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Author: Mike Van Dyke & Shauna Van Dyke

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A podcast devoted to giving biblical truth for educating, equipping, and encouraging the local church in counseling and discipleship.
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In this episode, host, Mike Van Dyke sits down with Pastor and Biblical Counselor, Lee Lewis to discuss establishing mutual soul care in the local church - bringing soul care into the life and culture of the local church. They discuss the process of evaluating the culture in a church - it's care culture and discipleship culture. And asking questions that may reveal being a Sunday heavy church. Is it time to change the model of our churches? Is the current model producing disciples that are equipped to love as Christ called us to in order to show the world that we are His disciples? Episode Resources: Material: Level 1 - Transforming Mutual Care. Level 2 - Transforming Small Group Leadership
In this episode, from the 2020 ABC National Conference, hosts, Mike & Shauna, discuss trauma-induced anxiety with experienced counselors, Beth Broom & Lee Lewis, identifying gospel gaps in the anxious heart. Episode Notes: *Trauma-Induced Anxiety *The effects of sin *Identifying gospel gaps in the anxious heart *Concern and trouble are sinful, it's when it goes beyond that to worry and anxiety *What we do with worry either leads to trust or anxiety. And depending on where that trust is, depends on when something turns into full blown anxiety. *Conditioned Anxiety - when one blows right past care and concern into anxiety. *Then anxious heart always puts God on trial and questions His character.
In this episode from the 2020 National ABC Conference, hosts, Mike & Shauna are joined with special guest, John Henderson to discuss a new ABC resource, "Counseling Through The Psalms". John, who contributed to the ABC resource, discusses what the Psalms are; naturally modeling for us a "Godwardness" to our prayers, thinking, suffering, and pain. That what life is about the bible is about, and what the bible is about is what life most needs to be about. And practically, this resource shares what the Psalms are, how they can be used in a counseling session, and after the session as homework for counselees. Resources:
In this episode, the hosts, Mike, Shauna, and Jeremy are joined with Author, Elyse Fitzpatrick to discuss her Home: How Heaven and the New Earth Satisfy Our Deepest Longings. And then they discuss her newest book, Worthy: Celebrating the Value of Women. Episode Resources: Book - Worthy: Celebrating The Value of Women Book - Home: How Heaven and the New Earth Satisfy Our Deepest Longings Elyse's Podcast - Worthy
In this episode, hosts, Mike, Shauna, and Jeremy discuss the new pathway for ABC Certification allowing local churches to cultivate a biblical counseling paradigm empowering pastoral staff to better shepherd and create a culture of soul care within the local church context. Episode Notes: - ABC's aim through the certification pathway to help equip the local church - a pastor in helping shepherd the local church - but also the professional to help better apply the bible in their practice. - Our pathway provides a foundational process in which to grow while allowing one to practically apply the truth as one learns; so our methodology creates the ability to cultivate a biblical counseling paradigm in the local church. - The certification parameter creates a culture of accountability and provides a pathway to becoming equipped in how to apply the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyday life. - Level 1 Certification Objectives - Develop a biblical philosophy of the Christian life that includes active involvement in a community of believers. - Develop a biblical philosophy of counseling that emphasizes the call of all believers to take part in the work of counseling and discipleship. - Understand the basic meaning of biblical counseling. - Acquire a basic understanding of the general and specific methods of biblical counseling. - Cover various counseling-related issues that include depression, anger, anxiety, addiction, and sexuality. - Level 2 Certification Objectives - Develop basic practical skills in the personal ministry of God’s word with people. These basic skills include careful listening, helping people open up, conveying compassion, grace, and mercy, and guiding constructive ministry conversations. - Develop more advanced skills in the personal ministry of God’s word with people. These more advanced skills include responding patiently to difficult ministry conversations, discerning counseling problems from within a biblical worldview, helping people understand and apply the gospel of Jesus Christ in daily life, and more. - Grow in Christian maturity as a minister of the gospel. That is, learn to be humble, repentant, and dependent upon the Holy Spirit in heart and life while ministering to others. - Broaden your general knowledge of Scripture as it relates to life and struggles while also broadening strategic and careful application of the Scripture to specific people and their situations. - Learn how to depend on the Holy Spirit during the process of change. - Develop a genuine love for others, and active, daily prayer life. - Level 3 Certification Objectives - Specializations: domestic abuse, addiction, etc. Episode Resources: - for more information about ways to connect with training centers
In this episode, the hosts, Mike, Shauna, and Jeremy discuss the implications of both spiritual and physical exercise - how it can reveal and expose what an individual is worshiping. They discuss a biblical perspective towards exercise; all exercise is to glorify God, it reveals what a person values and treasures, and draws attention to deceitful desires and what they can produce. Lastly, they discuss the physical and emotional benefits of exercising. - Exercise - excerpt from the monthly (August) EquipU piece: - Exercise has wonderful potential to positively impact one’s mental state in various ways. It is also important to note that while not emphasized in Western culture, exercise at root, is a spiritual activity. It is a spiritual activity because one’s motives for doing anything, including exercise, are ultimately anchored in what an individual is worshipping. - 1 Cor. 10:31 - "Whatever you do" "do all" "to the glory of God" - Creating a purpose statement - placing God at the center of why you do a particular activity/exercise, etc. - Gal. 5:16-17 - competing desires - Matt. 6:21 - what does the person value - Eph. 4:22-24 - deceitful desires and what they can produce - The physical and emotional benefits of exercising - Endorphin release - improving sleep quality, mood, and cognitive function - Neurotropic release - learning ability - Adrenal functioning - improving mod, and ability to cope with stress - Habituation
In this episode, the hosts, Mike, Shauna, and Jeremy discuss how this ABC EquipU Resource can be used as homework in helping our counselee's see their story's hardships, sufferings, and subsequent trauma through the larger Redemptive Narrative of God. The application from the exercise with the counselee would be; Individual lives are like a sentence in a much bigger story. If people interpret reality based on their own subjective story, then they will miss the glorious story of God and His gracious, continual, and progressive work in the lives of His children. If people want to understand their suffering, their struggles, their sin, the process of change, the means to change, and the purpose for change, they must embed, and then interpret their individual stories within the context of God’s divine and redemptive narrative. Only then, does any of it have meaning, significance, and purpose. Previous EquipU Episodes: - Ep. 64 - Heart of the Matter Part2 "Put On" - Ep. 56 - Heart of the Matter Part1 "Put Off" Please email us at with any questions or topics you'd like us to discuss.
Episode Summary: Last year(EP. 27) we interviewed Ronnie Mills, Church planter of Kingdom Chapel in North Fort Worth to discuss church planting and biblical counseling; creating biblical counseling in the DNA of a new church plant.
This episode was from last year(EP.29); hosts, Michael & Shauna, have a special guest Pastor, Andy Swart discussing; launching a biblical counseling ministry within his established church. Intentionally raising up lay leaders who love people and know God's Word to do the work of the ministry within their own body - cultivating Saints for Soul Care - the purpose of "one-anothering" in the local church. Episode Notes Moving from Planting (Metro Church) to an already established church (The Mount). Creating an environment that allows people to struggle, starting from the platform. Truth Renewed isn’t a replacement for the church regarding counseling, but an overflow of care. Truth Renewed is a training center to help equip church leaders to become biblical counselors and launch biblical counseling in the local church. Trident of ministry; robust theology, organization strategy, counsel and care. In the same way, we raise up leaders to make Sunday happen, we need to raise up care leaders for the rest of the week - where ministry lives. Don’t stop plowing, it takes time to bring life change and equipping the saints. Trust the process of sanctification. Find those in your congregation who are gifted in caring for others, they’re serious about God’s Word and the process of transformation, and scholarship them. Find a line item in your budget to cultivate the saints in soul care. The posture of a pastor should be a leader of learning. Sunday morning is to edify the saints. Email us on any topics; Reach out to Shauna if you’d like to start a biblical counseling ministry @ Episode Resources: The Mount Church Metro Church Rage Ministries Instruments in the Redeemer's Hand's Information about training your lay leaders as biblical counselors or becoming a training center, email Shauna,
In this episode, the hosts, Mike, Shauna, Jeremy, and special guest, Pastor, Trey Grant. Trey shares his perspective on #BlackLivesMatter and ways the local church can respond by educating and equipping the Saints in applying the gospel to racist perspectives. Please reach out to us if you'd like us to discuss anything at Episode Resources: Frederick Douglass: A Prophet of Freedom The New Jim Crow White Metropolis Oneness Embrace Free At Last The Next Evangelicalism Divided By Faith
In this episode, hosts, Mike, Shauna, Jeremy, and special guest, Trey Grant discuss how the church can help deconstruct systemic racism in practical ways starting with our areas of influence. Trey talks about a ministry within his church, The Specs Movement, that focuses on deconstructing racist perspectives that produce racism, and his own personal experiences. This is part 1 of our interview with Trey, and part 2 will focus on Trey's perspective of the statement and subsequent network of #BlackLivesMatter. Remember to email us at with any questions, topics wanted to be addressed, etc.
This episode is from last year's Association of Biblical Counselors - 2019 Called To Counsel National Conference Where we sat down with Jonathan D. Holmes to discuss his heart behind his book, "Counsel for Couples: A Biblical and Practical Guide for Marriage Counseling", and as a pastor and biblical counselor, discusses the need for the local church to have marriage counseling available in the local church. He expresses the urgency for the local church to have a "culture of care" and to promote preventative ministries. This book is unique because it could be used for lay leaders, church leaders, and leadership development...A must-have resource!
This episode is from last year's Association of Biblical Counselors - 2019 Called To Counsel National Conference Where we sat down with Greg Wilson, D.Ed.Min., LPC-S to discusses the nature and scope of “Domestic Violence”, providing a working definition for domestic violence and presents an educational glimpse into the world of a common perpetrator and consequent victim, and provides a fresh perspective on how the church needs to understand the delicacy of domestic abuse in the local church.
In this episode, the hosts, Mike, Shauna, and Jeremy continue their "Heart of the Matter" series with the "Put On" tool of helping counselee's put on godly thoughts, feelings, and actions. The heart of man is always worshiping, the heart is never idle. This new ABC resource helps counselee's understand their responsibility of putting on godly thoughts, feelings, and actions in the same way that they take off ungodly thoughts, feelings, and actions.
This episode was from last year's ABC Conference - 2019 Called To Counsel National Conference - and in this episode, the hosts, Mike, Shauna, and Jeremy interview Curtis Solomon, Executive Director for The Biblical Counseling Coalition. Curtis takes time to Demystify PTSD by removing the D out of it. It’s not an abnormal reaction to normal life, but it’s really a normal response to really extreme and difficult circumstances. PTSD is severely misunderstood, and in this episode, Curtis offers a robust understanding of the nature and scope of PTSD. And given the social climate in our culture right now, consequently, the probability of traumatic stress is quite high.
In this episode, the hosts, Mike, Shauna, and Jeremy answer questions that have come in via email( the website( They discuss the question received about grief (grieving the loss of a child or a child losing a parent), Rejection, Can a woman lead the vision of a church launching and cultivating a counseling ministry within the church(from EP.55 W/Guest Lee Lewis), and respond to some feedback we received regarding EMDR. If you'd like us to answer a question regarding a topic, etc. please email us at or visit our web page and use the widget, "lets chat" to ask us a question or reach out to us.
Given the state of our country right now, all the suffering happening through deathly virus', injustice, rioting as a retaliation, etc., we wanted to share our podcast with Paul Tripp from last year's ABC National Called To Counsel Conference about the hope of the Gospel through suffering. Paul Tripp discusses his heart behind his recent book release on suffering, “Suffering: gospel hope when life doesn’t make sense”, which was largely due to his own recent experiences in suffering through an acute renal failure. Listen as Paul shares the nature of suffering and our response to it.
This episode was from a year ago when we were at The 2019 "Called to Counsel" Conference interviewing Lee Lewis, pastor, and biblical counselor - discussing the nature of depression and biblically responsive ways to identify it and confront it. Our hosts and special guest provide a brief contrast on how our culture responds to depression and how the local church can respond to it and provide gospel hope through community; learning from depression and rightly orienting our hearts in the place of sorrow.
In this episode, the hosts, Mike, Shauna, and Jeremy discuss EMDR Therapy with Author and Biblical Counselor, Eliza Huie. Eliza is clinically trained in EMDR with years of biblical counseling and provides a great introduction into what is EMDR Therapy, who should receive it, if it's safe, and ultimately for the sake of the Christian community, is it biblical. She discusses a biblical-connected approach to EMDR and its process and how to get started.
In this episode, the hosts, Mike, Shauna, and Jeremy discuss ABC's assessments; how they are built and how they can be utilized in real-time with clients. Also, these assessments can be used in the church context as well for leadership development. There are several categories of assessments, for example, marriage, intimacy, depression, anger, anxiety, money, domestic abuse, substance abuse, parenting, and a myriad of others. They talk about how they use these assessments and give testimony to how they strengthen data-gathering for the counselor and ultimately making it more productive for the clients. Remember to email us at: or engage with us on our website -
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