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Author: Wondery

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Sports rivalries can fuel fans and athletes to fight and argue for years. But what’s the real story behind these epic battles?

From Wondery, the company behind “Business Wars”, “Gladiator” and “The Lead” comes SPORTS WARS, a new series that offers an immersive look at some of the greatest athletic rivalries of all time: two superpower nations facing off in the Miracle on Ice. The battle for the starting quarterback gig in Green Bay between Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. And many more.

Host Dan Rubenstein (Sports Illustrated, SB Nation) will take you from the grudge matches to the pranks, from the tantrums to the triumphs: what really happened, who was right, who was wrong -- and you can decide whose side you’re on.

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From Wondery and The Athletic, The Lead is the first daily sports podcast that will bring you one big story each day from The Athletic's all-star team of local and national sports reporters. Subscribe now to hear new episodes each weekday morning:
When the AP drops a bombshell story, Mark McGwire worries his season, his record chase, and his career may be over. And it’s not just his livelihood that’s at stake. Pretty soon, Sammy Sosa is facing tough questions of his own.
Wrigley Field — August 19th, 1998. The Cubs are facing the Cardinals, which means Sammy Sosa is about to duke it out, at bat after at bat, with Mark McGwire. It's a metaphor for the whole season, really, each man a moonshot away from besting the other.Support is by supporting our sponsors!Hims — To get started with the Hims complete hair kit for just $5, visit
It's 1998, the race to 61 homers is on, and Mark McGwire is a force to be reckoned with. Then comes the All-Star break. Suddenly his bat slows down and Sammy's speeds up.Support us by supporting our sponsors!Casper — Get $100 toward select mattresses by visiting and using code SPORTSWARS at checkout.
Mark McGwire doesn't leave college with a diploma: he leaves with a beautiful swing and a ticket to the show. Pretty soon, though, his personal life is in tatters and so is his game. Can bulking up he get him back on track? Meanwhile, Sammy Sosa explodes into the majors. But he also implodes. He's streaky, and that streakiness zaps his confidence. When the Cubs sign him to a huge deal, he'll have to prove, once and for all, that he's worth it.
Blasts. Jacks. Moonshots. Grand salamis. Nothing's quite so mythical as baseball's home run. In 1998, Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa reminded the nation of that as they tried to smash into the record books. They thought they were going to save baseball. Instead, they destroyed their reputations.
Do you love bonus content? Thought so. Here's a special episode of Dan's other Wondery podcast, The Solid Verbal. It's is a thrice-weekly show about college football that features previews, recaps, and analysis. In this edition, Dan and his co-host Ty Hildenbrandt size up the team rivalries—some quirky, others tenacious—that you should watch out for this season.Check out The Solid Verbal at
Andy Staples was once the worst walk-on offensive lineman in Florida history; now he's an excellent writer who covers college football for The Athletic. In this episode of Sports Wars, Staples talks about some key moments in the Florida–Georgia rivalry. He also makes a bold claim: jean shorts don't cool you down. Then Dan talks with ESPN analyst Emmanuel Acho about his college career at Texas.
Adrian Peterson and Baker Mayfield are two Texas-born football phenoms. But when they enroll at the University of Oklahoma, it touches off a recruiting war that will define the modern era of the Texas vs. Oklahoma rivalry.
A new era has dawned in the rivalry between Texas and Oklahoma—an era of such bitter hatred that even the President of the United States can't escape it. A lot of it has to do with Barry Switzer, the Sooners' head coach, whose maverick tendencies provoke the ire of the NCAA.Support us by supporting our sponsors!Dollar Shave Club — Get your Ultimate Starter Set for just $5 at
Comments (14)

Mohaned Ghanem

Horrible editing

Aug 30th

Captain Logical

I would like it more if they used more real audio clips from games or matches they are taking about and from the players and coaches as well.

Aug 22nd

Drew Brid

Captain Logical Great advice!

Aug 22nd

Jason LaMore

Michigan vs Ohio State?

Aug 2nd

Murphy Bros

Do ed reed and Eddie George

Jun 15th

Hector Velez

Jordan over Isaiah all day!

Jun 7th

Mr Ryan

Hector Velez r u retarded

Jul 24th

Jay B.

Tennis is my great passion, so of course I was excited for this. Alas, it is narrated for kindergarten children. What a joke.

Jun 2nd

Sean Edward Lathrop

Great stuff! Recommended it to my coworkers.

May 17th

Julie homewood

another winner for wondery ! they are putting out some great stuff. I'll say the same as I do for American scandal, this podcast makes even the subjects that you are not particularly interested in, interesting.

May 10th

Pete Koski

NFL to tennis? Catch you after!

May 3rd


Yet another big hit from Wondery! I never knew how deep this battle of the egos was and find it fascinating. Keep up the good work!

Apr 26th

Simon McInnes

As an Australian nfl fan, I have found this podcast absolutely addictive!... I can not say enough good things about sports wars!

Apr 20th

Casey Fischer

Big fan of Business Wars and can see myself already really enjoying this show! Would be interesting to see them do franchises vs each other as well as the players!

Apr 18th
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