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Author: Robert Terkla

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Afghanistan & Iraq Veteran, Army Sniper, best selling author, and YouTuber with over 2,000,000 subscribers hoping to shed light on what is really going on. Tackling today‘s most controversial social and political issues through the eye of a free thinking American.
33 Episodes
Joe Biden and his family have a track record of crooked business deals and back taxes. Why aren't more people talking about this? In North Korea, Kim Jong Un speaks out against the US and flexes his new army. 
The US is experiencing shortages of labor and massive supply chain backups ahead of the holiday season. Can we stop China? Their biggest mistake may help us stay ahead of their economic growth and global domination. 
This Has to End Ep:31

This Has to End Ep:31


If you live in California, say goodbye to gasoline for good. We take a look at why the Taliban is now speaking for the Biden administration and what’s actually causing police brutality in the US.
Death to America Ep:30

Death to America Ep:30


Don't California my Texas: homicide rates rise 96% as police officers continue to resign. US Special Operations aid Taiwan's forces in face of serious Chinese threats in the South China Sea.
The CIA steps up to face China and the threat it poses. We take a look at the true cost of inflation in America and see why you should never trust a politician.
The US experiences the highest murder rates in recorded history and Biden hatches the bright idea of making a trillion dollar coin to get the country out of debt. 
America is going to have to deal with this issue at some point or it'll continue to get worse. 
A whistleblower exposes the truth about big tech companies, a bribery scandal steals boatloads of money from the US Navy, and the Taliban doesn't know how to pay an electricity bill, leaving millions without power. 
Wild things are happening all over this world and no one even really knows about it. China is still bullying the smaller countries around It while legit assassinations are happening.
More has came out on the hearings relating to China and Afghanistan. The Taliban also think its a good idea to threaten the United States?
The truth has started to come out as to what really happened in Afghanistan.
Joe Biden and the left's lawmakers blatantly lie to the US public. China unveils its new advanced weapons, and a US military official faces jail time over a social media post.
What does today's college admission process have to do with your sex life and the safety of our society as a whole? China steals billions of dollars from the US through economic espionage, and the Taliban may be trying to acquire weapons of mass destruction.
The infamous AOC gets roasted while Oregon is apparently allowing people to kiss? Taliban are going back to public executions and China is trying to take over the world. Nothing like seeing Police not wanting to work for certain cities while ISIS claims more attacks against their rivals.
China threatens Taiwan as the US military struggles with its own issues over COVID-19. Will the US sit back while terrorism continues to breed in Afghanistan, or will we be forced to act after it’s too late?
One decision may putting our entire military at risk, the FBI warns about a new threat of terrorism within the US, and leaders at home show their true colors while ignoring their own policies.
US agents at the border take matters into their own hands in true Texas fashion. Social credit scores like those in China are implemented in Canada, and chaos erupts in Australia in response to government-imposed lockdowns.
Major opponent for gun control seeks a seat in Texas while the border is wide open for millions of illegals. Biden lies about his tax increases and the Taliban get hit by ISIS.
China vows to resist while the Biden Admin allows 10,500 illegals to sit on the border. California teachers are doing crazy things again Minnesota is about to do something wild.
Taliban continue to put bounties on peoples heads who help the United States while the defund the police movement hasn't panned out for certain cities. China is sending a message to the United States along with its allies.
Comments (8)

David Lanphere

I must comment on January 6th and Trump exciting violence, IF Trump had asked Americans to reject the corrupt vote and resist, we would never be in the position we are now.

Sep 16th

Ryan Ainlay

I feel SO BAD for the Afghan people, and for all of the Americans and our Allies on the ground trying to help. This has been absolutely infuriating.

Sep 14th

Michael Shepherd

this dude tells it how it is...only thing I could wish different would be I wish episodes could be a couple hours in length like the Rogan podcast. Favorite part of my work day is listening to this show

Sep 10th

sumi ra

Thanks for talking about Afghanistan and problems and mistakes that happened 👍 it was a huge political mistake

Sep 9th

David Lanphere

America is becoming a laughing stock in the world, what are your thoughts on China taking over our biggest base in Afghanistan?

Sep 8th

Aj Pereira

Rob I love the content. If you could adjust your microphone up a little bit. I listened to podcast through headphones and I'm partially deaf so it's a little harder to hear you talk sometimes

Sep 7th

Curtis Massey

It's nice to hear a little common sense out on the internet.

Sep 7th

David Lanphere

Rob, are not the Taliban one sect of Muslim, a minority one at that, and the major another, as in the Sheite, and the Suni?

Sep 2nd
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