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Author: Colin Green

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Spikepit RPG Podcast, where Colin ponders ideas related to Dungeons and Dragons and other tabletop role playing games with a view to engaging and entertaining the community.
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284 Episodes
Awesome call ins from Lieren (Updates from the Middle of Nowhere) Joe Richter (Hindsightless) Che Webster (Roleplay Rescue) Rich Fraser (Cockatrice Nuggets) and Karl Rodriguez.
285 Drive By - Rewind

285 Drive By - Rewind


Important restatement from Jason and shout out for DM Rikki.
A strong heart felt response to my appeal for a sensible discussion. Big thanks to Chris Shorb, Karl Rodriguez, John Large, Goblin's Henchman, Jason Connerley and Menion.
Ennies, taking sides, open communication, big publishers and all sorts. Call ins from Chris Shorb, Andy Goodman, Joe Richter and Lonely Adventurer
Feedback from the community Barry, Spencer, Lonely Adventurer, Chris, Diz, Dave. Cheers guys!
The 5e DMG take on knowing what your players like. Called in contributions from Ray Otus (Plundergrounds) and Lonely Adventurer (Camping with Owlbears). Theme song by Logan Howard.
More nonsense....You have been warned.
Discussing my recent foray into the immersive world of RPG design.
Call in contributiona from Joe Richter (Hindsightless and Weal or Woe)
Call in contributions from Shandy Andy (Unguarded Treasure B52) and John Large (Red Dice Diaries)
What about between sessions? How does downtime work? Does anybody care? Contributions from Shandy Andy (Unguarded Treasure) and John Large (Red Dice Diaries). Theme music by TJ Drenon.
On the road RPG thoughts, experiences running an DnD Adventurers League published adventure. Also a quick round up and thoughts about what I'm playing.
Notes to follow
273 Into the Pit

273 Into the Pit


Call ins galore discussing a range of recent topics
Chatting with my brother Darren Green aka RFED about his recent experiences trying game design.
Awesome contributions from Chris Shorb, Darren Green, John Large (Red Dice Diaries), Julz Burgisser (Jewels from NZ), Joe Richter (Hindsightless, Weal or Woe), Jason Connerley (Nerds RPG Variety Cast), Barney (Loco Ludus), Josh Beckleheimer (JB Publishing). Theme music by TJ Drenon based on original idea by Logan Howard.
Awesome call in conversation with Julz (Jewels from NZ) Monster CR, DMG tools and online play. Tunes by TJ Drenon
269 Drive By

269 Drive By


RPG questions and chat, lost books, grappling, exhaustion, jungles and more......
Content caution.
10x10x10 Cube Campaign, Lego & Maps, running in Minecraft
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