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We take on the mysterious paradigm shifts changing the world - in bite sized pieces, together. This is an experiment in the future of co-casting and hive intelligence. We invite you to interview incredible thinkers redefining what is possible. Then, together we stack the episodes - based on topics such as neuroscience, consciousness or augmented reality. We know the future will be made up of computers helping us do bits of work and fun together in perfect coordination, but the details are not all that clear and the hurdles abound. In this ruckus experiment we are taking the simple podcast format and seeing what happens when we try to do it together, in strings, as batons and as single questions. If you are a creator passionate about the future and have always wanted to have a podcast but didn’t want to commit to a weekly schedule, focus on a single topic, or go through the hurdles of publishing and promoting, come and join the experiment at
8 Episodes
Karen Avital talks about her courageous journey to ditch her career in biotech to begin following her higher purpose, using her curiosity and her gut to navigate. She got a BA in Behavioral Science and Business Management in Israel, then gravitated toward education at UCLA.  She learned to listen to her own observations and conclusions causing her to solidly depart from the default education model which she saw being taught.Intuitively she sought out her own teachers and mentors, some of which were half way around the world.  She began learning about compelling alternatives in education such as Reggio Emilia. This philosophy tends to flip the roll of student and teacher, similar to the unschooling movement taking hold in the world today.She explains that Reggio Emilia at it's core is a pedagogy of listening and moreover creating change. Curriculums are emergent rather than static. This helps the world not only move past outdated topics, but it creates culture of deeper curiosity, agility and ultimately collaboration.Her school, Barefoot Atelier, incorporates many RIE techniques as well, which embraces the epic importance of respect.  Her programs also blend in forest schooling techniques and a strong belief in connection and community. Barefoot is an eclectic place where children start off their journey in an authentic context, staying connected to the self, and ready to explore the world around them.Listen in, to hear her journey to find new paths to innovate and redefine the future of education.Guest: Karen Avital of Barefoot AtelierHost: ZenkaHari's RIE StudioReggio EmiliaRIE UnschoolingForest SchoolingMagda Gerber
Dr. Ben Goertzel from SingularityNET, OpenCog and Hanson Robotics shares his thoughts on a system where AI's (and eventually humans) can create complex exchange networks that can move us beyond a one dimensional monetary system. He also shares his strategy on the open source movement, and the AI code powering physical humanoid robots like Sophia, and the virtual reality agents of the future.
Lauren Evanow from Loving AI talks about how her counterintuitive research shows that people actually can and will relate to a robot in a way that actually makes them feel better. So that brings up the question “What is it about interacting with another human being that shuts us down”? Our theory is that people judge, she comments.
Do you ever wonder why you fear what you fear?  Guryan Tighe believes our fears can act like a treasure map showing us what we care about and leading us to our true north.  Fear, she reveals, is telling you where to apply your courage.
James Marshal talks about why he started Free Speech Online back in 1996 when China and Singapore began to censor the internet.  His life’s work supports the importance of free speech, allowing a diversity of opinions and he believes world peace through cultural connection and transparency depends on open communication.   James shares his thoughts about privacy, big data, censorship, and net neutrality and the importance of all websites being delivered equally.  You will learn about throttling, and the repeal of net neutrality requiring that all sites be treated equally in terms of neutrality in California by Jerry Brown.Free Speech Online: https://freespeechonline.netCGIProxy 2.2.2 Software: Tax Deductible Donate: James Marshall of Free Speech OnlineHost: ZenkaThe Berkeley Institute for Free Speech Online (BIFSO) was established in early 2011 to continue and broaden the work of the founder, who has been writing anti-censorship software since early 1996. While BIFSO currently focuses on updating and maintaining the popular open-source software known as CGIProxy, the ultimate goal is to support other anti-censorship software projects as well, and to engage in related research. BIFSO differs from other censorship-fighting organizations in its specific focus on software, rather than on legal, political, journalistic, or other aspects of censorship.BIFSO is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations to BIFSO are tax-deductible.
Ariel Garten – Cofounder of Muse, explains what a Muse headband is – a brain sensing headset that helps anyone easily mediate. She believes what you can measure you can change.  Meditation can actually change your physiology.  Can it help the world get out of scarcity thinking?
In this a tech bonus track Ariel Garten of Muse talks about developing with muse, including building a levitating chair, the Smith Lowdown Fucus and Glass Mind a virtual reality experience. Ariel Garten OFF Muse Headset Purchase for Stack Cast Listeners 
Get nervous when starting a new project? Ariel Gartner of Muse shares a tip. 
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