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Spotlight - Let the conversations begin

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Trillion dollar market cap, hundreds of tokens, coins, NFTs, metaverses, economies are being rebuilt on Blockchain. This is not a utopian dream anymore. It is actually happening today, and it all started with Satoshi Nakamoto! Today, many are building the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem across the world. What are their stories? Why are they doing this? Who are they? To know all of this, here is The Spotlight - A weekly podcast series wherein we bring to you the never heard before stories from the creators of web 3.0. Stay tuned as the conversations have begun!
12 Episodes
We have with us Nilesh Lalwani who is the founder of BigBuc, a web3 shopping & crypto cashback platform. Nilesh has two decades of experience in micro lending. He is a Bangalore-based serial entrepreneur, who wants to solve the  web2-related cashback problems by using decentralized technology. Listen to know how web3 buy-now-pay-later model will get rolled out. 
Ashish Anand, founder at a private blockchain company Whrrl and DeFi project Bru Finance is joining us on the Spotlight. Ashish Anand of Bru Finance runs a private blockchain firm Whrrl in Mumbai. Now, he looks to raise capital for his venture and sees no token regulation and crypto investment instruments here in India. Hence, he has decided to register his Decentralized Finance project in Caribbean Island SVG. Let's listen from him about India web3 culture and way forward.. 
In this episode, we talk to Prasanna Lohar, Chief Innovation Office DCB Bank, about his journey in the blockchain and crypto segment and role of this emerging technology in the FinTech and Banking sector. He also elaborates on multiple use cases of decentralised technology and central bank digital currency (CBDC). He believes the government will come with basic regulations for the crypto and blockchain businesses that will keep evolving.  
In this episode, we talk to Preeti Khurana about her views on crypto and how it can be interpreted financially, technically and logically from India's perspective. Her stance is clear - Regulation coupled with clarity on taxation can definitely help the crypto sphere. She goes ahead and gives us her take on how we can think of disclosing crypto-related income in our income tax returns. 
In this episode, Prabir Mishra, Founder, TRST01 talks about his journey from being an investment banker to blockchain entrepreneur. Further he explains how blockchain provides trust, transparency, and traceability, without asking for a significant change in their current legacy system or the way organic farms function. 
In this episode,Raoul Pal  , Co-Founder & CEO - Real Vision Group talks about his journey from hedge funds into crypto, how family offices, asset management and hedge funds are diversifying into crypto, India’s role in the global fintech revolution through UPI,Aadhaar and other digitization schemes and why every business / startup should use NFTs to get network effects.
In this episode, Colton Sakamoto, Co-Founder at Crypto Jobs talks about how a meme led to him building the Linkedin of Crypto jobs, which countries are showing the most interest in the sector for jobs, why democratising access matters, which roles are the most sought after in the market and how to train / apply for crypto related jobs.
In this episode, the Paris-based token economy entrepreneur and investor, Bruno R. Schneider, talks about  his interaction with technologies, crypto regulation, decentralised finance, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).He has been working with European policymakers to contribute to blockchain and crypto regulations. He also shares his decade long journey in the decentralised space.
In this episode, Ayush Ranjan, Founder of Huddle01, talks about his journey from being a digital marketeer to building a decentralized video conferencing solution on a peer to peer network. He also discusses why data privacy matters and how the book Thinking Fast and Slow changed his perspective on building a better internet. He then advises on how to build a company in blockchain and the importance of the crypto community.
In this episode of The Spotlight, Mr Garg touches on factors driving India’s economic shifts, the future of crypto in India, regulation for virtual assets, FEMA regulations, and much more.
In this episode, Rajeev Mantri touches on his book "A New Idea of India". He expresses how venture investing has changed over the years and talks about India's most significant economic drivers in 2021. In this candid conversation, he also lists the blockages for cryptocurrency companies in India and how cryptocurrency can contribute towards the next stage of India's economic growth.
In this episode, Alex Albano touches upon how they built and used International Space Station as a node for the bitcoin network. She gives her perspective on building startups, raising capital in the blockchain space and much more. Topics like - how to start in crypto - for beginners, women in crypto, challenges in blockchain as an industry, data security for users, why internet economies should move towards web 3.0, skills shortage in crypto etc., are beautifully conveyed; in her own unique style! Definitely- An inspiration for many!
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