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Author: Luke Bradley & Jack Carlin

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An LGBTQ+ horror entertainment podcast. This devilish duo are dedicated to spilling the T on all the goops, ghouls & gags the horror genre has to offer!
55 Episodes
This week Luke & Jack duke it out over the 2010 creature feature Piranha 3D.
This week on episode 55 we are back with another royal rumble; Original vs remake. Forcing Tobe Hooper's 1974 classic against the Jessica Biel 2003 remake. Who will gather up the most points and come out victorious? Find all of this out after we talk about Paris Hilton of course, duh!
This week Luke & Jack invite you to the roast of Halloween Resurrection (2002) 
Episode 53 has arrived, and after the wake of Halloween season we felt it was the time for a little dark comedy pick-me-up with Hulu's newest Bad Hair. How many hair puns can two queers cram into one episode? We're not sure we lost count.
This week Luke & Jack bring you a bonus Halloween episode with Wes Craven"s 2005 werewolf horror Cursed. 
This week on Episode 51 we take this week leading into Halloween by throwing ourselves into the time machines and revisiting all the movies we loved to watch at Halloween. We also talk the Jamie Lee Curtis & Neve Campbell Scream Queens interview, as well as our thoughts on the upcoming Hocus Pocus 2
This week Luke & Jack celebrate their 50th episode with Halloween (2018) on the anniversary of the release date. Tune in this week as we take a deep dive into a movie near and dear to our hearts. 
We're half way through this spooky month and with there is no better way to celebrate than to delve into the cult classic 2009's Trick 'r Treat ! Come give Episode 49 a listen to get you in the mood for more ooky spooky shenanigans.
This week we battle it out once again with another round of Luke Vs Jack. To kick off the spooky season we discuss the 2018 halloween horror flick Hell Fest.
It's our final instalment of our Henny I'm Home series and we're going out with a bang! This week we discuss the 2008 home invasion classic The Strangers. 
Episode 46 has come a'knocking as part 3 of our home invasion horror segment, presenting another Brit-flick horror comedy with Don't Let Them In. We also kick start the episode with the recent news and cast release of Scream 5.
Ep. 45 is here and our Home Invasion horror segment is back for round 2 of window-smashing, weapon-wielding action. This week we are reviewing the newly released British thriller The Owners starring Game of Thrones & The New Mutants very own Maisie Williams & This Is England's Andrew Ellis.
This week on Episode 44 we are introducing our first episode of our home invasion horror segment to tide us over these difficult quarantine times. Feel annoyed you're trapped in your house? Well these next few selection of horror's will make your indoor problems seem minuet. To kick start off our Home Invasion podcast invasion we spill the T on one of our personal favourite all-time slasher movies; the infamous rule-bending You're Next.Come get a dumpster dive into this new episode and follow us as home is where the horror is! 
Episode 43 has arrived and not only is it Luke's birthday, but it's also double trouble as we slash back to the 80's for another serving of retro slasher realness! We review the cult horror hits Curtains (1983) and Stage Fright: Aquarius/Deliria. We also kick the episode off my talking about some of this week's horror news, with the untimely escape of the real life Annabelle doll as well as the new cast announcement for Scream 5.
We are heading back back BACK to the 80's once again to get our retro-synth fix with the infamous early 80's slasher spoof 'Student Bodies'.
Host (2020) Review

Host (2020) Review


Episode 41 is here and it is a doozy. This week we jump on the hype wagon by checking out the brand new Shudder original Host which has critics and fans raving over its quarantine-based terrors. Dive on in and listen what we have to say about the already infamous supernatural frightfest. Also, we kick the episode off discussing what we've been watching this week; from Cry Wolf to the new Game of Death. Sip sip beetch.
Open 24 Hours Review

Open 24 Hours Review


Episode 40 is here and we talk s**t about the newly release yet 2018 delayed petrol stop slasher Open 24 Hours. We also kick off this conversation with discussing Amazon Prime and their difficult selection of horror movies, as well as talking about some of the podcasts we have been listening to this week.
Relic (2020) Review

Relic (2020) Review


Episode 39 on Spilling Guts is here and these queers are here to review the brand spanking you psychological horror Relic. Starring Scream 3's Emily Mortimer; Relic follows as a mother and daughter struggle to contain a manifestation of dementia that is consuming their grandmother and her home. This week we also delve into the horror's we have watched this week, including The Children (2008), Slasher: Solstice and the Found Footage sub-genre.
To celebrate the passing of 4th of July, we thought it was best to celebrate it our own way by getting stuck in to one of the most iconic late 90's slashers; I Know What You Did Last Summer. We also briefly dive into the new season of Slasher Season 3: Solstice as well as the heartbreaking news of the 2021 delay of Halloween Kills.
Welcome another Pride Month inspired episode where we dive into the gayest sub-genre of them all; Vampires! Forget Twilight and leave Dracula at the door, we're getting stuck in to a trio of homoerotic films, both intentional and subliminal. Listen as we talk The Lost Boys (1987), Interview with a Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994) and the newly released LGBTQ+ vamp flick Bit (2019). File those talons and sharpen those fangs, it's getting gay up in here!
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