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"Counterattack" is episode 19 from season 3 of the Clone Wars, and the second of a three-part story arc. And *this* is the episode where clone trooper Echo gets caught in an explosion - an event which has major ramifications for the first story arc of the new season 7 of the Clone Wars. All we see of Echo is him getting thrown by the blast as their escape shuttle is destroyed, and he's at the foot of the ramp when it happens. As our heroes retreat off the landing platform, there's ominous music and a pan down to Echo's helmet, which came off as a result of the explosion. As for his body? Well, we don't see it again in this episode. I'm hinting around the spoiler alert for episode 1 for season 7 at this point, but I won't add any more until we talk about the final episode in the arc. On today's episode, though, we'll run down all the major details of this one, and - in a side note - talk about the Indiana Jones 5 news, with Steven Spielberg deciding not to direct the movie after all. Punch it! ***I'm listener supported! Join the community at to get access to bonus episodes and other insider rewards.*** 
Yes, Bob Iger has been thinking about his retirement for a while. He's been asked to stay by Disney for much longer than his initial contract limits were, and had signed multiple extensions. On the other hand, it does seem odd that on a random Tuesday afternoon at the end of February, Disney makes the announcement that Iger is stepping down as CEO effective immediately, and will be replaced by Bob Chapek. Chapek most recently served as chairman of Parks, Experiences, and Products - which means the creation of Galaxy's Edge happened under his watch. The unusual timing necessitated a hastily arranged call with Wall Street investors - one of whom sounded like he was calling in from a bar! - to ask what everyone wanted to know: Why now? And what does this mean for the future of Disney? On today's episode, I'm sharing Iger's answers to these questions, and introducing you to Chapek. Punch it! ***I'm listener supported! Join the community at to get access to bonus episodes and other insider rewards.*** 
It begins! The Project Luminous kickoff event was held last night, and the contributions of all five authors (so far) have been revealed: Charles Soule: the adult novel, Light of the Jedi Claudia Gray: the YA novel, Into the Dark Justina Ireland: the middle grade novel, A Test of Courage Cavan Scott: the Marvel series, The High Republic Daniel José Older: the IDW series, The High Republic Adventures The massive publishing initiative will take place during the High Republic, an era 200 years prior to the events of the Skywalker Saga. I'll go over all the major details Lucasfilm shared at the event last night, including some behind-the-scenes information you'll find VERY intriguing... Punch it! ***I'm listener supported! Join the community at to get access to bonus episodes and other insider rewards.*** 
"The Bad Batch," episode 1 from season 7 of the Clone Wars, features Captain Rex making a shocking discovery by the end of the episode. To understand the history behind that discovery, we have to go back in time a bit - to a story arc that began with episode 18 from season 3, "The Citadel." It's the first of three episodes that deals with the capture of Even Piell, a Jedi with knowledge of a secret hyperspace lane called the Nexus Route, which connects both Separatist and Republic homeworlds. That means it has some very serious military potential, and the Separatists want to get that information out of him in any way possible. On the other hand, the Jedi want to get Piell back before he breaks. That will require them breaking into The Citadel, a prison designed specifically to hold Jedi, and from which no one has ever escaped. It turns out that this was the last Clone Wars Briefing I had done, prior to the recent series to prep for season 7. So this episode is also a bit of a blast from the past, since it features content from nearly 1,000 episodes ago! And we'll talk about the mission, about R2-D2's rank promotion, the first appearance of a famous OT villain, and much more. Punch it! ***I'm listener supported! Join the community at to get access to bonus episodes and other insider rewards.*** 
First it was Taika Waititi in January. Now, in February, J.D. Dillard is in the spotlight, being rumored as in early development talks for a Star Wars movie along with writer Matt Owens. Lucasfilm, of course, hasn't said a word about this. The Hollywood Reporter broke the story, and Variety and Deadline Hollywood followed up with their own confirmations. But I should be clear that those "confirmations" are only confirmations that they're hearing the same rumors THR is reporting. That doesn't mean the story is true - yet - it's just that different people's sources are saying similar things. So we'll talk about all the details out there so far, and tell you a little bit about Dillard's background from a profile in Fast Company last year. Punch it! ***I'm listener supported! Join the community at to get access to bonus episodes and other insider rewards.*** 
"The Bad Batch" is episode 1 from season 7 of the Clone Wars - yes, it's finally here! And in a development that shouldn't come as a surprise, there are a couple of differences between the version previously presented as story reels/unfinished animation, and the final version that debuted on Disney+ yesterday. The main differences are in the setup - a different fortune cookie, a variation on the explanation for why the Republic is losing the fight on Anaxes, a different origin for the mission idea, and a new scene with Rex and Cody in the barracks. And that's within the first few minutes of the episode! The rest more or less falls in line with what we already know, and in this full-spoiler Clone Wars Briefing, I'll walk you through it all. We'll also talk about the significance of Rex's theory for their losses, the big ending reveal, and who inspired the naming of Clone Force 99. Punch it! ***I'm listener supported! Join the community at to get access to bonus episodes and other insider rewards.*** 
Today's the day! First announced at San Diego Comic-Con in July 2018, Clone Wars Season 7 is finally here, with the first episode dropping on Disney+ earlier today. And tomorrow, we'll have the official Clone Wars Briefing for the episode, "The Bad Batch." For today, however: We know that the Bad Batch story arc is going to kick off the season, and it's a fair bet that the Siege of Mandalore story arc will end the season. But what will happen in those middle episodes? Well, we know that Ahsoka is going to be back in touch with the Jedi Order, but here's the thing - she needs a reason to get back in touch with them. So, why would she? Well, the answers may already be out there... I'm taking a look back at some footage from the trailer for the new season, combined with some recent interview comments from Dave Filoni, and the epic "Ahsoka's Untold Tales" panel from Star Wars Celebration London in 2016 - in particular, the "Ahsoka's Walkabout" and "Return to the Jedi" arcs - to consider what that might mean for episodes 5-8 of the new season. Punch it! ***I'm listener supported! Join the community at to get access to bonus episodes and other insider rewards.*** 
"Sacrifice" is episode 13 from season 6 of the Clone Wars - what we thought would be the last episode ever, until fan campaigns, the advent of Disney+, and the desire of Dave Filoni to finish what he started all combined to result in the season 7 that debuts tomorrow. For now, though, we're focused on resolving the final story arc from season 6, which features Yoda flying to Moraband, the Sith homeworld. There, he will face his final tests in order for the Force Priestesses to believe that Yoda may be trained in the means of maintaining his identity after death, and being able to commune with the living as a Force ghost. Well, the Force Priestesses pull out all the stops on these final tests, but the very last one subjects Yoda - and unwittingly, I might add - to the machinations of Darth Sidious and Count Dooku, both of whom realize that Yoda is on Moraband, and act to take advantage of the situation and destroy him. We'll talk about all of this on today's episode, as well as the "other path" of which Yoda speaks to Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and a different read on the "There is another Skywalker" line that appears in this episode. Punch it! ***I'm listener supported! Join the community at to get access to bonus episodes and other insider rewards.*** 
"Destiny" is season 6, episode 12 from the Clone Wars, the third part of a four-episode story are, and the penultimate episode of the Clone Wars - at least, until season 7 debuts on Friday. From what we know about season 7 so far, it doesn't initially seem like this final season 6 story arc will affect the events of season 7 very much. And we know two of the three story arcs so far - the Bad Batch arc, and the Siege of Mandalore arc. What the third one is, is still a mystery at this point. Meanwhile, speaking of mysteries, "Destiny" dives deeply into the mysteries of the Living Force and the Cosmic Force, as Yoda travels to one of the purported wellsprings of life to learn how to preserve his identity after death. There, he encounters the five Force Priestesses - Confusion, Anger, Sadness, Joy, and Serenity. (Makes you wonder if the Pixar movie Inside Out took any inspiration from this!) And even though they argue about whether to train Yoda, the fact remains that his destiny is already set, and he is supposed to teach someone who will eventually save the universe from a great imbalance. You could argue that this is a reference to Luke Skywalker, and you could also argue that Yoda did it twice with him. Which I will, in fact, argue in this episode, as well as break down the details you need to know before the finale. Punch it! ***I'm listener supported! Join the community at to get access to bonus episodes and other insider rewards.*** 
"Voices" is episode 11 from season 6 of the Clone Wars, and aside from the Clone Wars Briefing that takes place on this show, we could be doing a whole separate episode about the nature of the Force - this episode reveals things that even the Jedi didn't know about it, and that deeply enhance our own understanding of it. But there's also more pressing matters to consider, like the fact that the leader of the Separatists is the same person who is responsible for the creation of a clone army for the Republic. Yoda meditates deeply and here's the voice of a long-gone Jedi: Qui-Gon Jinn, voiced (pun intended) in a triumphant return by Liam Neeson. And the ghost of Jinn blows out candles and levitates Yoda himself to prove he's legit. But Yoda's concerned that it's just a voice in his head or - more darkly considered by Ki-Adi-Mundi - that he's come under the sway of the dark side of the Force in some unknown fashion. And group meditation, sensory deprivation, and bed rest do nothing to help matters. So Yoda instead follows the voice of Qui-Gon's instructions to go to Dagobah, alone, to find out just WTF (what the Force) is going on. We'll talk about all of that in today's episode... Punch it! ***I'm listener supported! Join the community at to get access to bonus episodes and other insider rewards.*** 
The urge to start this post with the big line from Yoda at the end of "The Lost One" is almost too much to bear. This episode of the show is a full spoiler Clone Wars Briefing for episode 10 from season 6, which also begins the final story arc of "The Lost Missions" episodes. So you'll hear me say it on the show, and revel in the magnitude of it for a time as well. But I'll keep it out of here, just in case. What you need to know in the run-up to it: The episode kicks off with the Jedi receiving a distress signal from a ship long missing. Why did it suddenly start broadcasting now, more than a decade after its disappearance? That's never answered, but what Plo Koon discovers at the source sets a terrible chain of events in motion. The ship contains the lightsaber of Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas - yes, that Sifo-Dyas, the one who ordered the creation of the clone army. Well, the thought was that Sifo-Dyas had died while helping warring tribes on Felucia negotiate a truce. But the rest of his file was sealed by the Office of the Supreme Chancellor. Is this a plot by Palpatine? Well, no, but he certainly managed to take advantage of a sticky political situation involving the Pyke Syndicate ... I'll dig into all the details you need to know on today's episode, including the shocking discovery Obi-Wan and Anakin make on the Pyke home planet, and how that leads to the even more shocking conclusion with Yoda and the Jedi Council at the end of the episode. Punch it! ***I'm listener supported! Join the community at to get access to bonus episodes and other insider rewards.*** 
"The Disappeared, Part 2" is season 6, episode 9 of the Clone Wars series, and this briefing is going to go quickly. That's because most of the plot was set up in Part 1 of this two-part story arc, and Part 2 is all about how Jar Jar and Mace are going to pull off the rescue of Queen Julia. The only big new deal of the episode is the detail behind the prophecy about chaos and destruction coming to the galaxy if the Frangawl cult pulls off their shenanigans. We'll talk about that new news, and we'll also talk about the new preview video released for season 7 of the Clone Wars, featuring the Bad Batch - clones with "desirable mutations." It turns out that, along with titles for the first two episodes of season 7, that we've already heard a lot more about the first story arc of season 7 than we may have guessed. Punch it! ***I'm listener supported! Join the community at to get access to bonus episodes and other insider rewards.*** 
"The Disappeared, Part 1" is season six, episode 8 of the Clone Wars, and the first of a two-parter. And it's remarkable for a strange juxtaposition. On the one hand, the story is about the fact that various spiritual leaders on the neutral planet Bardotta have mysteriously disappeared. And it turns out this is a particular set of Force-sensitive mystics called the Dagoyan Masters. As Yoda notes, they're not warriors - their connection with the Force is about intuition, knowledge, and the harmonies of the universe. But they think the Jedi are kidnappers, and so relations between the two groups aren't so hot. So it turns out that another group of Bardottan mystics - the Frangawl cult - is kidnapping the Dagoayn Masters to sacrifice to an ancient demon, Malmourral. And their cult temple is built, surprise surprise, deep below the Dagoyan Masters temple. (Why do cultures keep doing this? It seems like the worst idea every time.) But meanwhile, Queen Julia of Bardotta requests help from the Republic, but will only accept one emissary - Jar Jar Binks, who is triumphantly voiced by Ahmed Best. Why Binks, you might ask? Because apparently he and Queen Julia have a thing going on. (Mace Windu, after finally reconnecting with Jar Jar on Bardotta - "Where were you last night?" With the clear implication that Jar Jar and Queen Julia were ... well, perhaps it's best left to the imagination. Or not. We'll talk about *most* of this on today's episode, plus a surprising fact about the writer of this two-part episode. Punch it!
"Crisis at the Heart" is the seventh episode from season six of the Clone Wars, and concludes the Banking Clan/Clovis story arc. Honestly, this is a plot following the formula of The Phantom Menace, in its way. Instead of the taxation of trade routes driving the action, this time we're talking about the interest on bank loans driving the action! Specifically, Count Dooku has the leverage to entrap Clovis, just as Darth Sidious intended. Clovis wants to remain impartial in the Separatist/Republic conflict, but Dooku has the goods on Clovis. Where did Clovis get the information that caused the Banking Clan's Core Five to get arrested, which resulted in Clovis' own elevation to run the banks? Why, from the Separatists! That won't make him look good in the eyes of the Republic. And neither will raising interest rates on loans to the Republic, which Clovis does, or else Dooku will stop paying interest on Separatist loans and collapse the banks. I suppose it's the Republic's own fault for agreeing to variable rate loan terms, but I digress. It may seem like it's all about numbers, but that's until the Separatists arrive with an invasion fleet, triggering a military response from the Republic, and then it's all about the action! We'll break it down in this Clone Wars Briefing, as well as the final showdown between Anakin and Clovis. Punch it! ***I'm listener supported! Join the community at to get access to bonus episodes and other insider rewards.*** 
"The Rise of Clovis" is episode 6 from season 6 of the Clone Wars, and (according to Wookieepedia), was once part of a larger story arc that included "A Friend in Need," which ultimately was split off and became episode 14 from season 4 of the show. Which fits it into the four-episode story arc structure business about which we've talked previously on the show... So Palpatine is at his manipulative worst in this episode, and I mean that in a good way (from a storytelling standpoint). He positions Padme to continue working with Clovis, and he HAS to be able to tell how mad that makes Anakin. Certainly Yoda picks up on it, and Clovis does, too. Yoda even shares his concerns with Obi-Wan, who comes to talk to his Padawan about clouded judgment, about romantic attachments, and even about Obi-Wan's feelings for the Duchess Satine of Mandalore. We'll talk about all of this on the show today, as well as how "The Rise of Clovis" got me thinking about "The Rise of Skywalker," and what that title actually means... Punch it! ***I'm listener supported! Join the community at to get access to bonus episodes and other insider rewards.*** 
"An Old Friend" is the fifth episode from season six of the Clone Wars, and starts a three-episode story arc that's cut from the mold of The Phantom Menace in terms of its setup. Here's the opening narration: As the war between the Republic and the Separatists intensifies, many are driven from their home planets, and it is up to Senator Amidala to secure aid for them. All eyes turn to the Banking Clan and the planet Scipio. In an effort to remain independent from the Republic and the Separatists, all operations are divided, and money transactions are performed in a neutral zone surrounding the main vault. For operations to continue, there must be no war on Scipio. However, worry about the stability of the Banking Clan is brewing within the Republic as the wellspring of money may be in jeopardy.... Taxation of trade routes? Neutral zone banking transactions? Wow! But things get very personal, very fast, when Padme comes face-to-face with the Banking Clan's top negotiator - Rush Clovis, a known Separatist collaborator, and someone who didn't do much of anything to try and save her when she'd been poisoned during their last encounter. To complicate matters, there's a bounty hunter named Embo on Scipio, and while at first it seems like he's after Padme, later he appears to be shooting at Clovis. That's because Clovis claims to know that the Banking Clan is about to be bankrupt, and needs help exposing them. We'll talk about all of this in today's Clone Wars Briefing, and also about story-arc structure in these final episodes. Punch it! ***I'm listener supported! Join the community at to get access to bonus episodes and other insider rewards.*** 
"Orders" is episode 4 from season 6 of the Clone Wars series, and the final episode of the season-opening story arc. Unfortunately - for our characters, that is - it ends about as badly as you would expect it to, if you've already seen Revenge of the Sith. Fives has been brought to Coruscant to present his discoveries to Chancellor Palpatine himself, but before that happens, Kaminoan collaborator Nala Se injects Fives with an unknown substance. Surprise surprise, when Fives is left alone in a room with Palpatine and his guard, Fives goes nuts and tries to kill everyone. Shaak Ti saves Palpatine and Fives goes on the run, and from there, well, let's just say that this Clone Wars Briefing is a full-spoiler show, and leave it at that. We'll talk about the rest today, and also thrown in a wee book review for R2-D2 Is Lost! Thanks to Disney Lucasfilm Press for sending me a review copy - it's out wherever you buy books as of today, and it's a fun ride for your younger readers. There are plenty of references to Return of the Jedi, a story that covers a lot of ground in a short amount of time, and also features Artoo throwing shade at Threepio, which is always good fun. Punch it! ***I'm listener supported! Join the community at to get access to bonus episodes and other insider rewards.*** 
"Fugitive" is episode 3 from season 6 of the Clone Wars, and we're now going from battlefield action to medical investigation to sci-fi thriller in our genre-busting first story arc of the season. It's a wild ride, and it works fantastically well. Fives is supposed to be undergoing one last test before he's shipped back to the 501st, but medical droid AZI-3 says he's heard Fives is going to be reprogrammed and kept on Kamino as a sanitation worker. That, obviously, doesn't go over well with Fives, who overpowers his escort and goes on the run with AZI-3. During the course of the episode, Fives learns that the rabbit hole related to Tup's "tumor" goes very, very deep indeed, and leads to a shocking revelation - one thqt can't end well in any way, shape, or form, unfortunately. And it also raised the question for me about viewing order. We all like to discuss the best order in which to view the Star Wars movies, but this series of episodes makes a strong case for recommending that they be seen before Revenge of the Sith. I'll be talking about all of that and more in today's Clone Wars Briefing, but settling the matter of the proper pronunciation of "Kaminoan." Punch it! ***I'm listener supported! Join the community at to get access to bonus episodes and other insider rewards.*** 
"Conspiracy" is the second episode from season 6 of the Clone Wars, and the second of a four-episode arc. Instead of being a sort of fog-of-war episode with lots of action like the last one, this episode is more of a medical investigation drama. That in itself is remarkable - it goes to show how flexible the Star Wars storytelling universe can be, and it also goes to show how unusual this is for a supposed kids cartoon. This really seems more like young adult storytelling and above. Also, the sense of dread that you may have started to feel about the situation in the previous episode is only going to get worse in this one. Rex and Fives accompany Tup to Kamino, but while Rex is sent back to fight, Fives is kept in quarantine, in case he has the same problem that Tup does. (Why they didn't keep Rex also, since he was exposed, doesn't make sense to me.) Tup and Fives both come up negative for any virus, and a debate over Tup's fate develops between Jedi General Shaak Ti, who wants Tup to undergo an atomic brain scan, and the Kaminoans, who want to "terminate" Tup and investigate after the fact. But we find out that the reason why the Kaminoans don't want Tup to undergo an atomic brain scan is because of what it will reveal... We'll talk about that today, and about a change to the model of how these seasons are released. Punch it! ***I'm listener supported! Join the community at to get access to bonus episodes and other insider rewards.*** 
Now we move into the Lost Missions! That's how Lucasfilm referred to season 6 of the Clone Wars. It was originally intended to be a 22-episode season, but then it was pulled from the Cartoon Network lineup as of the end of season 5, in March 2013. But - good news! Production was still ongoing, and they ultimately completed 13 episodes, which were first released in Germany and later via Netflix in the US and Canada in early 2014. On today's Clone Wars Briefing, we'll examine "The Unknown," episode 1 and the first of a four-part story arc. It's a story that, if you've already seen Revenge of the Sith, might fill you with a certain kind of dread. A clone named Tup has a mental breakdown and shoots a Jedi dead at point-blank range. When Count Dooku hears about it, he realizes that one of the big plans he has with Darth Sidious is in danger of being discovered. (Today I learned: Count Dooku knew about Order 66. I knew he knew about the creation of the clone army, but I didn't know he knew that particular secret about it.) Thus begins a cat-and-mouse game for possession of Tup, which we'll talk about in today's episode, as well as the stunning visuals, and also a bit of Star Wars news I never got to in yesterday's roundup episode. Punch it! ***I'm listener supported! Join the community at to get access to bonus episodes and other insider rewards.*** 
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