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Author: Kim & Venita

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Welcome to the Speechie Side Up Podcast! Every week, your hosts, Kim and Venita, serve up their tips and tricks and interview other SLPs so YOU can get inspired and learn from experts in the field. When they are not working on their social book series, Lou Knows What to Do, Venita can be found traveling or drinking matcha lattes. Kim can be found running marathons or fueling her coffee addiction to function as a mom to a preschooler and an infant. Together they are serving up some informative and fun topics in Speechie Side Up!
43 Episodes
This episode features Lindsey Hockel from Speechy Things! Listen to find out her tips for targeting the /r/ sound, managing challenging behaviors, and implementing PECs. Send in a voice message:
This episode features Mia McDaniel from Putting Words in Your Mouth! Listen to find out why she started blogging, what the evidence says about working with students with selective mutism, and what it is like working at the district level.Click here for the show notes! Send in a voice message:
This episode features Julia Mora from Easy Speechie! Listen to hear how her Clinical Fellowship year is going, how Instagram has influenced her professional career, and some new projects she is working on.Click here for the show notes! Send in a voice message:
This episode features Jenn Alcorn from Crazy Speech World! Listen to hear her tips for supervising graduate students and advocating for yourself, and why she used to call herself a nontraditional graduate student.Click here for the show notes! Send in a voice message:
In this episode, I had the pleasure to speak with Nikki Hunjan from Teach Speech 365. Tune in as we discuss her organization tips, a sneak peek at her weekly lesson plans, and using apps in therapy.  Visit our webpage and shownotes at Send in a voice message:
Available until May 15, 2019 at 8 pm ESTIn this session, we will discuss how seven different types of digital resources including virtual assistants, apps, augmented reality, and videos can be used to target a variety of language skills with AAC learners. We will explore how these resources can be used to teach core vocabulary and socially engaging communicative interactions between students using AAC and their communication partners. How to get ASHA CEUsPodcourse FlyerFree Handouts Send in a voice message:
This episode features Anne Page from Beautiful Speech Life! Tune in as we discuss the AAC Academy, self-care, and lifting other women up. Visit our website and show notes at Send in a voice message:
This episode features Nancy Kaufman, renowned expert in Childhood Apraxia of Speech. Tune in as we discuss the signs and symptoms of Childhood Apraxia of Speech, treatment options for Childhood Apraxia of Speech, and how Nancy is helping children and families from afar.  Send in a voice message:
This week I had the pleasure of speaking with SLP and entrepreneur, Marisha McGrorty. Tune in as we discuss literacy based materials, the process it took to create an online conference, and tips for getting more organized in therapy!  Send in a voice message:
This week I’m speaking with one of the funniest and sweetest SLPs I know, Katie Bernadkin! Tune in to learn how to effect systematic change for the students you serve, and get her tips for identifying and seeking help for your students’ mental health needs. We even have a surprise SLP caller! Send in a voice message:
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