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Author: Mike Van Dyke & Shauna Van Dyke

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A podcast devoted to giving biblical truth for educating, equipping, and encouraging the local church in counseling and discipleship.
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In this episode, Michael, Shauna, and Jeremy continue their series discussion on "Counseling through Proverbs" where they walk through Pro. 19 and how they would use this Proverb in a counseling session, both in and out of session. What does it mean to overlook an offense? How do you overlook an offense and still confront conflict? Episode Resource Counseling Through Proverbs 
In this episode, Michael, Shauna, and Jeremy discuss ABC's newest "Counseling Through" resource. Jeremy walks through a Scriptural grid provided by Pro. 1:1–7 for counselees to engage with insights and wisdom from God's Word. Proverbs 1:1–7 offers a process for journaling through Scripture and Jeremy shares the Scriptural method in his contribution to "Counseling through Proverbs", a new ABC counseling resource. Resource Mentions:ABC Store
In this episode, hosts Mike and Shauna are joined by special guest, Esther Smith, author of "A Still and Quiet Mind: 12 Strategies for Changing Unwanted Thoughts". Esther Shares why she wrote this book and how, as counselors, we can personally practice these strategies and also practice them with our counselees in session.  Episode Notes & Resources:Books: A Still and Quiet MindBut God, Wouldn't I Be More Useful to You If I Were Healthy? (Chronic Pain and the Christian Life)Chronic Illness: Walking by Faith (31-Day Devotionals for Life)The Whole Life: 52 Weeks of Biblical Self-CareResources: Webinar with CTHN: Trauma Counseling: meditation classes:
In this episode hosts, Mike and Shauna are joined by authors, Jenny and Curtis Solomon to discuss their books, "Reclaim Your Marriage: Grace for Wives Who Have Been Hurt by Pornography" by Jenny and "Redeem Your Marriage: Hope for Husbands Who Have Hurt through Pornography" by Curtis Solomon. Jenny shares why she wrote this desperately needed resource for women and Curtis shares his contribution as a companion to Jen's book.  Featured Resources: Curtis's Book for HusbandsJenny's Book for Wives Lament References:Dark Clouds Deep Mercy God's Healing for Life's LessonsCounseling & ConsultingSolomon Soul CareTraining & EquippingSouthern Seminary - Biblical Counseling Concentration Degree
In this episode, host, Mike Van Dyke is joined by special guest, Jeremy Pierre to discuss his book, "The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life: Connecting Christ to Human Experience" Jeremy discusses what compelled him to write this book and then provides summaries for the three sections in his book which are:  The beauty of human experience: how the heart responds dynamically The context of human experience: what the heart dynamically responds to Theological application through counseling by Read, Reflect, Relate, and Renew Episode Reference LinksSouthern's Diploma ProgramThe Dynamic Heart in Daily Life: Connecting Christ to Human ExperienceWhen Home Hurts: A Guide for Responding Wisely to Domestic Abuse in Your Church
In this episode hosts, Michael, Shauna, and Jeremy discuss all the details of The 2023 Called To Counsel Conference. We're excited about this year's conference with all of our speakers and new track introductions. Register HERE CALLED TO COUNSELApril 27-29, 2023Doxology Bible ChurchFort Worth, TXPlenary SessionsEsteeming God's Graces in CounselingFor the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart. And no creature is hidden from his sight, but all are naked and exposed to the eyes of him to whom we must give account. Since then we have a great high priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus, the Son of God, let us hold fast our confession. For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin. Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace in time of need.Hebrews 4:12-16Plenary One: God's Word and Gaze in Life and Counseling (v.12-13) - Jeremy LelekPlenary Two: The Ascended Savior and Instilling Hope (v.14) - Jeremy PierrePlenary Three: The  Heart of Christ in Our Weaknesses (v.15) - Tim ChalliesPlenary Four: God's Sanctuary of Mercy and Grace (v.16) - John HendersonPre-ConferenceCounseling through ProverbsPre-Conference 1: "Wisdom in Responding to Fools" - Brad HambrickPre-Conference 2: "Discernment: A Matter of the Heart" - Alasdair GrovesPre-Conference 3: "Growing in Discerning: Wisdom vs. Foolishness" - Julie LowePre-Conference 4: "Wisdom from Anger" - Mark VroegopTrack OptionsABC offers specialized tracks taught by leading practitioners in the field. Each of the following tracks will include eight insightful sessions. Attendees will choose one track during registration, and will attend all sessions in that track throughout the duration of the conference. Note: Track sessions are listed in the order that they will be delivered.  Track A - Holistic Soul Care  Objective: To provide attendees with a biblical perspective that targets both the physical and the spiritual dimensions of our makeup, and how both apply to counseling others. While the spiritual will always take precedence when it comes to biblical care, God has given us an abundance of research that helps us to understand how the brain, the heart, and the gut impact our emotional states. Therefore, drawing from this data as an adjunct to our care for others can prove quite helpful. A framework will be given that will foster a counseling context that reflects the counsel of Paul who wrote, “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” (1 Cor. 10:31)."Two Books, Two Ages, Two Parts: Theological Foundations and Distinctives for a Holistic Approach" - Adam Sandlin"A Biblical Theology of the Body" - Matthew LaPine"A Practical Approach to the Body and Wellness" - Eliza Huie"The Habits of the Body in Emotional Life" - Matthew LaPine"Biblical and Scientific Grounds for a Psychology of the Heart" - Eric Johnson"Carditive Therapy: Working with the Heart in the Care of Souls" - Eric Johnson"Life Is Liturgy: Putting It All Together" - Jeremy Lelek"Life Is Liturgy: A Case Study" - Jeremy Lelek and Tim WatsonTrack B - Domestic AbuseObjective: To carefully define domestic abuse, present a biblical understanding of the trouble, and then provide practical, Christ-centered, and exegetical sound guidance for those who counsel marriages where abuse is or has been a reality."Is it Abuse? Understanding and Identifying Abuse" - Darby Strickland"Hearts Shaped by Trauma" - Darby Strickland"Responding to Abuse: Caring for Victims and their Children" - Darby Strickland and Kirsten Christianson"Understanding the Abuser" - Greg Wilson and Chris Moles"Responding to Abuse: Caring for Perpetrators" - Greg Wilson, Chris Moles, Kirsten Christianson"Separation, Divorce, and Marriage Reconciliation Issues" - Chris Moles"Domestic Abuse Case Study: What it looks like on the ground" - Panel"Considerations for Church Care in Abusive Marriages" - Kirsten ChristiansonTrack C - Fundamentals of Biblical Soul CareObjective: The Fundamentals of Soul Care track seeks to foster and equip believers in the church to grow a culture of soul care and mutual ministry in and throughout the body of Christ. For discipleship and soul care to happen at every level in and through the local church there must be a biblical understanding of what God’s call to the church is when it comes to the care of souls. Heart focused mutual ministry is not just the call of the biblical counselor. This should be every member ministry. Fundamentals for Biblical Soul Care will explore the biblical and theological convictions from Scripture that should inform and drive the ways that Biblical Soul Care is implemented and equipped in the local church."Soul Care: God's Design for His People" - Lee Lewis"God's Story: A Discipleship & Care Framework for You and Others" - Robert Cheong"Building a Culture of Soul Care in the Church" - Garrett Higbee"Paradigm Shifts Needed to Grow a Culture of Soul Care in the Church" - Garrett Higbee"Building a Church Biblical Counseling Center to Support the Church" - Emily Dempster"Abiding in Christ: Experiencing the Care We Need" - Robert Cheong"Implementing a Seamless Model of Equipping and Soul Care" - Lee Lewis"Using Biblical Counseling Resources to Train Counselors and Minister to the Community" - Emily DempsterTrack D - AddictionsObjective: Delivered by a team of people who have walked through various addictions and been transformed by God’s Word, the Addiction Track seeks to help people understand the fundamental nature of addiction as a worship disorder. True transformation is only possible when the gospel opens eyes and transforms hearts to worship the only One who truly deserves all worship. We provide foundational truths relevant to all addictive issues and demonstrate how they practically apply to particular situations like substance abuse, eating disorders, and sexual addiction."The Fertile Ground of Addiction–Understanding a Person’s Story" (Biblical Anthropology) - Michael Snetzer"Understanding Addiction Biblically–Gospel Response" - Dave Dunham"Counseling Substance Addictions" - Michael Snetzer“Understanding Eating Disorders and How to Work Together Towards Healing" (motives, core issues, & restructuring) - Krista Dunham“Pornography Addiction - Counseling husbands who have hurt through pornography" - Curtis Solomon"Pornography Addiction - Sharing grace to wives who have been hurt by pornography” - Jenny Solomon“Helping Others Break Destructive Habits" - Dave Dunham“Using Scripture to Counsel Addiction" - Full Panel with Q&ATrack E - Marriage and FamilyObjective: Biblical counseling ministry lays vital groundwork for understanding the purpose of marriage and family and therefore establishing the paradigm through which we understand, evaluate, and operate in our marriages and families. This track will address how marriage reflects Christ, to grasp roles and responsibilities of the family unit, and how to have joy in the difficulty of marriage and family. It will also provide an emphasis on how to counsel children and adolescents in the context of family."For the Glory of God" - John Henderson"Before the Face of God" - John Henderson“In Service to God" - John Henderson and Julie Lowe"Learning to Live as One" - Michael and Shauna Van Dyke"Learning to Love Other" - Michael and Shauna Van Dyke"Counseling Children in the Context of Family" - Julie Lowe“Counseling Adolescents in the Context of Family" - Julie LoweConclusion and Panel DiscussionTrack F - GriefObjective: Participants in this track will be better equipped to guide the people they counsel through the grief that accompanies the loss of loved ones. They will learn how the Bible speaks to grief and how they, as counselors, can lead others toward hope, peace, and perseverance."When Through the Deep Waters I Call You To Go" - Tim Challies"When Sorrows Like Sea Billows Roll" - Rachel Rosser Schulte"He Lives Triumphant From the Grave" - Mark Vroegop"Strength for Today and Bright Hope for Tomorrow" - Rachel Rosser Schulte"We Shall Meet on That Beautiful Shore" - Paul Tautges"When Other Helpers Fail and Comforts Flee" - Mark Vroegop"In ev’ry Change He Faithful Will Remain" - Panel"Bear Patiently the Cross of Grief or Pain" - Paul TautgesTrack G - Gender and SexualityObjective: Few topics generate conversation and confusion as much as gender and sexuality. Are clarity, compassion, conviction, and civility even possible within this conversation? The Gender and Sexuality track will seek to offer biblical clarity on topics related to gender and sexuality from both a pastoral, discipleship, and counseling lens. From understanding how an LGBTQ person’s story and background impact their struggle to how the church, parents, friends, and others can better help and address strugglers. Our presenters will seek to offer biblically faithful truth while helping the attendee grow in wisdom and discernment."A Scripture-Shaped Story of Human Sexuality & Gender" - Jonathan Holmes"Identity: What Is It and How Is It Formed?" - Jonathan Holmes"Understanding the Landscape of Sexual Identity" - Part 1 - Jonathan Holmes"Understanding the Landscape of Gender Identity" - Part 2 - Jonathan Holmes"Story and Suffering: Understanding How a Painful World Impacts Our Hearts and Beliefs" - Ellen Dykas"Desires and Life Expectations: How They Work Together to Shape Beliefs and Behavior" - Ellen Dykas"Familial Concerns" - Ellen Dykas and Jonathan HolmesPanel Discussion Q&ATrack H - Conflict ResolutionObjective: The Conflict Resolution track traces conflict resolution from good (what allowed the relationship to initially build trust) to bad (what went wrong) to hard (why conflict is difficult to navigate) back to good (a restored, he
In this episode, hosts, Mike, Shauna, and Jeremy discuss the reasons for their recent hiatus from recording new podcast episodes. Jeremy shares his road to recovery from COVID and Michael and Shauna share some recent developments in their lives. Show MentionsSouthern Seminary DiplomaCalled to Counsel ABC Conference
In this episode hosts, Mike and Shauna are joined by our special guest, Jesse Pirkle, Soul Care Pastor at SouthernHills Church to continue our mini-series, Counseling Through Bible Narratives Old Testament. Jesse Discusses how he uses his growth assignment of Jeremiah 2:11-13 to expose functional idolatry with counselees, both in-session, and out-of-session. Episode Resource:Counseling Through Bible Narratives - ABC RES
Episode NotesIn this episode, hosts Mike and Shauna are joined by special guest, Andrew Dealy from Austone Stone Counseling Center. Andrew walks through Gen. 50:15-21 applying freedom in forgiveness to a counseling session. Episode Resources: Counseling Through Bible Narratives Old Testament - ABC Resource Austin Stone Counseling CenterReforming Emotions Podcast
Episode Notes:In this episode host, Mike is joined by special guest, Rob Perry Pastor of online at Lifepointe Church in Raleigh, NC. Rob shares his journey of pastoral ministry into biblical counseling. Books:Revival Start Here - Dave ClaytonRelationships: a mess worth making - Lane & TrippHow People Change - Tripp & LaneBiblical Counseling Basics - Jeremy LelekPodcasts & Websites:Making Disciples: Robby - Certification PathwayLifepointe Church - Raleigh
In this episode host, Mike Van Dyke is joined by special guest David Mills to discuss the role of biblical counseling in the last 25 years of his ministry. From pastoring for over 25 years to moving into chaplaincy, David shares how biblical counseling has shaped his ministry in the church and as a chaplain.  Episode Links:Hope Church 
Show Notes:In this episode hosts, Mike and Shauna are joined by special guest, Todd Hardin to discuss his contribution to the "Counseling Through The Psalms". An ABC Resource is designed to help counselors use the psalms in a session and out of session. With Psalm 77, Todd explains how he'd use it to help counselees reorient the scenes of their story into God's story with three movements of the text, how the psalmist recites his story, then remembering God's story and his faithfulness, and then the psalmist retells his story in light of God's story. Seeing the movements of the psalm will encourage counselees to see their story through God's story. Show Resources:The Cry of the Soul - Dan AllenderThe Cry of the Soul: How Our Emotions Reveal Our Deepest Questions About GodSoul Physicians - Bob KellemenSoul Physicians: A Theology of Soul Care and Spiritual DirectionCounseling through the Psalms - ABC Resource 
Episode Notes:  The Psalms - Kent Hughes Counseling Through The Psalms 
Episode Notes:In this episode hosts, Mike, Shauna, and Jeremy discuss how they would use this Psalm in the counseling room - both in session and as a growth assignment. Episode References: Counseling Through The Psalms BookCalled To Counsel 2022 Conference Registration
In this episode hosts, Mike, Shauna, and Jeremy continue their mini-series, counseling through the Psalms. A verse by verse breakdown of Psalm 19. They discuss, as shown in the text, God's general, special, and applied revelation of himself and why this matters in the counseling room. Episode Resources Mentioned:Counseling Through The Psalms - ABC Resource Reformed Systematic Theology Vol. 1 - Joel Beeke Applied Revelation  mentioned throughout chapters 10, 11, 12, 16, 23 Ch. 25 - Applied Revelation for Practical Fruit
In this episode hosts, Mike & Shauna Van Dyke and Jeremy Lelek are back to kick off this mini-series, "Counseling Through the Psalms" an ABC resource written to help counselors use the psalms in session or as growth assignments. In this episode, Jeremy covers how he'd use Psalm 139 in a counseling session to help a counselee struggling with paralyzing anxiety. How God's omniscience and omnipresence can be used to navigate anxiety. Episode Resource: Counseling Through The Psalms
In this episode, host Mike Van Dyke is joined by special guest, Colten Taylor to share his testimony from being a practicing homosexual to following Jesus Christ. In part 2 Colten shares how he experienced God's love through his people and not in the way the cultural narrative expresses. He shares God's gracious pursuit and his consequent faith in Jesus Christ. He concludes with what his life in Christ looks like now and the work that the Holy Spirit is doing in him now. 
In this episode, host Mike Van Dyke is joined by special guest, Colten Taylor to share his testimony from being a practicing homosexual to following Jesus Christ. In part 1 Colten shares the origin of his story of growing up, being sexually abused, and working through the confusion in his formative years. He navigates through the notion of being born with same-sex attraction what that meant in his experience and its physiological and psychological impact.  
Episode Summary: In this episode, host, Mike Van Dyke is joined by special guest, Adam Sandlin, founder of Covenant Biblical Counseling to discuss how he pursued licensure, being an LPC-S, and launching his biblical counseling center, Covenant Biblical Counseling. Episode Resources:Covenant Biblical CounselingRedeemer Church DentonNorth Texas Christian Counseling
In this episode host, Mike Van Dyke is joined with special guest, Robert n' Nate from Watermark Community Church to discuss two discipling ministries within Watermark, re|engage(marriage enrichment) and re:generation(recovery ministry), that have been fruitfully successful within Watermark and how they help equip the universal church with these two ministries. Robert n' Nate shares the history of the ministries, their nature and scope, and the pathway to help the local church be equipped with these ministries within the local church context - from building to growing the ministry, their availability in coming alongside church leaders to equip and execute these ministries. Check out these resources here at watermark resources.  Show resources:  watermark resources. 
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