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The recorded articles are accompanied by an activity that you can do on your computer while you listen, or print out and do when you want. They are free, and if you subscribe we will send them to you every month.
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Circus - Flea Circus

Circus - Flea Circus


A good circus can amaze and entertain us. And what could be more amazing than a flea circus? But does such a thing really exist and can fleas really be taught to perform circus tricks?.
Board Games

Board Games


Little Wooden Armies. 1500 years ago a king in India named Kaid, who had built a huge empire, was sick at heart. He called his minister, Sassa, to him and said : Day and night I think about my past battles, I dream of conquests and invasions, I cant sleep for thinking about imaginary wars and victories. But I have no more enemies, and it is a sin to make war without cause. What can I do to regain my peace of mind?
Olympic Games

Olympic Games


In 2004 the Olympic Games returned to its home in Greece, where it began around 3000 years ago. The first recorded Olympic festival took place in 776 BC. Similar festivals had been organised for at least two or three centuries prior to this, but 776 BC saw the start of a regular festival which was to take place every Olympiad, or four year period.
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