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Author: Olaniyi Sobomehin ( Niyi Sobo )

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Take control of your sports career and start DOMINATING your competition. The "I'm Not You" Sports Domination Podcast is hosted by Former All American and NFL Running Back Olaniyi Sobomehin ( Niyi Sobo ) , and he walks you through the specific strategies, habits, and most important MINDSET that you need to take your game to the NEXT level. You'll learn how to master your emotions, how to set goals and crush them, and the mindset of the worlds best athletes so you can get the results you want. This show will feature interviews with NFL, NBA, MLB and Professional Soccer players so you can leverage their experience to reach your sports goals!
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You know the type of person who complains, avoids, procrastinates, only to remain in the same pace, year after year?   Nas describes this type perfectly in this track, and I break down how to approach your goals with the opposite mindset.   #BARS
Most of your peers are victims....and you most likely are, too. Being a "victim" means you act helpless to change your circumstances, and life bullies you into submission everyday. In this episode, I go into depth on why this is, how to know what type of victim you are, and most importantly... how to transform into a boss. 
It can be difficult to accumulate a few wins, without starting to "eat the cheese"...This means feeling complacent, and letting your foot off the gas so you can feel "comfortable". This is dangerous, and in this episode, I break down how to consistently win, and still feel hungry and motivated. 
Life will hand you plenty of Ls... but don't throw in the towel. Learn from the loss and get back to practice ASAP.  
If you're a student, you might have to run this episode back as a new semester approaches... Just because you can ball on the field or court, doesn't mean you'll be able to take those skills and apply them in the classroom. Just like anything else, there is a strategy and mindset that is required to kill it in the classroom and get the grades you need. In my experience, when I wanted to, I was able to crush it in the classroom. In this episode, I break down specifically how I did it.   Time Stamps: (1:22) Welcome back to the Sports Motivation Podcast (2:01) Shoutout to Dante! (4:20) My academic history (7:10) Principle #1: I wanted to (7:50) Principle #2: Get the syllabus and reverse engineer it (9:09) Principle #3: Dedicate time for studying (9:49) Principle #4: GO TO CLASS EVERYDAY! (10:42) Principle #5: Meet with your teachers every week (11:31) Principle #6: Tell your teachers and professors your goals (12:52) Principle #7: Sit in front of the class (14:37) Principle #8: Be creative and smart when you study (15:39) Principle #9: Rid yourself of excuses that you can’t learn something  (16:48) Principle #10: Focus on results (17:44) Principle #11: Be systematic in your approach to live (18:31) Principle #12: Refuse to sacrifice any quality in your efforts (25:39) Cal Newport, “How to Become a Straight-A Student”  
So many people claim to want to be a professional athlete, an entertainer or just rich in here's the test. Listen to this episode and see if you're committed, or just being lazy.    Time Stamps: (1:22) Do you want to go pro, or become a “millionaire”? (2:58) Deion Sanders (3:41) #1: Decide that you want that goal. (3:52) #2: Define the end game in vivid detail. (4:33) #3: Write down all the things you do, that do not relate to your end goal. CROSS them out. (5:00) #4: Write down what is necessary to do for you to reach the goal. (5:23) #5: Print out a template for an empty week. (5:39) #6: Create an average week schedule. (6:33) #7: Look. Breathe. ASK. (10:34) You reap what you sow. (13:48) Am I talking to you, or are you eavesdropping? (15:47) OFF-mode. (18:57) In order to be strong, you have to be weak. (21:41) Stop being lazy. (23:55) Don’t forget to Get Ya Mind Right. (24:52) Have you left me a review yet?
How do you make sure you're ready to succeed when you've just taken a big risk? I've had (and continue) to expose myself to new risks because of the new goals and targets I go after and there is a certain way to think and certain strategies to employ in order to give you as much certainty as possible. In this throwback episode, I break down how to approach a big move and how to make it a success.   Time Stamps:   (1:22) Welcome to the Sports Motivation Podcast (1:28) This episode is dedicated to Frank (4:53) The risks I have taken (5:46) #1: Know your outcomes and goals (7:45) #2: Understand your chokeholds and obstacles (8:59) #3: Get your money right (11:58) Money represents value (13:25) #4: Track and collect all momentum (14:03) #5: Keep a close eye on your vices (15:43) #6: Create your power circle (16:26) #7: Keep your mind right (17:33) #8: Give yourself that pleasure of the freedom you gave yourself and have no regrets (18:21) #9: Always evaluate what you learn
I had a lot of fun recording this, as I made sure to not hold anything back...You may have a difficult time hearing parts of it, but it's the truth as I see it. There are no "easy" steps to become the level of tough you need to be. It's difficult, and that's ok. But you must be aware of how to do it, and you need to be woken up. Tomorrow's the start of a new decade... Get a fresh start and toughen up.
The human brain is wired to overvalue the opinions of our served us back when we were roaming the African savanna, but it doesn't serve us as much now. That feeling you get when your friends talk mess about you, when your parents disapprove, or when you miss a shot in a game...That feeling paralyzes many and prevents them from taking risks or doing what is necessary. You cannot be a victim to this disease, you have to learn how to overcome the fear of others opinions...but how? How can you practically and systematically build immunity to what stops so many others? In this episode, I show you how I approach this problem.     Time Stamps:  (1:31) Training on how to care less what others think (2:58) Name one high performer who wasn’t motivated... (4:00) Michael Moss: Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us (4:12) Ray Dalio: Principles (4:33) Higher versus lower self (7:36) We all have the same needs and fears (8:23) Step 1: Learn how to breathe (10:18) Mark Divine: Unbeatable Mind and Way of the SEAL (11:26) Step 2: Analyze your goals and your vision (14:25) I answer to King Zeus (15:02) Make yourself a disciple of your vision (16:20) Step 3: Put yourself in more situations where you can be judged (18:16) Remind yourself about how much people really don’t care about you   (22:03) Opinions that we are afraid of are literally nothing  
Whether you are a current or former athlete, the older you get, the more tight and stiff your body will become, unless you take proactive measures to get it right. In this episode, I share a new tool that I have begun using that has taken my pliability and "limberness" to the next level. I was introduced to this tool through Tom Brady's "TB12 Method" book, and it is quite effective. Take a listen. #UpOnGame
I fell across this classic by accident and when I first started reading it, I was blown away. Check out why in this episode. #Bars
There are certain things you can GUARANTEE you will be exposed to on your way to crushing your goals, and if you aren't aware, you may respond to these roadblocks in a way that will further hold you back. In this episode, I show you these roadblocks, and tell you how to knock 'em down.   (1:57) You are ALL valuable (3:37) It's time to go ALL IN. (8:13) 4 things that you will experience when you make the jump. (9:01) #1: Hitting the wall after your motivational start. (11:24) #2: Friends and family that aren't in alignment, will fade off. (13:57) #3: You will consider quitting. (17:45) #4: Your high standards will result in devaluing your progress. (19:15) How to anticipate, and overcome these roadblocks.
This piece of equipment is one of my most prized possessions, and is a tool to help me speed up my learning and stay mentally sharp. It is MUST buy.  
Big Sean has always been a prime example of the "I'm Not You" mindset, and this song explains how... #BARS
There will be times (especially in the beginning of your pursuit of greatness) where you will have NO results to show for your efforts. Most people lose confidence, and then stop moving with speed. This can't be you. In this episode, I break down how to stay confident even in the face of adversity and lack of results. Listen, and apply.
There is a certain brand of competitor that thrives in the Jungle... we call this type of individual, a "Killa".   In this episode, I break down the mental anatomy of a Killa, their mindset, and the skills and strategies that make them so dominant.   If you want to develop the mindset, habits and systems that are required to dominate and create results under any type of pressure, go to   Time Stamps: (1:22) Review: Set aggressive outcomes without limits (4:01) Don't be a cornball. (5:11) If you got a problem with chasing your goals, unsubscribe to this podcast. (5:39) Review: Boldly face reality (7:59) Why are you so afraid? (8:54) Review: Plan and anticipate everything (9:57) Stop wasting time (10:38) Review: Go through the fire (11:22) Ain't no overnight successes. (12:04) Review: Ruthlessly self-evaluate (12:45) Review: Re-Up (14:00) Challenge your foundational beliefs. (15:53) Evolve, or die. (16:50) Paint your vision clear (17:17) A killa is... SELF-RELIANT (17:53) A killa is... DECISIVE (18:28) A killa is... RUTHLESS (19:04) A killa is... DISCIPLINED (19:35) A killa is... STRUCTURED (19:52) A killa is... SYSTEMATIC (20:02) A killa is... PERSISTENT (20:17) Breaking down the mindset of a killa (23:11) The result is a supremely confident, fearless-competitor (23:58) What's preventing you from this? (25:48) This is why I do what I do (27:06) Announcement: Welcome to the Jungle
What do you do when you accomplish a goal? Celebrate? What do you do when you fail?   The last rule in the Jungle Series, is the rule that every champion inherently knows; there is no finish line. With this awareness, you simply get up every time you fail, and re-establish a new goal every time you succeed.   The game doesn’t stop. In this episode, I break down the art and science of the “re-up”.   Time Stamps: (1:22) The “jungle” vs. the “zoo” (2:37) A quick review of the previous episodes (Rules 1-5) (4:04) RULE 6: Re-Up (5:14) Evolve or die (6:47) Establish your STANDARD.
Most people will take action, fail, and then wonder why they aren't getting what they want. This wondering is passive, childish and non-effective.   Instead of wondering, I want you to make the habit of deep introspection a habit. We call this "ruthless self-evaluation". When you do this consistently, you develop tough skin and make improvements faster... results will then, flow. In this episode I show you the mental framework for evaluating yourself ruthlessly, and how to implement.   Time Stamps: (1:22) Don’t listen if you haven’t heard the first episodes (2:58) A quick review of the previous episodes (Rules 1-4) (4:44) RULE 5: Ruthlessly Self-Evaluate (6:39) Avoid the “self-help mentality” (7:39) Compare yourself to ultimate results (9:06) Next steps: Ruthless evaluations + Immediate action (9:43) The price of not doing this… (12:29) “What is it that I’m doing?”
You can think, plan, deliberate....all of see things are important. But at some point, you will have to actually DO something. No one likes to fail, or even make mistakes....but it’s through these failures and mistakes, in relation to our goals, that you evolve and become more beasty.    In this episode, I show you how to more fearlessly take action.   Time Stamps: (1:22) “Jungle” vs. “Zoo” (2:40) A quick review of the previous episodes (Rules 1-3) (4:58) RULE 4: Going through the fire. (7:48) Come face to face with the opposite. (10:04) To get what you want, you HAVE to face what you DON’T want. (11:40) Don’t cheat the laws of nature. (13:27) What scares you?! (14:35) Legendary quotes (16:47) Evolution > Wins and Losses (18:30) You will be rewarded. (19:42) Next step: No days off. // James Harrison, Jerry Sienfield… (22:28) Next step: Take action in flurries. (23:35) Next step: Begin each work-day with a plan. (23:49) Next step: Create scripts for your mornings. (24:24) Next step: Say YES to challenge that are relevant to your goals. (25:22) Next step: Plan each week. (25:35) Next step: Learn from last week before planning this week. (25:58) Act in spite of Fear.
The importance of planning and anticipating cannot be overlooked. It's not enough to set goals and face reality; you must be able to design plans that help you move quickly and efficiently towards what you want.   In this episode, I share with you a powerful and practical 5-step plan to get what you want, based on the wisdom and philosophy of billionaire Ray Dalio.   Time Stamps: (1:22) RULE #3: Anticipate and plan everything (4:49) Don't completely ignore the bad things (7:34) "Principles" by Ray Dalio (12:32) Next step: Ask yourself the following questions... "How realistic is your plan right now?"
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