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Episode NotesIn this episode, hosts Mike and Shauna are joined by special guest, Andrew Dealy from Austone Stone Counseling Center. Andrew walks through Gen. 50:15-21 applying freedom in forgiveness to a counseling session. Episode Resources: Counseling Through Bible Narratives Old Testament - ABC Resource Austin Stone Counseling CenterReforming Emotions Podcast
Episode Notes:In this episode host, Mike is joined by special guest, Rob Perry Pastor of online at Lifepointe Church in Raleigh, NC. Rob shares his journey of pastoral ministry into biblical counseling. Books:Revival Start Here - Dave ClaytonRelationships: a mess worth making - Lane & TrippHow People Change - Tripp & LaneBiblical Counseling Basics - Jeremy LelekPodcasts & Websites:Making Disciples: Robby - Certification PathwayLifepointe Church - Raleigh
In this episode host, Mike Van Dyke is joined by special guest David Mills to discuss the role of biblical counseling in the last 25 years of his ministry. From pastoring for over 25 years to moving into chaplaincy, David shares how biblical counseling has shaped his ministry in the church and as a chaplain.  Episode Links:Hope Church 
Show Notes:In this episode hosts, Mike and Shauna are joined by special guest, Todd Hardin to discuss his contribution to the "Counseling Through The Psalms". An ABC Resource is designed to help counselors use the psalms in a session and out of session. With Psalm 77, Todd explains how he'd use it to help counselees reorient the scenes of their story into God's story with three movements of the text, how the psalmist recites his story, then remembering God's story and his faithfulness, and then the psalmist retells his story in light of God's story. Seeing the movements of the psalm will encourage counselees to see their story through God's story. Show Resources:The Cry of the Soul - Dan AllenderThe Cry of the Soul: How Our Emotions Reveal Our Deepest Questions About GodSoul Physicians - Bob KellemenSoul Physicians: A Theology of Soul Care and Spiritual DirectionCounseling through the Psalms - ABC Resource 
Episode Notes:  The Psalms - Kent Hughes Counseling Through The Psalms 
Episode Notes:In this episode hosts, Mike, Shauna, and Jeremy discuss how they would use this Psalm in the counseling room - both in session and as a growth assignment. Episode References: Counseling Through The Psalms BookCalled To Counsel 2022 Conference Registration
In this episode hosts, Mike, Shauna, and Jeremy continue their mini-series, counseling through the Psalms. A verse by verse breakdown of Psalm 19. They discuss, as shown in the text, God's general, special, and applied revelation of himself and why this matters in the counseling room. Episode Resources Mentioned:Counseling Through The Psalms - ABC Resource Reformed Systematic Theology Vol. 1 - Joel Beeke Applied Revelation  mentioned throughout chapters 10, 11, 12, 16, 23 Ch. 25 - Applied Revelation for Practical Fruit
In this episode hosts, Mike & Shauna Van Dyke and Jeremy Lelek are back to kick off this mini-series, "Counseling Through the Psalms" an ABC resource written to help counselors use the psalms in session or as growth assignments. In this episode, Jeremy covers how he'd use Psalm 139 in a counseling session to help a counselee struggling with paralyzing anxiety. How God's omniscience and omnipresence can be used to navigate anxiety. Episode Resource: Counseling Through The Psalms
In this episode, host Mike Van Dyke is joined by special guest, Colten Taylor to share his testimony from being a practicing homosexual to following Jesus Christ. In part 2 Colten shares how he experienced God's love through his people and not in the way the cultural narrative expresses. He shares God's gracious pursuit and his consequent faith in Jesus Christ. He concludes with what his life in Christ looks like now and the work that the Holy Spirit is doing in him now. 
In this episode, host Mike Van Dyke is joined by special guest, Colten Taylor to share his testimony from being a practicing homosexual to following Jesus Christ. In part 1 Colten shares the origin of his story of growing up, being sexually abused, and working through the confusion in his formative years. He navigates through the notion of being born with same-sex attraction what that meant in his experience and its physiological and psychological impact.  
Episode Summary: In this episode, host, Mike Van Dyke is joined by special guest, Adam Sandlin, founder of Covenant Biblical Counseling to discuss how he pursued licensure, being an LPC-S, and launching his biblical counseling center, Covenant Biblical Counseling. Episode Resources:Covenant Biblical CounselingRedeemer Church DentonNorth Texas Christian Counseling
In this episode host, Mike Van Dyke is joined with special guest, Robert n' Nate from Watermark Community Church to discuss two discipling ministries within Watermark, re|engage(marriage enrichment) and re:generation(recovery ministry), that have been fruitfully successful within Watermark and how they help equip the universal church with these two ministries. Robert n' Nate shares the history of the ministries, their nature and scope, and the pathway to help the local church be equipped with these ministries within the local church context - from building to growing the ministry, their availability in coming alongside church leaders to equip and execute these ministries. Check out these resources here at watermark resources.  Show resources:  watermark resources. 
Episode Notes: In this episode, host Mike Van Dyke is joined by special guests, author and pastor, Robert Cheong and his wife, Karen Cheong to discuss his heart in writing his new book, "Restoration Story". We all have our own back story—our sometimes unconscious beliefs—that have been shaped by our families, relationships, and life experiences. Our stories shape the personal narratives we live out: “I am not loved.” “No one cares for me.” “I have to be better than everyone around me.” “How I look is the most important thing about me.” Our back story guides us in how we relate to God and others. But are these beliefs true? And how are they affecting our lives today? Cheong helps readers unpack their stories and learn to live out of God’s new story. Readers will discover how to retell their story out of who God is, what he’s done, and the call to love him and others. Learn how the dynamics of creation, fall, redemption, and consummation shape our present struggles, confirm our future hope, and ensure our ability to live in God’s power today. At the intersection of God’s story and your own, you’ll find that his love sustains you in your weariness, guides you in your confusion, and comforts you in your suffering. The story of his love will compel you to live for him. Restoration Story can also be used alongside Cheong’s Restore: Changing How We Live and Love Study Guide.  Episode Resources:Restoration Story: Why Jesus Matters In A Broken WorldRestore: How We Live And Love, Study Guide With Leader's Notes
Episode Notes: In this episode, host Mike Van Dyke is joined by author, pastor, biblical counselor, special guest Chris Moles. Chris shares his genesis of entering into domestic abuse work as a pastor and how The LORD used it to develop the ministry of peaceworks and the men of peace self-paced course work. The Men of Peace Self-Paced Course is the compilation of all of Chris Moles’ past Men of Peace coaching content plus brand-new material. This course will walk men through the three-fold Men of Peace process of Information, Transformation, and Reformation, educating and guiding men who are ready to take ownership of their abusive behaviors and surrender themselves fully to the Lord in true and lasting repentance. Please be aware this course DOES NOT include a direct coaching component with Chris Moles. Instead, the Men of Peace Self-Paced Course is designed to be used within the context of an already established biblical counseling or coaching relationship, with the abusive man enlisting the discipleship and accountability support of a local counselor, pastor, or mentor. Once purchased, each course participant will have permanent access to all course materials.Episode Resources:chrismoles.orgPeaceworks PodcastMen of Peace Self-Paced Course
Episode Notes: In this episode host, Mike Van Dyke is joined with special guest, author, and counselor, Greg Wilson to discuss his new book, "When Home Hurts: A Biblical Guide For Responding Wisely To Domestic Abuse for Your Church". Greg shares his heart for writing this book, his passion for the local church to be equipped from the pastoral level to the neighbor level. This book is intended to equip pastors, church leaders, and church members to respond with the heart of God to situations of domestic abuse that occur in their local church. Prioritizing the safety of the victim at all times, Jeremy Pierre and Greg Wilson seek to help you be the kind of church leader, church member, friend, parent, sibling, or neighbor who responds wisely. We want the church to be a new normal for those grown accustomed to abuse. A home that doesn’t hurt those inside, but instead welcomes them into the tender care of the Lord. Split into three sections, When Home Hurts begins with an overview to provide a framework for understanding abuse and the people caught up in it, before moving on to advice on how to help in the short and long terms. This very practical, pastoral book acknowledges the reality and the horror of domestic abuse, but also the reality and power of God to heal. It will be a helpful guide to anyone who suspects abuse within their church family but is unsure how to help without making things worse. The five appendices at the end of the book offer helpful answers to difficult questions as well as additional resources. Section 1 – How to Understand AbuseUnderstanding Your Role as Agent of God’s LoveUnderstanding Abuse DynamicsDiscerning Abuse DynamicsSection 2 – How to Help in the Short TermCaring for the VictimConfronting the AbuserConsidering Collateral DamageSection 3 – How to Help in the Long TermHelping the Move from Victim to OvercomerHelping the Move from Abuser to ServantLeading Your Church to Respond with Wisdom and CompassionAppendix A – FAQs in the Initial StagesAppendix B – FAQs on Separation, Divorce, and Reunification After AbuseAppendix C – The Authority of Scripture and Abuse ResearchAppendix D – ResourcesAppendix E – Care Advocate Role DescriptionEpisode Resources: When Home Hurts
In this episode, host Mike Van Dyke is joined with special guest, author and counselor, Darby Strickland to discuss her new book, "Is It Abuse?" A biblical guide to identifying domestic abuse and helping victims. Darby shares why she wrote the book and then discusses the robust nature in which "Is It Abuse" was written with Mike. The book was written in thirds; what is abuse and its dynamics, the different types of abuse and their distinctive's, and upholding the oppressed.     Episode Resources: Darby's book: Is It Abuse? Christian Counseling Education Foundation
Episode Summary: In this episode, host Mike Van Dyke is joined by special guests Beth Broom and Eliza Huie to talk about their new venture, The Christian Trauma Healing Network(CTHN), which serves mental health professionals, pastors, and lay ministry leaders to advance Christ-centered trauma healing in the church and society. They also discuss their new podcast: Counsel For Life - engaging conversations about mental health and the Christian life. Episode Resources: Beth Broom's WebsiteEliza Huie's WebsiteChristian Trauma Healing NetworkCounsel For Life Podcast. 
Episode NotesWhat does it look like for a Christian to live a balanced life that honors God? This book offers practical guidance for renewing body and soul so that readers will be energized to engage life with fresh enthusiasm and vigor for service to God. Focusing on six key areas, including your spiritual life, physical life, community life, your work, your purpose, and how your rest, Christians gain strategies to experience transformation in how they care for themselves and others.Episode Resources: Book - The Whole Life: 52 Weeks of Biblical Self-CareMore about - Eliza Huie
Episode Summary:In this episode host, Mike is joined with seasoned pastor and counselor, Garrett Higbee to discuss transforming the discipleship culture from unhealthy discipling to healthy mutual care discipling beginning with small group members and leaders(levels 1&2) to equipping coaches, pastors, and counselors.Episode Notes:Garrett's focus over the last few years of ministry - leader care and developing resources both in preventive care, intensive care, and disciple-making care, and leader care with pastors and elders. Helping get the leaders healthy.Discipling continuum - intentional to intensive,break down the equipping into the context that people live in, helping contextually and relationally. level 1 - mutual ministry level 2 - becoming a transforming leader, not a conforming leader level 3 - coaches, pastors, elders  Church 360 assessment how are we doing as a church in discipling and caring for our church?Leadership health assessment providing a coaching review - key indicators  abiding in christ - spiritual development Self-care, watching your life and doctrine closely. How's your EQ (emotional intelligence) 2 ways subordinate pastoral staff can engage lead pastor or executive-level staff.  Prayer Testimony Episode Resources:soulcareconsulting.comfreedom groups - 13-week recovery ministry
In this episode, host, Mike Van Dyke is joined with special guest, Jonathan Holmes to discuss his new book, "Rescue Skills: Restoring The Sexually Broken". Jonathan shares his heart in co-authoring this book; writing a book that helps the friend who's got a friend who is struggling in their sexual brokenness, helping them develop a rescue plan by being the friend who can listen well, ask the right questions, and help to execute a plan that's full of the gospel, real repentance, and killing or replacing bad desires.Mentioned Resources:  Rescue Skills: Restoring The Sexually Broken Rescue Plan: Charting a Course to Restore Prisoners of Pornography Counseling Couples: A Biblical and Practical Guide for Marriage Counseling Counseling Through The Psalms Counseling Through Bible Narratives
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