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Spawn On Me with Kahlief Adams is the internet’s definitive video game podcast featuring and spotlighting gamers of color. Brought to you directly from Brookago brings you gaming news, previews, and reviews while simultaneously looking at how games affect the world. Humor, insight and some of the most important people in the gaming world can be found in only one place…the Spawn On Me podcast!
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We have a short show this week for you (with good reason). This week we are joined with Joe Mirabello of Terrible Posture Studios to talk about their fantastic sitcom videogame 3/10. Check out the game here: Follow Joe here: Remember to hit up our sponsors at Team Liquid via and use the code Spawn for a discount!
Melissa Wood, Director and Ex. Producer of the Netflix's "High Score", talks about how the docuseries went about spotlighting some lesser known stories from the early days of Video Games history.
We come back three months later after our initial conversation around Blackness in America to check in with our amazing guests Blessing Adeoye Jr. Parris Lilly, Pikachulita, Cameron Hawkins and Zombaekillz see how their experiences have changed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Did you know that Spawn On Me is sponsored by Reebok? Use our code here to grow Brookago! #reeboksponsored #classicleatherlegacy #writeyourlegacy #reebokpartner #ad
This week Zoe Schneider of Harmonix joins us to talk all about their newest music game Fuser. We talk about Battletoads in what we've been playing. Hit the news with 505's botching of next-gen upgrades, Ghosts of Tsushima's adding multiplayer and new PS5 features that have us excited.
This week we bring on Co-Creator of Combo Queens, DaPurpleSharpie to talk about some ways content creators can find better strategies to stay authentic while trying to grow their brand. We wrap up the show with some thoughts on the Apple vs Epic Games battle. Follow Sharpie here:
This week Erin Ashley Simon joins us to talk about her jump to Venn TV. Her background in the gaming industry and much more. Then in What We've Been Playing, we talk about how Marvel's Avengers needs more time to cook and our excitement about EA's UFC4



This week we talk about Halo Infinite's multiplayer going free to play, Sony sharing that we'll get no new news in their State of Play. Marvel's Avengers will get SpiderMan on PS5 and Susanna Pollack, President of Games For Change joins us for an exclusive interview.
This week Junae Benne takes over our show and snags some amazing guests to talk all about their experiences as Black women in the fighting game community.
This week we jump right in with our Xbox First Party Showcase recap. Which games made us the most excited? Did Halo Infinite really not look next-gen? We talk about all that and more and then wrap the episode with a fantastic interview with Xbox's Aaron Greenberg who shared some really insightful comments not only on the showcase but the philosophy of where Microsoft wants to go with the Xbox Series X.
The amazing Adam Sessler comes back to Brookago after a 5-year absence. We talked about his predictions of what we'll see during the Xbox first-party showcase next week. What we should see from PlayStation before the year is out and what he's been playing.
This week we talk about Twitch's botched Black Lives Matter message. If Sony buying a stake in Epic Games gives them an advantage and if the Army is too soft to be on Twitch.
This week we dig deep into the news and talk about EVO getting canceled, give our impressions on Ubisoft's new Battle Royale Hyperscape and talk about NBA 2K21 getting a price hike for next-gen.
This week we bring on one our favorite content creators "That Creative Life's" own Sara Dietschy to talk about her Youtube journey. How COVID-19 has hampered making content and how active listening made her a better podcast host. We of course had to talk about some gaming and Sara shared some thoughts about her love of Animal Crossing.
This week we have an exclusive interview with V1 Interactive's Marcus Lehto talking all about their new game Disintegration. We go all in on Sony's PS5 reveal and we wrap by talking about Valve's silence on Black Lives Matter.
Last week we spoke with members of the gaming community to discuss how we are dealing with the death of #GeorgeFloyd. This week we come back with a stellar team from the activism space to talk about what steps are next in the fight for justice.Check out the work of our guests:Stevesweatpants - Ufot - Agnew -
A Lesson In Blackness

A Lesson In Blackness


This week on the heels of George Floyd's murder, we gather up some of our favorite content creators to talk about being Black in America, how the gaming industry is failing Black creators and folks get real about the state of the world. We're joined with Parris Lilly, Blessing Adeoye Jr. Zombaekillz, Pikachulita and Cameron Hawkins.You can support their work Youtube channel -
This week Twitch Ambassador StoryModeBae comes to Brookago to share about her streaming journey and why lifting up Blackness in your content is important. We also talk about Summit1G's weird emote take and dig into some thoughts about Twitch's Safety Council.Make sure to check her work at
The Future Is Now!

The Future Is Now!


This week we bring on Gamespot's own Michael Higham to talk about his journey in the gaming industry. In the 411 we hit Unreal Engine 5 showing us next-gen graphics, Loba being added to Apex Legends and Ghost of Tsushima.
*TRIGGER WARNING* Alongside us going over some of the high and lowlights of Microsoft's Xbox 2020 showcase, we dig into Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath and end the show with some feelings shared around the death of Ahmaud Arbery
This week WNBA Champion Aerial Powers makes her way to Brookago to talk about her journey to the WNBA, her championship run with the Washington Mystics, and how her love of gaming has gotten her into joining Twitch as a streamer.
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