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Speaking Of Wealth with Jason Hartman

Author: Jason Hartman with Dan Millman & Pat Flynn

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Welcome to the "Speaking of Wealth" podcast showcasing profit strategies for speakers, publishers, authors, consultants, and info-marketers. Learn valuable skills to make your business more successful, more passive, more automated, and more scalable.

Your host, Jason Hartman interviews top-tier guests, bestselling authors and experts including; Dan Poynter (The Self-Publishing Manual), Harvey Mackay (Swim With The Sharks & Get Your Foot in the Door), Dan Millman (Way of the Peaceful Warrior), Dr. Denis Waitley (The Psychology of Winning, The Seeds of Greatness), John Lee Dumas (Entrepreneur On Fire), Dan Sullivan (The Strategic Coach), Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income), Amy Newmark (Chicken Soup for the Soul), Kate Mosse (Labyrinth), Howard S. Friedman (Longevity Project), and Donald Katz (Founder of Audible).

Jason Hartman is the Founder and CEO of Platinum Properties Investor Network, The Hartman Media Company and The Jason Hartman Foundation. Starting with very little, Jason, while still in college at the age of 19, embarked on a career in real estate while brokering properties for clients, he was investing in his own portfolio along the way. Through creativity, persistence and hard work, he soon joined the ranks of the top one-percent of Realtors in the U.S. and in quick succession; earned a number of prestigious industry awards and became a young multi-millionaire.

Jason purchased a Southern California real estate brokerage firm which he expanded dramatically and was later acquired by Coldwell Banker. He combined his dedication and business talents to become a successful entrepreneur, public speaker, author, and media personality. Over the years he developed his Complete Solution for Real Estate Investors™ where his innovative firm educates and assists investors in acquiring prudent investments nationwide for their portfolio. Jason’s highly sought after educational events, speaking engagements, and his ultra-hot “Creating Wealth Podcast” inspire and empower hundreds of thousands of people in 26 countries worldwide.

A trademark feature of Hartman Media podcasts are our 'Tenth Episodes' where alternative topics of interest are explored every tenth episode. This provides a diverse mix of programming exploring issues and influential authors like John Gray (Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus), Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Successful Soul), Dr. Kelly McGonigal (The Willpower Instinct), Dr. Gary Chapman (The Five Love Languages), Chuck Gallagher (Second Chances), Brenda Garrison (Love No Matter What), Tom Asacker (The Business of Belief), Alan Siegal (Simple), Laurie Gerber (Handel Group Life Coaching), Kerry Patterson (Crucial Conversations), Jon Gordon (Finding Purpose & Happiness in Life & Work), Dr. David Rock (Your Brain at Work), Anil Gupta (Immediate Happiness), and Dr. Howard S. Friedman & Dr. Leslie R. Martin, Ph.D.(The Longevity Project). Every 10th episode is a topic of general interest, motivation, or life success.

Additional authors and guests featured on the Speaking of Wealth podcast include Ryan Moran (Freedom Fast Lane), Kurt Mortensen (The Laws of Charisma & Persuasion IQ), Freddie Mixell (Podcasters' Boot Camp), Chris Guillebeau (The Happiness Pursuit), Joan Sotkin (Prosperity Place), Demian Farnworth (Copyblogger Media), Sramana Mitra (One Million by One Million), Alex Gruntsev (PressReader), Jonathan Deutsch (Hype), Jeff Berry (Colloquy), Ken Wisnefski (WebiMax), Corey Coates (Podfly), Jason Von Orden (Internet Business Mastery), Justin Gilchrist (Centurica), Brian Horn (The Authority Alchemy), Jeff DeGraff (Making Stone Soup), Lane Fournerat (LaneVid), Merilee Kern (Kern Communications), Chris van Buren (LaunchMoxie), Izabela Russell (Music Radio Creative), Jennifer Paige (Crush), Doug Tucker (Sales Commando), Brian Carter (Facebook Marketing), Alexander Osterwalder (Strategyzer), Keith Ferrazzi (Never Eat Alone), Scott Petinga (Big Data Marketing), Brian Massey (Conversion Scientist), Yuval Mor (Beyond Verbal), Dale Brown (Starfire & Tiger's Claw), Daniel J. 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Topics explored at depth on the Speaking of Wealth podcast include self-publishing, public speaking, podcasting, consulting, branding, effective speaking, become a public speaker, effective communication skills, niche marketing, consulting, eReader, self publisher, consultant career, publishing, professional public speaker, motivational speaker, professional speaker, speaking career, presentation techniques, publish on demand, Kindle, speaking business, public speaking business, podcast, ePublishers, become a writer, how to become a consultant, social media marketing, webinar marketing, success, become a better speaker, Amazon, speaking techniques, public speaker, how to podcast, wealth, social media, podcaster, SEO, online marketing, public speaking tips, income property investing, content marketing, podcast marketing, internet marketing, creating content, Google, Pinterest, Facebook marketing, entrepreneur, content is king, digital marketing, public relations, iPad, affiliate marketing, video podcasting, YouTube, Facebook, search engine optimization, traditional publishing, marketing techniques, iTunes, mobile marketing, LinkedIn marketing, RSS, click bank, meet the masters, content development, real estate investing, email marketing, marketing, Twitter, blog promotion, SpeakerMatch, digital media, INQUARTA, The Longevity Project, real estate, viral video, writing tips, crowdfunding, Kickstarter, get rich quick, email list marketing, writing, call to action, business speaker, author marketing, starting a podcast, Lulu, repurpose content, eBook, public speaking skills, CreateSpace, book marketing, eBooks, Mythgard Institute, The Tolkien Professor, business marketing, independent publishing, small business marketing, internet entrepreneur, leadership IQ, creativity, power publicist, really simple syndication, RSS, keyword research, website design, Apple, negative reviews, Google Plus, blog marketing, CRM, online entrepreneur, psychologist, podcast hosting, Citadel, podcast publishing, copyright, repackaging, social network, novelist, strategic coach, coach, personal economy, WordPress, online publisher, podcasting profit, email newsletter, how to become a freelancer, virtual assistant, real estate education, rental property profits, online publishing, telemarketing, good writing tips, grammar tips, keyword phrases, how to give a speech, how to market a podcast, leadership training, free credit report, business consultant, infopreneur, publisher career, speaking opportunity, real estate investment, podcasting microphone, interviewing, making money, networking, educational consultant, profit strategies, iPhone, publishing for profit, Internet Marketing Association, publishing coach, literary coach, publishing model, writing career, info marketing, web conversion, negotiation training, trivia, author, eBook author, speaking coach, publishers, advertising strategy, marketing toolkit, independent publisher, niche market, speakers bureau, book editing, business coach, writer, BlogTalkRadio, interpersonal communication, life coach, fear of public speaking, self-published author, digital marketing tools, consultant, video podcasts, best seller, romance writer, video marketing, motivational press, automated webinar, career development, target niche keywords, print on demand, royalties, traditional publishers, product launches, hashtags, telecommuting, authors, digital publishing, copywriting, big data, podcast advertising, self publishing tips, Stephen Covey, JK Rowling, XML.
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Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation joins Jason Hartman to discuss three different business models, from sales to services, everything from knife sharpening to pooper scooping. Build a side hustle to fund your vacation or fund your next investment property. Nick Loper is host to a podcast and author of a couple of books. His creative approach to building business outside of the standard brick and mortar has inspired thousands.  Books: The Side Hustle, The Progress Journal Key Takeaways: [0:45] Nick jokes that one of the best ways to build your side hustle is through a self-published book with extremely long subtitles.  [3:00] If you’re looking to make money quickly, with the lowest barrier to entry... [6:30] Who hires a lawn service? Twenty years ago, only 5% hired out. Now, it's closer to 40%. [10:00] Podcasting still hasn’t reached its full potential.  [15:45] 500+ Online Resources? Websites: 1-800-HARTMAN
New Year, New Goals, Same proven asset class! Jason Hartman invites you to celebrate with him another fantastic year of prosperity for all real estate investors practicing some of Hartman’s proven investment techniques. Following the celebration, we must look for the “what next” plan or goal. How do you build your goals? Do you write them down? Do you create realistically achievable goals?  Contest: Key Takeaways: [1:30] Let’s celebrate our prosperous year of 2020 and look forward to another great one to follow.  [5:00] The Hartman Stimulus Payment CONTEST [8:45] Be a self-sufficient person. [10:00] 80% of Americans do not have goals, and even fewer have written them down.  [10:40 New Years’ Resolutions are so cliche.  [12:15] A goal should be just out of reach but not out of sight.  [15:20] The Winner of the 5-Year Plan Video Contest [15:40] Winner, Michelle, laid out how she and her family intend to achieve their income property goals.  [21:20] It’s the kind of person we become just by trying.  [22:00] SMART Goals [23:00] Smartsheet from [26:50] Balance out your portfolio.  Websites: Jason Hartman Quick Start Jason Hartman PropertyCast (Libsyn) Jason Hartman PropertyCast (iTunes) 1-800-HARTMAN
Jason Hartman discusses the 12 days of Christmas with one caveat: inflation adjustments! First, let us all rediscover the true meaning of Inflation. This year, Inflation for the 12 days of Christmas has some peculiar changes, thanks largely to social distancing. Will we get a second stimulus? If so, how much will it be? Does your investment produce income? If not - it’s probably not an investment.  Contest TWO Winners: $500 Make a video: Tell us about your real estate and investing goals, health, fitness, etc. Key Takeaways: [1:20] Inflation, one of the economic maladies.  [3:10] What’s the average US home price, not the median home price? [5:30] What will happen with this second pandemic stimulus? [9:40] Inflation, Inflation, Inflation!  [10:00] What’s the difference between Real and Nominal, Price, and Value? [16:20] For 37 years, PNC has been indexing the 12 days of Christmas.  [20:00] The Inflation starting with a partridge in a pear tree.  [25:25] Five golden rings or six geese a-laying?  [31:50] No inflation on nine ladies dancing; it’s not even available.  [33:00] Are we all going to end up being germaphobes?  [38:00] Some Q&A from live viewers. [39:00] What’s double arbitrage? [40:30] If it doesn’t produce income, can it be called an investment? Websites: Jason Hartman Quick Start Jason Hartman PropertyCast (Libsyn) Jason Hartman PropertyCast (iTunes) 1-800-HARTMAN
Jason Hartman is joined by Dr. Steve Turley, NY Times bestselling author of many books including, The New Nationalism, How the Populous Right is Defeating Globalism and Awakening A New Political Order. Dr. Turley discusses the breaking up of the world, and reverting to a cultural appetite that differs from the one size fits all ideology of modernity. Dr. Turley states that we are living in a time of post-modernity, where we’ve accepted the differences of cultures. Key Takeaways: [2:30] Modern intellectual theory has hindered the teachings of conversation. [5:10] What is cultural marxism? [7:55] “Scientific rationalism was really the one size fits all way of understanding reality.” -Turley [14:00] Modernity has collapsed into post-modernism. [15:50] The world is breaking up, and it’s not because liberal democracy won, it’s because modernity lost. [20:00] If the world is going post-modern, you really only have two choices. [23:30] What’s the fundamental difference between economic marxism and cultural marxism? [31:30] The Monologue Media Vs. The Dialogue Media Websites: Jason Hartman Quick Start Jason Hartman PropertyCast (Libsyn) Jason Hartman PropertyCast (iTunes) 1-800-HARTMAN
Jason Hartman, Rabbi Moffic, and everyone here in the Hartman Network wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!  We thank you all for being devoted listeners, active investors, and top-tier landlords.
Zoom Virtual Event: October 17th, 2020 Early Bird Admission: Get Instant access to Jason Hartman’s newest report, you'll learn… The modified square root shaped recovery Understanding the rare economic malady of supply/demand shock Generational PTSD and what it means to you & society The six lifestyle mega-trends that will change the world forever And much much more!
Phil Harvey is today’s guest, discussing his recent book and a few ways that tax dollars are distributed to some for questionable reasons. Phil shares everything from billionaires receiving million-dollar payouts for owning farmland to customers paying double the price of sugar in the local grocery store.  Book: Welfare for the Rich: How Your Tax Dollars End Up in Millionaires’ Pockets-And What You Can Do About It by Phil Harvey Key Takeaways: [1:40] How are taxpayers getting burned by welfare going to many of the wrong places? [4:30] How are the well-to-do getting welfare? [6:30] Jason and Phil discuss the bonuses received by owners of farmland for no apparent reason. [11:30] Some coastal cities have zoned land in such a way that housing has become unaffordable. [16:30] Is the open spaces argument, “you’ve already got yours, so you’re not going to share?” [18:15] Everyone pays twice as much as they should have to pay for sugar, to benefit which sugar baron? Websites:
Kirky Galt, Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Creative Real Estate Copy, and Host of Real Estate Thought Leadership Podcast, joins Jason Hartman today, discussing marketing tactics in real estate. As well, how will developers reshape commercial real estate for the ever-growing need for real estate? Kirky iterates time and again to generate value in your content.  Key Takeaways: [2:00] There have been many concerns about commercial space, but many are looking into converting it to residential. [3:00] More than likely, we will see more infill developments rather than new construction.  [5:40] What kind of alternate uses can we expect to see with shopping malls? [8:45] Companies should take this downtime in business to focus on marketing techniques such as podcasting.  [10:00] Content length has gotten shorter, but valuable content still has strengths, specifically white-paper. [12:20] How has the PR world change, and what’s working nowadays? Websites: Jason Hartman Quick Start Jason Hartman PropertyCast (Libsyn) Jason Hartman PropertyCast (iTunes) 1-800-HARTMAN
Jason Hartman interviews Bob Bly, author of over 100 books. Today, Bob discusses how to get traffic to your website, convert people, and have a more successful business. Bob shares tips and tricks about SEO placement and different uses of marketing to build your multi-channel program. Bob and Jason also discuss the customer experience and the importance of building platforms designed around their thoughts.  Key Takeaways: [2:15] Bob opens with a quick explanation of the customer journey online.  [3:30] What are some ways to drive traffic to your website? [4:00] Explaining affiliate marketing for online traffic. [7:45] Pros/Cons of long copy vs. a short copy.  [10:45] Bob goes through credibility with web design.  [14:00] SEO should be stronger set on the main site, and the sales aspect should be saved for the microsite. [15:00] The best marketers have integrated multi-channel programs or campaigns to grow their visibility.  [16:45] When a potential customer is on your site, they either buy the product or leave. Make sure you capture their name and email address.  [18:30] Bob’s fundamental tips on how to be a good copywriter. [21:15] Why are sales letters so long? Websites: A GIFT FROM BOB BLY: Jason Hartman Quick Start Jason Hartman PropertyCast (Libsyn) Jason Hartman PropertyCast (iTunes) 1-800-HARTMAN
Dr. Bryan Taylor joins Jason Hartman as they rewind the clock 1,000 years to look at the history of interest rates and housing costs. The bubonic plague and the Spanish Flu have both had an impact on economics. How does this relate to Coronavirus?  Living in urban areas has historically been out of necessity. Currently, technological advances have taken away the demand for living in highly populated areas. Taylor and Hartman discuss the change in housing costs as influenced by the bubonic plague 800 years ago, but how reliable is this information? Key Takeaways: [2:00] Are interest rates the lowest they’ve ever been in history? [3:20] Government debt explained based on the influences surrounding World War II [4:20] Did Paul Volcker make the right moves? [5:30] Are interest rates too low? What’s the fallout? [8:30] Prices are being controlled mainly by a lack of demand. [12:00] Flashback 102 years to the Spanish Flu, what happened economically? [16:00] Are we to face a repeat of the roaring ’20s? [20:00] Technology has solved the necessity of living in urban areas. [21:15] During the bubonic plague, 1/3 third of the population was wiped out, while the houses remained, causing the most significant housing price drop in history. [25:25] How reliable is 800-year-old data? Websites: Jason Hartman Quick Start Jason Hartman PropertyCast (Libsyn) Jason Hartman PropertyCast (iTunes) 1-800-HARTMAN
Subscription services have become a regular facet of modern business. Robbie Kellman Baxter shares her expertise with Jason Hartman. Robbie discusses details of when a company should apply subscriptions, how a business model changes, and why the sale doesn’t end when a client subscribes. Over-complication is a sure way to detract potential clients. Keep it simple, and keep the client feeling valued with a model that is always up-to-date.  Key Takeaways: [2:30] Surprising subscription services from the unexpected business. [4:30] The concept of having a subscription is that it’s a different way of the packaging value. [9:00] How can a business optimize its services for a subscription-based model? [11:00] Keep your customers by keeping your subscription simple.  [12:45] Reasons for a free trial: I don’t understand it, or it’s too good to be true. [17:00] When is a membership model good for your business? [24:00] What are the best retention models? [26:00] Everyone talks about tracking churn?  Websites:
Dr. Richard D. Wolff, professor of economics and author of Understanding Marxism, joins Jason Hartman today, discussing the global economic meltdown. Wolff shares his interpretation of marxism and why he believes that is has been poorly applied. As well, Hartman and Wolff discuss capitalism in America, the perception and the reality.  Wolff and Hartman discuss the disproportionate pay between CEO and workers. The CEO to worker compensation ratio has changed dramatically. Wolff states that a cooperative/directorship might work using the example of The Mondragon Corporation.  Key Takeaways: [2:15] Was Karl Marx's ideas applied wrong? [8:45] "A liberal and a marxist are not the same things." [10:30] What is a Marxist?  [12:45] Capitalism didn't make the break from fatalism and slavery that it thought it did.  [16:45] Did any country have genuine pure marxism? [20:30] "There's a reason that a very small number of people are capitalists (entrepreneur) and a very large number of people are workers" - Wolff [20:45] How do we solve the issue of disproportionate pay between boss/worker, redistribution?  [24:00] How would a company run with a representative republic, cooperative, or directorship? [25:10] Successful Co-op, The Mondragon Corporation.  [31:45] What is the Yellow Vests Movement? Websites: Richard Wolff Youtube 1-800-HARTMAN Jason Hartman Quick Start Jason Hartman PropertyCast (Libsyn) Jason Hartman PropertyCast (iTunes)
Jason Hartman interviews best selling author Scott Turow. Jason and Scott discuss what changes to expect in the wake of coronavirus. They travel through a conversation of technology in legal settings and positive changes in the pharmaceutical industry. Will we see some constitutional changes?  Scott Turow is a best-selling author, widely known for One L. He has recently published The Last Trial, a legal thriller about a criminal defense lawyer and a lifelong friend accused of murder. Now available everywhere. Key Takeaways: [2:45] Scott talks about The Last Trial, from where the characters came.  [4:30] Speaking of coronavirus, everyone has an agenda. How can we tell heads from tails? [7:00] Can we design a better system, one in which the government takes over the testing of pharmaceuticals? [13:45] The law has always put tremendous weight on who is holding the records. [18:45] Do you think that supreme court justices should still be lifelong appointments?  [21:00] Has COVID-19 pushed the legal industry to use technology and stray away from primitive processes? [26:45] What kind of constitutional challenges do you see coming from these changes? Websites: Jason Hartman Quick Start Jason Hartman PropertyCast (Libsyn) Jason Hartman PropertyCast (iTunes)
Ryan Moran, author of, 12 Months to $1 Million, joins Jason Hartman today to discuss some of his tactics that led to his success. Sometimes better business isn’t about what you sell, but more-so, how your business is focused. While we often think of the question, “what is the product,” the focus needs to be, “who is the audience?” As well, Ryan shares his views on real estate investing and the economy, post-pandemic.  Books: 12 Months to $1 Million by Ryan Moran Key Takeaways: [4:20] “I’ve discovered that there are a lot of things not worth pursuing, but the pursuit is worth it.” [10:15] “Minimum wage is an institution, something that you’re trying to force into society…” [13:00] Moran, how did you get your career started, and what role did the early affiliate marketing role play in where you are today?  [15:20] Your business is determined not by what you sell, but who you sell to. [16:50] The game is about building to an audience quickly, and monetizing to that audience.  [17:00] What Joe Rogan did for Spotify! [20:10] What’s the extent of e-commerce beyond Amazon? [21:00] Eventually we will drop the E in e-commerce. [22:00] What goes on outside the Amazon world? [26:00] Is the magic question, “what’s the product?” [32:00] You can have two brands for the same product, and market them to two audiences. They can both be wildly successful.  [42:00] Real estate trends post Coronavirus. [46:00] Cocooning, from home theatre systems to home gyms. [50:00] Considering the Federal Reserve the fourth branch of government. Websites: Jason Hartman PropertyCast (Libsyn) Jason Hartman PropertyCast (iTunes) 1-800-HARTMAN
Mike Robbins joins us for some important lessons in mental health and dealing with grief. We are all grieving together, for ourselves and for those that surround us. It’s time to stop, pause, and reflect. How can we focus on the moment? Key Takeaways: [1:30] Mike Robbins, the author of five books, Focus on the Good Stuff, Be Yourself Everyone Else is Already Taken, Nothing Changes Until You Do, and, Bring Your Whole Self to Work [5:45] Perspective is important, and when we are in the middle of something, it’s difficult to have perspective on it [7:30] Even though it may not seem like it right now, you have more than this requires [8:15] If we are experiencing difficulty the common element is that we are focusing internally instead of externally [11:30] The world has intervened in a way, and forced all of us to stop, pause, and reflect [17:30] How do we focus on the moment? [23:30] You can control your attitude and you can control your effort, everything else is some form of out of your control Websites: 1-800-Hartman
Great news for investors, people are buying homes in the suburbs! Jason Hartman speaks about the importance of exact numbers. And as a prelude to our guest on public speaking, Jason answers some questions from our listeners. We thank you for your questions and always invite more James Rosebush, a former Deputy Assistant to President Reagan, is on the show to discuss his book, Winning Your Audience. He shares tips to sound more like Reagan, the great communicator.  Key Takeaways: [6:00] Knowing when your numbers need to be exact, and when they can be rough estimates for purposes of comparison.  [8:20] Newly pending homes up almost 50%! Does this mean the housing market is already rebounding from Covid-19? [12:00] Answering questions for listeners [20:30] Reagan, the great communicator, loved his audience. This was his secret to success as a speaker.  [26:20] Speech abilities given to Reagan because of his history as an actor. [30:00] Some tips to speak a little more like Reagan. [32:00] Visualize what you want to give brilliance to your speech. [36:00] The experience of being blessed by the Pope.  [37:00] 65% of communication is non-verbal. [41:00] If you speak from your heart, you will win. [44:00] We need more speakers that are sherpas. Websites: Winning Your Audience Jason Hartman PropertyCast (Libsyn) Jason Hartman PropertyCast (iTunes) 1-800-HARTMAN
Today, Jason Hartman discusses the Phillips curve and its relevance to our current economic situation. While we are all challenged in ways to adapt to our shelter-in-place advising, several benefits are being popularized out of necessity. Telemedicine, or telehealth, is growing rapidly, and not just for humans. Veterinary practices are using telemedicine for your pet's health as well. Steve Hochberg returns to elaborate on the Elliott Wave. How do we know when we have too much debt, the U.S., or the individual?  Key Takeaways: [1:00] Is Kim Jong-Un alive? [5:30] Telemedicine, we’re finally there [8:00] The Phillips curve [14:00] Monetary policy comes from central banks, and fiscal policy comes from the government  Guest: Steve Hochberg [22:00] Everything the Fed has said they’re going to do has been backed by the Treasury. The treasury has pledged to cover any losses that the Fed is going to incur through their lending programs, and this can’t go on forever [24:00] How do we know when we have too much debt? [28:30] “I think there’s a huge bull market starting right now, and it’s the bull-market in cash” -Hochberg Websites: Jason Hartman University Membership 1-800-HARTMAN Jason Hartman Quick Start Jason Hartman PropertyCast (Libsyn) Jason Hartman PropertyCast (iTunes) Jason Hartman’s Blogcast
Jason Hartman shares sound advice on the top four reasons that a company fails. Steve Hochberg joins Jason to break down the methods of the Elliott Wave Principle. Listen to how the Elliott Wave Principle used collective investor psychology to predict 2020 stock market trends, without the influence of Coronavirus, as early as late 2019. Will we continue to see the stability of linear markets vs the volatility of cyclical markets, post-pandemic? Do recessions cause cautious businessmen or do cautious businessmen cause recessions?  Key Takeaways: [2:30] From a discussion: the four primary reasons a company fails [4:00] Number one, FEAR - Faults, education, appearing, real [5:15] Number two, mindset [9:00] Number three, lack of connections [11:30] Number four, Lacking systems and process [15:20] What is going on in the financial world? [17:00] Unfolding the Elliott Wave Principle  [18:20] “Late 2019, the U.S. economy had some very strong economic numbers, the social mood was very elevated, but there were some underlying problems going on” [19:20] The yield curve: the three month U.S. Treasury bill yield minus the ten year U.S. Treasury note, had inverted, which was a key indicator in the last months of 2019.  [23:00] Cyclical vs linear markets, post-pandemic [28:00] Do recessions cause cautious businessmen or do cautious businessmen cause recessions?  [30:00] An Elliot Wave is a hierarchical fractal, it has self-similar patterns at all degrees of the scale [30:45] Why do you prefer the DOW over the S&P? Websites: Jason Hartman University Membership 1-800-HARTMAN Jason Hartman Quick Start Jason Hartman PropertyCast (Libsyn) Jason Hartman PropertyCast (iTunes) Jason Hartman’s Blogcast
Beware of the 'invisible tax,' inflation. Jason Hartman discusses inflation, poverty, and work-from-home lifestyle and advantages. In these challenging times, what professionals are able to stay optimistic? How are the elites transferring wealth? In part II of today’s show, Jason interviews Jessica Mah, founder of inDinero. Tune in for pro-tips on loan approval for PPP & EIDL. How can you optimize your time with loan delays, and get ahead of the game? And, don’t forget to prep for the end-game of these loans, will they be forgiven? Follow the rules and we shall see.  Key Takeaways: [3:15] There are two types of taxation that we are paying: 1) The tax that we see, income tax, sales tax, etc 2) The inflation tax, which destroys the purchasing power of our money [7:30] People are being driven into poverty in this quarantine, making it very difficult for some to adjust to the work-from-home lifestyle [13:30] “Tis the set of the sails, And not the gales, Which tell us the way to go.” -Ella Wheeler Wilcox [16:00] How are the elites transferring wealth? [19:30] Jessica Mah, founder of inDinero, helping entrepreneurs run better businesses [20:50] PPP has run out? Only 6% of all applications have been approved by the SBA and funded.  [21:15] The SBA is saying the best option is to use the bank you are already with, although Jessica has seen more success getting a loan through smaller regional banks [23:15] Have you seen success in getting loans with brokers? [25:30] Every bank is accepting PPP & EIDL applications even though they’re both on hold due to running out of money [26:45] How can you be successful at getting your slice of the bailout pie? [18:30] Pro-Tips: Show your work; have an excel spreadsheet that shows how you came to your figures [30:30] How difficult is the one-page application?  [31:00] The Magic Question, “What is all of the information you need from me in order for the bank to formally process my loan application and submit it to the SBA?” [34:00] This loan could be forgiven if properly played out [38:00] Encouraged to apply for PPP & EIDL, but PPP is the better of the two options for covering big payroll sheets Websites: www.PandemicInvesting.Com TAX SALE Webinar Link Jason Hartman PropertyCast (Libsyn) Jason Hartman PropertyCast (iTunes) 1-800-HARTMAN
Nick Unsworth is the CEO of Life on Fire and a renowned Facebook marketing expert. He joins the show to describe how people can use Facebook as a tool to increase their customer base and revenue.  Unsworth fills us in on the the newest updates to Facebook that businesses and entrepreneurs can utilize to get their message out and shares ways to get “targeted Facebook Likes” from people in intended audiences, FAST. He then discusses how people can leverage a page with many Likes to improve the bottom line.  The conversation then turns to financial literacy. Unsworth has raised nearly $7,000 to purchase 100 Kindle eReaders for extended foster children ages 18-21 to promote reading and inspire entrepreneurship. He believes young adults are often pushed out of the “system” and forgotten about due to their age. Website:
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