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Watch CNET's Special Features for an inside look at how we use the latest gadgets and technology along with discussion about the current state of tech and culture.
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The voices that bring the Bikini Bottom gang to life keep up the fun with The Stars of SpongeBob Fan Favorites Special, produced during coronavirus lockdown.
Shopping, assembling, riding and everything in between.
Tom Cruise is set to shoot a movie in space, but he won't be the first. So what does a blockbuster in space look like? Well, don't expect any explosions for a start...
CNET host Richard Hart visited Netscape just after the company went public and was taking on Microsoft in the browser wars. Here's our profile of founder Marc Andreessen from 1995.
A company called Apeel is making edible, plant-based coatings that dramatically extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.
When SpaceX and NASA send the first crewed commercial flight to the International Space Station, the astronauts on board will barely have to lift a finger.
We pit all three current MacBooks against each other in a battle of the aluminum titans.
Swiss-made Roombots self-assemble to make, move and enhance furniture.
Due to the pandemic, air travel saw roughly a 95% decrease in the volume of passengers between February and April. So where are all those planes?
This isn't the perfect phone or the most powerful phone. It doesn't have the best cameras or battery life. It costs $1,380. And yet its foldable fun has won me over.
Don't try this at home.
Carriers shed coronavirus when they cough, sneeze or use the bathroom. The genetic fingerprint in wastewater seems to be a leading indicator of infections, and wastewater monitoring will likely become important in predicting outbreaks.
Zoom is still the most popular video calling service out there right now, but with Google Meet now being free, FaceTime's ease of use and Skype's many Zoom-like features, it has some competition.
The MacBook butterfly keyboard never sparked joy.
Also known as serological tests, antibody tests can help identify people who have developed an immune response to coronavirus by detecting antibodies in their blood. More than 100 tests have been brought to market since the FDA eased its restrictions to help meet the global demand, but recent data suggests that some of these tests are not as accurate as they should be.
There are four contenders: the Amazon Echo Show 8, JBL Link View, Google Nest Hub Max and Google Nest Hub. Only one can be the best.
We bought five used phones of varying quality to see what you can get when you don't splash out on a flagship. Results were... mixed.
Google's new true wireless Pixel Buds get high marks. Here's how they stack up against the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus and Jabra Elite 75t. Or, if you use the first one: Google's new true wireless Pixel Buds get high marks. Here's how they stack up against two top Android-friendly earbuds.
With CNET's New York lab shut down, I moved our test gear and TVs to my home in the suburbs.
Trackpads everywhere! We tested them all.
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