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Spark - A Roadmap For The Vegan Professional

Spark - A Roadmap For The Vegan Professional

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Being a vegan business owner can be incredibly exciting, but also scary, overwhelming and lonely. Now there is a podcast you can turn to when you need inspiration! Spark, hosted by Stephanie Redcross West, will provide you with support to help you on your road to success.
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Chronic disorganization can be detrimental to long-term business success, and often when people GET organized they are shocked at just how much time and space their former messy habits were taking up.  Can’t find that password? Don’t know where you saved that file? Find yourself doing unnecessary rework because you just can’t remember where you put…?  If you have no idea what you’ve been spending your time on this week it might be time to tidy up your business.  Our world is moving faster than ever so I understand the temptation to ignore the destruction you’ve been leaving in your wake. But if you want your business to grow and improve you need systems, processes and order.  So, let’s get the broom out and talk about how you can start cleaning things up. Subscribe to Spark - A Roadmap For The Vegan Professional on Soundwise
We are living through challenging times. I find myself managing an undercurrent of sadness most days.  Between the pandemic, the injustice and the political fighting it’s easy to become consumed by it all. You might be feeling it too. Are you less energized and excited about your business? Or are you feeling worried about promoting your business or services in the midst of the suffering?  It may be a delicate balance, but the reality is you should still be able to support your community, stand against injustice and run your business successfully too.  Today, I’ll walk you through a few recommendations on how to get the balance right. --------- Never miss an inspirational session or broadcast, subscribe to our podcast: SPARK! A Roadmap For The Vegan Professional: Join us live every Wednesday at 1pm ET via: YouTube: Facebook: LinkedIn: Subscribe to Spark - A Roadmap For The Vegan Professional on Soundwise
The online world can feel like a crowded space. As you look back at all the work -- blogs, emails, social media posts -- you have put “out there,” you might be wondering if anyone is listening. When you are building a community around your business, it takes time, a level of expertise and good planning to get everything to gel together. In today’s session, I will be talking about how you can earn the support you desire. Join me! Subscribe to Spark - A Roadmap For The Vegan Professional on Soundwise
This month I’ve been journaling my vegan business experiences. With everything that’s been happening I have been finding myself triggered more than usual by roller-coaster emotions, stress and worry. Video journaling has become a way for me to reflect, release and review my mental state as I navigate the way forward for my business. The videos that I create in this process will only be for me, but because I prefer making videos to writing it’s a way for me to express how I’m feeling, and to think through what I want to do with my day. It’s a way of giving myself a pass if I need to take a breath or if I need some extra motivation to do something big. My plan is to watch the videos at the end of each week to reflect on how I’m feeling and if I’m doing enough to love and support myself during the week.  Are you journaling (video or otherwise) your vegan business experiences right now? Subscribe to Spark - A Roadmap For The Vegan Professional on Soundwise
With everyone flocking to Zoom and live streaming and rushing to create online versions of their products or services, it can feel like the online marketing and digital business world is getting crowded quickly. Yes, there are more people using the internet to build their brand and business, however, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for you too!In this week’s podcast, we are talking about how to develop your signature approach, even while using the same tools everyone else is using. The key is understanding that just because the tool you are using is the same doesn’t mean the experience for your community or customers has to be the same. I’m going to challenge you this week to think about your own secret sauce and how you want to impact the world so you can translate that into your digital impact. Join the conversation! Subscribe to Spark - A Roadmap For The Vegan Professional on Soundwise
I often talk about ways to increase productivity and efficiency, how to improve your business or find the silver lining. And while those are all important things, I want to acknowledge that these are difficult times, and I don't want to give you the impression that I'm productive every single day, or that it’s “business as usual” right now. Just like everyone, I have bad days. Like many of you, I am striving to do my best, but some days I fall short.In today’s session let’s discuss how to make, and embrace, the adjustments you will necessarily make to your personal expectations as you are adapting to this new way of life. It’s not always easy to stay motivated when things don’t go as planned -- but that alone is a good thing to plan for. Join me for some tips on recovering from difficult days and to understand how going a little easier on yourself can make you even more efficient. Subscribe to Spark - A Roadmap For The Vegan Professional on Soundwise
Join me to talk about strategies for pivoting your vegan business to offer dynamic services and products as we are all navigating this unfamiliar business scene. Maybe you are thinking about offering new products or services but you’re not sure which ones will work in this new environment.So let’s spend some time today talking about how to test new services, products and ideas for your business. In addition I’ll discuss managing the demand for free services when your business still needs to offer paid solutions. And we’ll also talk about the fact that this is a time of trial.Some things will work and others won’t so it’s a time to find the courage, stamina and inspiration you will need to try new things, despite some risk. And remember, what you learn along the way might be exactly what you needed to position your business for success during these uncertain times. Subscribe to Spark - A Roadmap For The Vegan Professional on Soundwise
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