’s how I move from temporary fix to permanent solution. In this live session today, I will invite you to think about a fix that is needed in your business, and how finally solving it can help your business. Plus, I’ll show you how I do it.  Join me to learn: - How to identify problems effectively - The benefits of an “issues” log - How to implement a process that creates long-term solutions Subscribe to Spark - A Roadmap For The Vegan Professional on Soundwise
When you come up with a good idea or new project, do you find it hard to give it the time it needs to marinate? In this episode of Spark! join Stephanie as she talks about the very real struggles -- and the very real advantages -- of having the patience to allow a good idea to percolate. You’ll hear about a recent real-life example involving one of Vegan Mainstream’s marketings campaigns, and the lessons that Stephanie learned and hopes to pass on so others don’t make the same mistakes.  Find out: What happens when you give new ideas the space they need to flourish Some of the pitfalls of taking a great idea too big too fast How to build something scalable, rather than pushing through for quick sales Subscribe to Spark - A Roadmap For The Vegan Professional on Soundwise
As a small business owner many pitfalls await you. There are countless ruts along the road to success that can threaten to drag you down and impede your progress.  But if you’re aware and have some strategies in place to deal with them BEFORE they happen, it’s more likely that you will stumble, rather than do a complete wipe out that takes weeks to recover from.  In today’s live Spark! session, join Stephanie as she talks about some common pitfalls she has seen her clients getting into. She’ll provide suggestions for recognizing them, and tips for getting out of them quickly when they happen (because they will!)  In this session you’ll learn: - How to assess WHY you’re getting stuck in a rut - Ideas for combating some common pitfall scenarios  - How to create the awareness you will need to protect yourself from business pitfalls over time ------------ Never Miss An Episode - WATCH NOW: Spark! A Roadmap For The Vegan Professional Subscribe to Spark - A Roadmap For The Vegan Professional on Soundwise
Have you ever felt the pressure that success can bring? I’ve been extremely fortunate in experiencing a significant growth-spurt in my business over the past month. But it’s funny how a little bit (or a lot!) of pressure can encourage the reappearance of bad habits and decisions. I’ve been noticing with interest lately how good things can cause bad things to happen. But only if you let them, right? Well, I confess, I let them. In today’s live session of Spark! come hear about this journey, and the “a-ha” moments it has led to. I’ll discuss: - When working in your pajamas goes from being a luxurious novelty to a warning sign - How my spiral started and evolved -- and things I’ve learned that will help me avoid that pattern in the future - Where I started to slip, and safeguards I am putting in place to stop that from happening again - Key things I have learned -- some are reminders, others are new takeaways Subscribe to Spark - A Roadmap For The Vegan Professional on Soundwise
For any business leader, the team should be the wind that buoys you up. Your team can help you soar, inspire and challenge you to dream bigger dreams, or they can provide the space and time for you to rest when you need to. A great team can help fill the gaps, bringing expertise and accelerating growth. However, as a small business it can be hard to know when to invest in a team. In this live session of Spark! Stephanie will talk about how to know when you’re ready, and all the ins and outs, like: How to avoid expanding too fast?  How to find great talent, and use it to your full advantage How to understand your new role as a manager once you start to outsource The importance of the simple concept of allowing your team to grow as you grow Subscribe to Spark - A Roadmap For The Vegan Professional on Soundwise
More people than ever are working from home offices these days, but those of us who run our own businesses are accustomed to managing things from a home office. Still, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your space is serving you. If you find yourself struggling to get things done join Stephanie for this live session of Spark! and learn: How to evaluate whether your office space is really serving you The reasons why having a workspace with a productive atmosphere is so important How to get started making some easy, inexpensive changes that will increase your productivity Specific examples from Stephanie’s own experience that can get you excited about sitting down to work each day!  Subscribe to Spark - A Roadmap For The Vegan Professional on Soundwise
We live in a noisy world. Being distracted seems to be a way of life these days -- there are so many things that want our attention! It’s easy to place blame for this constant state of distraction on the mini-computers that live in our pockets, the addictive nature of social media, or even coworkers. And it’s true that there are plenty of forces trying to sway us every moment of the day. But it’s important to remember that YOU have the power to choose how you spend your time. If you feel like distractions are taking over your life join Stephanie in today’s live Spark! session.  We’ll discuss: How to lean into your own power to gain control of your time again Strategies for cutting through the noise Tips for staying focused Subscribe to Spark - A Roadmap For The Vegan Professional on Soundwise
In our content-hungry world it is imperative for small business owners and managers to have a content marketing strategy that takes full advantage of leverage. Too often small businesses struggle to keep up with marketing demands because they aren’t in a position to develop new content from scratch weekly. In this live Spark! session, join Stephanie as she dives into the benefits of leverage, and shares tips about how to make leverage a strategy that truly helps your marketing efforts.  This session will cover: Ideas for reusing your best marketing campaigns and content, and why this is something all smart business owners (of any size) should be doing The benefits of setting out your own standards for marketing efforts like social media posting, blogging, live sessions and more (and how to go about doing it) How taking these steps can help lead you to your next exceptional marketing campaign Subscribe to Spark - A Roadmap For The Vegan Professional on Soundwise
Are you using your website dynamically to engage with your customers and clients in a targeted way? Have you set up triggers and touch points based on your customers’/clients’ interactions with your site, helping them to get the answers and information they need -- aka more business for you? When was the last time you took a good look at how your website functions for your business? If these questions seem way past where you’re at with your site, or your website has been stagnant - or worse, a thorn in your side - for longer than you care to remember, be SURE to join this live Spark! session with Stephanie. You will:  Learn how you can use visits to your website to personalize your marketing efforts so that you can serve your customers/clients better - and get more of them Get inspired to make some changes so your website can help, not hinder, your business Understand how to develop a purpose for various components of your site so it becomes a dynamic marketing tool, rather than a stagnant one Hear about real-life examples of how this works and can be implemented from Vegan Mainstream’s own website Subscribe to Spark - A Roadmap For The Vegan Professional on Soundwise
When you think about networking, what comes to mind? Perhaps, “Who do I need to meet?” and “How can this person benefit me?” are questions that arise, and of course those are important questions. But in this episode of Spark! Stephanie talks about a different approach -- one that involves taking time to lay the groundwork for something bigger, a scenario of mutual benefit that also has the potential to help grow the vegan business community.  Listen up to learn: - Why you should consider a shift in your networking approach if it is currently very one-sided - Ideas for overcoming the challenge of finding and connecting with other vegan leaders who share your professional passion - Stephanie’s 5-step process for networking you can use to inspire a successful networking strategy of your own Subscribe to Spark - A Roadmap For The Vegan Professional on Soundwise
One of my favorite things is spending time with my customers. However, I don't always have enough time for individual conversations and meetings. One of my tricks for getting around this dilemma is using tech to help me provide personalized support and advice. For example, I create personal videos that I send to prospects, clients and colleagues. The key to making this work is having a system in place that alerts you when someone in your “important” list takes action. The second step is having a tool in place to send personalized videos quickly. In today’s live session I want to show you how I do this, and why you might want to consider making it part of your marketing strategy too.  Subscribe to Spark - A Roadmap For The Vegan Professional on Soundwise
Time is such an incredibly precious commodity for any entrepreneur. Do you ever feel like you're an aspiring inventor trying to discover the formula to unlock additional hours in the day? I know I’ve been there! But we all know that’s a lost cause, so instead of constantly trying to find time, think about how you can use the time you have more wisely. One of my secrets to time management is using tech to reduce the amount of manual work I do daily. Today I want to show you how to automate the top 5 tasks you do every week so you can stop working so hard, and instead work smarter.  What to know how I do it? Join me in our new course, Tech Vibes. It’s time to get more comfortable with using tech tools in your businesses to help drive growth and personalization. Sign up by Nov 17th to save 30%!! Subscribe to Spark - A Roadmap For The Vegan Professional on Soundwise
The impact technology can make on a business’s growth trajectory is impressive. And yet many people feel intimidated at the idea of adding a new tool or process in their business. Novel technology can feel overwhelming -- like “one more thing” to learn in your business. But as we continue to move toward an increasingly digital world it is important to find some level of comfort. During this live session join Stephanie to discuss some cornerstone tech that every business should be using and how to get a handle on it, even if technology is a challenge for you. You’ll learn: Tips for overcoming technology overwhelm Some easy steps to help you get started Key tools that can improve your business now  ------------- Never Miss An Episode - WATCH NOW: Spark! A Roadmap For The Vegan Professional Subscribe to Spark - A Roadmap For The Vegan Professional on Soundwise
As business owners many of us make the mistake of pulling everything we can out of our businesses, especially when the business is our sole source of income. But in order for a business to thrive over the long term we must resist that urge! Join Stephanie in today’s live session to talk about why it may be time to give your business some love, the benefits of doing so, and ideas for doing it without breaking the bank! Tune in for: Ideas for giving your business a boost this month -- and that doesn’t necessarily mean $ Inspiration for giving your business a little love  Tips for identifying something you can do that will be really impactful in terms of how your business runs Subscribe to Spark - A Roadmap For The Vegan Professional on Soundwise
If you’ve been part of the vegan movement for any length of time, you will have noticed the incredible growth in interest in vegan products and services -- and as a result, the number of vegan businesses that have popped up in and around the mainstream. Still, it’s not always easy to stick to buying vegan 100% of the time. Stephanie Redcross West has been intimately involved with the vegan marketplace for more than a decade, and in this Spark! podcast she explores why it’s more important than ever for vegans to go out of their way to support vegan businesses. Join Stephanie to learn how powerful your dollars can be, and how to best use your buying power to help the vegan movement gain momentum. You’ll learn: The difference your steady (vs sporadic) support can make to the vegan movement How to get the most ethical bang for your buck Tips for “outside the box” ways to support vegan businesses   Subscribe to Spark - A Roadmap For The Vegan Professional on Soundwise
Shiny new marketing tools and ideas are always alluring, but what results are you getting from the efforts you are already making? In this episode of Spark! Stephanie will discuss some quick, easy actions you can take to improve your results, without revamping your whole marketing strategy. This isn’t a theoretical discussion! Today Stephanie is sharing 5 things she and the Vegan Mainstream team have done this year that generated surprising (and exciting!) results. Be prepared to be inspired to examine how you can tweak what you are doing to help you improve your results by 5%, 10%, 15% or more!  Tune in to learn: - The value of tweaks and nuances  - Tips for repurposing content - from video to audio - How to improve your sales pages, and more! Subscribe to Spark - A Roadmap For The Vegan Professional on Soundwise
The current business landscape is requiring a level of resilience that is pushing many of us out of our comfort zones. To combat that, many business owners have been focused on training and self-improvement. I’ve been blown away by the growth I’ve seen in my students and the individuals I coach. However, I have been noticing that most don’t share their personal improvement stories with their own communities or their customers. In this week’s session let’s talk about the value of sharing your experience, learnings and successes with others, especially during this time of social distancing.  Subscribe to Spark - A Roadmap For The Vegan Professional on Soundwise
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