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Author: Matt Mira and Andrew Secunda

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Podcast… the final frontier! "Star Trek: The Next Generation" devotee and authority Matt Mira leads Next Gen skeptic Andrew Secunda into the deepest reaches of the series episode by episode. Listen as they discuss, debate, and enjoy all the legendary show's strengths, failings, and innovations.

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170 Episodes
TNC "Liaisons" (TNG S7E2)

TNC "Liaisons" (TNG S7E2)


Matt and Andy try to learn about love because they already understand antagonism and pleasure derived from food.Episode Discussion begins at 46:00Patreon shout outs around the 2hr Mark.
We did it! SEASON 7!!!!!!!! Data and Lore work out their sibling rivalry as Andy and Matt try to work out how to do a podcast... still. Episode discussion begins around 58:00Presidents Circle Patreon Shoutouts begin around 2:20:51
Stop. Stop it. Stop.  Stop. Matt, Andy, and Data are back, and all of them have developed a taste for killing! (Matt and Andy just for killing the TNC release schedule)Episode discussion starts at 46:00
TNC "Timescape" (TNG (S5E25)

TNC "Timescape" (TNG (S5E25)


In this episode Matt and Andy pause time, then rewind time, then speed up time, then eventually get the podcast out. Episode discussion 53:00 Patreon Shout outs 1:43
We're back. Now with 100% more Riker and 100% less covid. 00:00 Covid Update22:00 Episode starts56:00 Second Chances is discussed 1:59:00 Patreon Shout outs
Worf goes on a vision quest. Episode Discussion: 43:00Patreon shoutouts: 1:56:00
TNC "Suspicions"  (TNG S6E22)

TNC "Suspicions" (TNG S6E22)


Join Matt and Andy on their quest to find out if Beverly Crusher is a reliable narrator. Episode discussion begins around the 39 minute mark.
Andy thinks it's spooky but Matt thinks the spookiest thing about this episode is the lack of plot.Episode Discussion begins at. 40:00Patreon Shout outs at 1:48:00 episode brought to you by
TNC "The Chase" (TNG S6E20)

TNC "The Chase" (TNG S6E20)


Matt and Andy travel at high warp on a fetch quest with the Enterprise D. Episode discussion begins around 45:00
TNC "Lessons" (TNG S6E19)

TNC "Lessons" (TNG S6E19)


Andy falls in love with an episode. Matt wants to learn more about Bees. Episode discussion 34:00
Captain Picard does his best John McClane on the Enterprise D. Episode discussion at the 44:00 markPatreon Shoutouts at 1:55
Matt and Andy spend a lot of time with Worf and no time with Data,Episode discussion starts at 30:00
Data starts dreaming JUST as Matt starts yawning. Coincidence? Find out on a brand new episode of TNC. Episode discussion begins at the 51:00 mark
TNC "Tapestry" (TNG S615)

TNC "Tapestry" (TNG S615)


Andy finally comes around on Q, and Matt ponders a big what if. (Not really, the thing about Andy is true though)Episode discussion begins at the 30:00 mark Don't forget to visit our sponsor Chocograms! and enter the promo code FrankSinatraComeOn to save 15 percent off your first order!
Troi finally gets to be the hero. But she's a Romulan, Episode discussion at 33:00Patreon Shoutouts 1:57:00Visit our sponsor Chocograms and save 15% off your first order with the promo code FrankSinatraComeOn
TNC "Aquiel". (TNG S6E13)

TNC "Aquiel". (TNG S6E13)


Geordi finds out it was the dog all along. Episode Discussion begins at 1:03:00 yes an HOUR of hails.This episode is brought to you by Chocograms! Head to and enter the promo code FRANKSINATRACOMEON to save 15% off your first order!
Matt and Andy have very different ideas about Captain Picard's behavior towards an arch villain that the Enterprise accidentally made 4 years earlier.Episode discussion begins at 47:00
Andy and Matt have even more to say about Captain Jelico but we both agree Data looks great in command red.Episode discussion begins at 42:00Please visit our sponsor! ilovechocograms.comGet some delicious sweets and support a small business! Enter the Promo code: "FRANKSINATRACOMEON" at checkout to save 15% OFF Your first order!
There's a new captain in town and only one of us likes him. Episode Discussion begins around the 57:00 mark
Matt and Andy think Geordi is Jealous that Data is spending so much time with other computers. Episode discussion begins around 55:00Patreon Shout outs for August at 1:55
Comments (12)

Benjamin Gerstberger

6uiii0 -

Sep 16th

Steven Mann

I was about to get upset that they skipped a week for episode 103 of this FREE podcast until I realized that Matt and his wife just welcomed their baby into the world! Congratulations! Also, this is one of my most favorite podcasts. I love how Matt and Andy just have fun with Star Trek, the sloppiness of the show and with each other. When they have fun I have fun.

Apr 30th

Loretta Leo

GEEK REPLY RE: Transporter Chiefs. My guess is there's probably about 3 shifts per earth day. Chief O'Brian maybe home playing the bag pipes. Was O'Brian even in the show yet?

Jan 16th

Loretta Leo

Kids certainly grow quickly. ..

Jan 15th


FIRST TIME LISTENER... Just started listening to the podcast December 17 2018. I enjoy having you all with me as I deliver pizza. Thank you!

Dec 19th

Brent Kemp

Guys, I love these guys. I love this show guys. I love this podcast guys. Andy's theories are very interesting because he's really smart! 10 Andy's, hands 🖖 down. Thanks Matt. Thanks Andy.

Oct 14th

Adam Cousino

🖖🏻 I giving this 10 Andy’s 🖖🏻

Oct 10th

Robert Easley


Oct 5th

Ben Hansen

I, for one, love Q.

Aug 28th



Jul 20th

Karen Reis

love the spoofy skits at the beginning. keep them coming. 😀

May 3rd

Karen Reis

I love this podcast. Matt and Andy make me laugh so hard, and I'm loving going through tng again with them, even the first two seasons, which when watched alone are painful, but with them are greatly looked forward to.

Apr 12th
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