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Speak Up. Speak Out. The Ethics Matter Podcast.

Speak Up. Speak Out. The Ethics Matter Podcast.

Author: Charmaine Roche

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Everywhere in my work I give witness to the pain caused by the ways in which politics and economics distort our humanity. Does it frustrate you just how hard it is sometimes to do the right thing? Ethical stress is experienced when we feel unable to do the right thing because the structures we live within require behaviour we feel is wrong. It is a positive form of stress because it offers the choice to do what’s right over what’s expected.This podcast has been inspired by the work I do as a coach to help people navigate these conflicts. Each episode we will hear from someone with expertise, passion and commitment to offer in the field of ethical leadership and life. Speak Up Speak Out is a space for speaking fearlessly, raising awareness and facilitating change: join us.
6 Episodes
Martin Vogel, in conversation with our host, Charmaine Roche. They discuss his contention that coaching may be colluding with unethical practices in the workplace.  Our conversation will explore the ethics around coach neutrality; discussing coaching for social change which makes active use of the values and ethical framework of the coach.
Viv gets deep and emotional in this conversation. Her discourse reveals her to be in the tradition of the soul guide coach, feeling into the dissonance at the heart of headteacher’s struggles to align heart with role in a turbulent world.
Dr Jane Fenton speaks passionately about her journey from criminal justice social worker to university Dr of Philosophy working at Dundee university. Throughout her career she has been guided by a strong ethical framework forged in a politically conscious working class community. The cutting edge of her concern for the millennial generation of social workers who may have lost this link to the concept of social justice burns through our conversation.
Zoe Cohen talks about the formative impact of her parents on her formation as a climate conscious coach. This episode has it all. opening with an ill chosen metaphor we sail on through laughter, tears, and honest reflections through to a place of steadfast commitment.
Upending tradition for the season one finale , Speak Up Speak Out, sees the return of Martin Vogel to interview Charmaine Roche about her podcast journey. She talks about what she has learned, the challenges and rewards of becoming a podcaster and her motivations for starting the journey.
Four black women, two of them my daughters, join me to process our reactions in the aftermath of the brutal and brutalising killing of George Floyd on May 25th, 2020. Listen into this intimate space of anger, grief, and commitment to work for change. A call of action, acknowledgement and healing. This conversation is in 5 parts. Listen to segments or all in one go. Its a heady ride.
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