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YouTube Growth, Business Tips and Growing as an Entrepreneur - Helping you grow your brand on all social media from YouTube to Instagram. In this podcast UK Based YouTube Certified Expert Alan Spicer shares the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, offering advice based on personal experiences, failures and successes that rocked his personal and business development over the years.

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Need help to monetize a facebook group page? Did you know you can make money from your facebook group? Facebook has their own monetization system hidden in the facebook creator studio for pages but groups you have to be a little smarter. To make money with a facebook group you need to interact with the group itself, affiliate links, mailing lists and digital products. Today I am going to deep dive into what you can do to monetize your facebook page without adverts. How To Make Money with A Facebook Group Page - How To Monetize Your Facebook Group - How To Monetize Facebook Groups 2020 📌 75+ YouTube Thumbnail Templates for £15 - Did you know you can monetize facebook pages? you can monetize facebook videos, add facebook video advert breaks and share income with facebook brand deals - --- Send in a voice message:
YouTube Tips for Small Youtubers overload! How To Make Thumbnails? Do tags matter? Should I monetize my videos? How To grow on youtube and more. Today I sit down with @How To 9 X Your Social Media - Simon Scholes and talk all things YouTube. Simon is an OG YouTuber who has been on the platform for many years and was around when I first ventured onto YouTube in 2012(ish). Simon is a social media coach, voice over king, semi daily vlogger, father of a squeeky human, hater of postal stuff workers and publish author. Go check out SImon's channel -  --- Send in a voice message:
Too shy to be on camera? Not comfortable on camera? Not started a channel because you don't want to be seen on camera? Worried that you'll look silly? Its all in your head! The best way to get comfortable on camera is to be on camera!! Today is a clip of a coaching call I had with my client Samira Alexander. For years she has run a success for business but a fear for showing her face on camera. Before now all her videos have been overlays, meditations or camera down tutorials. In this clip I finally convince her that the power to be on camera is in her hands, and she needs to just do it! Maybe its a confidence thing? Looking to learn how to be more confident on camera? Looking to fight being camera shy? Being shy on camera is natural, all you need to learn is that you are in control of what is seen, edited and uploaded! WATCH NEXT 25 Channel Ideas without Showing Your Face - How To Make Better Videos - We can grow together, We can learn together... Start Creating! Who Is Alan Spicer? - --- Send in a voice message:
How To Start A YouTube Channel without Showing Your Face 25 Ideas for people who want to start and grow a youtube channel but are still a little shy about being on camera. A vast majority of this videos b-roll came from StoryBlocks - great easy to use survive and very affordable - Are you struggling to think of youtube channel ideas? To get started on YouTube you need to pick a niche and and if you dont want to show your face maybe these faceless youtube channel ideas can help you get started. We can grow together, We can learn together... Start Creating! Who Is Alan Spicer? - --- Send in a voice message:
Why do you make YouTube videos? Why should people subscribe to you over anybody else? Why do you make the videos you do? Why sport, why not comedy? Why beauty, why not DIY? What makes you want to be a YouTuber. It is very import for you to figure out the WHY in your content. Did you start YouTube for the money? Are you hoping for YouTube Fame? Are you making videos to help people learn? Maybe you want to make people laugh. The WHY is important! I don't care if you are here for fame and money as long as you understand that is WHY you are here and you work towards that. If you are going to start a YouTube channel the WHY can be your guiding light and the reason to make content, even when no one has found you yet. We can grow together, We can learn together... Start Creating! Who Is Alan Spicer? - --- Send in a voice message:
10 Work from home tips to make working from home in 2020 with remote working easier and more productive. When i started I needed tips for working from home to fight off boredom and distractions so here are some working from home tips to make sure you get the most out of your time and to master your work - wfh. Need a more in-depth guide to working from home, including direct examples and tips? Check out my blog - We can grow together, We can learn together... Start Creating! Who Is Alan Spicer? - --- Send in a voice message:
It's time to work from home 2020. I work at home as freelancer working remotely from my own home. Work at home jobs are not as easy as some people think so here are my tips for people with work at home jobs 2020 and how to fine or make your own work from home jobs during this very testing time. Working at home online has been a real life line for me over the years. Being your own boss and keeping your own time comes with its own pitfalls. Today I am going to share with you my productivity tips for working from home as a freelancer entrepreneur or while on lockdown. It's time for some working from home tips! We can grow together, We can learn together... Start Creating! Who Is Alan Spicer? - --- Send in a voice message:
Smart Passive Income Tips that helped me makeover $5000 in "passive income" with affiliate links, marketing, advertising and more in the last 12 months. These smart money tactics can help you make money online with affiliate marketing 2020. Easy money and passive income 2020 is a lie - - I even made a video to rant about how the idea of relaxing on the beach with a martini and your ipad is complete BS, BUT hard work and laying the foundations and build up an automated income that make residual income and helps you earn while you sleep. For more info on investing, dividend stocks, real estate and savings check out @Graham Stephan  and @Andrei Jikh  We can grow together, We can learn together... Start Creating! Who Is Alan Spicer? - --- Send in a voice message:
How to increase your adsense cpm ads rate and earn more money on YouTube - YouTube adverts can earn you a little extra money on the side, but did you know it can be affected by what you talk about, how many adverts you show and what niche you are in?!  How To Improve YouTube CPM Rate and Make More Money on YouTube Adsense 1 - Evaluate your existing videos - Dive into your channel analytics and look at what currently gets you your best CPM (cost per thousand views). This will help you understand what topics on youtube channel make you the best money and attract the best adverts. You can then double down on those topics, making more of them to boost overall CPM income. 2 -  Make Longer Videos - You can boost your video CPM by adding more adverts into longer videos. Videos over 10 minutes long on YouTube can have adverts at the start, the end and as many as you want in the middle called "mid-rolls". These can help multiply the money you can make from a single video. Imagine you get $5 per 1000 views for 1 advert and you add 4 more, that is 5x$5 so $25 per 1000 views, a huge jump in CPM rate. 3 - Difference Niches Have Different CPM Rates - This is a lesson I learnt myself the hard way. You could have an entertainment channel with a broad audience getting millions of views but if your niche is not advertiser friendly, or is too broad it might have a hugely negative effect on the overall CPM of your content. However, if you target set niches you can boost your income. Business, Money, Entrepreneurship, Real Estate and other "high end" niches attract higher paid adverts and therefore higher CPMs. Kids content, pranks, jokes, etc offer a wider reach but normally means easier to buy ads against as there are so many people making that content and less valuable transactions connected to it. 4 - Stop Swearing! - Yes this myth is true! YouTube will listen and transcribe your content and there is statistics that show your channel and video income can and will be negatively affected by cussing/swearing. When advertisers select what channel "buckets" they want to spend money on, you swearing might make you "less desirable" vs someone who has identical content with more family friendly language in their videos. 5 - Make Money Blogging - If you have your content why not blog those videos onto a website and link that to adsense to maximise the income. I have 500ish videos on my channel and over time I have been slowly adding them to my website blog. This can help build search traffic, drive more people to the video and your channel but also gives you a chance to serve more adverts to the viewers. This means not only can you get in-video adverts but banner ads as well. --- Send in a voice message:
Should I Work For FREE? Can working for free to grow a business work? Never work for free? Or can working for free be your side hustle? I am a firm believer that working for free can be the key to your future and a great way to start a business but you need to understand its a long term game not a short term play for leverage. --- Send in a voice message:
What things do you need to start a YouTube channel? Many people ask me how do i get started on YouTube? How do I start a YouTube channel in 2020? And I always tell them it's not about the expensive cameras and silly music or drones, it's all about the heart, passion and sometimes just a mobile phone. --- Send in a voice message:
Increase your income, boost cash flow and earn more money by just changing your mindset. Today I share How I 10X Income in my business by changing from hourly rate to set fee and then simply focused on getting better at my job. How To 10X Your Income - Earn More Money By Being More Efficient At Your Job When I first started in business many many moons ago I, like many of us, strived to break out of the bog standard 9 to 5 and become my own boss. I had an idea for web development and I knew I could sell but I fell into the very common mistake of pricing my work per hour rather than per project. Most people you will know have a standard clock in clock out job and they will be paid an hourly rate or salaried based on that rate. This means if you truly give 110% effort you are under valuing yourself and your potential income. Let say you say to a client you will charge them £5 per hour to make a product (could be anything - a spreadsheet, clean their house, build a teddy bear) and it takes you 2 hours, thats £10. But after 5 years of doing your job you are now and expert and can make the same bear in just half an hour... you have now short changed yourself by being too good at you job and you've earnt £2.50. Now let us try it another way - You say upfront the task will be £10. This in the first few years it does take you 2 hours to complete your goal, you have earned £5 per hour and you're happy. As the years go on you are now better at your job and can do the same task in 30 mins - now you still have £10 and the potential to make/do another 3 tasks at the same fee. Your skill, your time and your expertise has effectively given you a pay rise!   --- Send in a voice message:
(Your YouTube Side Hustle) Make your job your side hustle - Business - Its something I am amazing that many people miss, the ability to take their skills and make it into their very own side hustle by simply teaching people your job on YouTube full time! How To Start A Business - Go Full Time on YouTube. If you love your job you have the advantage that you will have already done the hard work to get better at your job. You will learn new skills, go on training courses and install knowledge in your head that others wishing to get into your industry will want to learn too. This is your chance to open a YouTube channel and teach people those skills one video at a time - make yourself the expert!  --- Send in a voice message:
Is VidCon Worth It? Is VidCon Worth The Money? - I was invited to @VidCon London with @vidIQ - an eye opening experience that has helped me understand what I have actually been doing for the last 8 years of my life and reassuring me that there is a very large family of people that love online video as much as I do. I made sure to vlog the event so i could imortalise the wonder and awe of my first conference and I wanted to share it with you too - Side note - I would like to thank the @vidIQ team I worked directly with (Liza, Liron, Rob, Ilya) for the amazing experience, the friends, the food, the brain melting moments - and I would like to thank @Derral Eves Hank Green (@hankschannel @vlogbrothers) and Luke Owen @WrestleTalk  --- Send in a voice message:
Passive Income in 2020, Passive Income meaning lazy money does not exists yet it is a holy grail for some people. Make money online, passive income from youtube, and passive income from investments are the great get rich quick schemes of the internet generation but I am here to tell you honestly that PASSIVE INCOME IS A LIE. Make A Passive Income Online in 2020 - With HARD WORK! The only true "passive income business" has been seeded by hard work for years as you build up a client base or a product back catalogue. The true passive income has a foundation of 10-25 years solid graft, investing in businesses, skills, services and customer care. There is no silver bullet out there that will take you from your living room sofa to a villa in the maldives within 28 days. ► 9 Steps To Starting Your Own Business - ► How I Made YouTube My Full Time Job in 3 Years - ► The BRUTAL Truth About YouTube - --- Send in a voice message:
There is a truth about youtube that many people might not understand. They look at the high flyers on the platform and assume it's an easy climb to easy money with no dedication. Many people still shrug their shoulders "YouTube isn't a real job" because they are not aware of the hard work it takes to carve out a little community for your own personal channel. Today I sit down and get honest and raw with you - sharing my experience of the rollercoaster that with YouTuber life. ► 5 SImple Tips To Better Videos - ► 10X Your Views with Trends - ► Make CLICKABLE TITLES Every Time - --- Send in a voice message:
Side Hustle can be your motivation, having an online side hustle in 2020 could be the light at the end of the tunnel for your 9-5 job or could be your future plans backup plans waiting for when you need them. Side Hustle ideas in 2020 could be your next business. I made my side hustle into a full time business and there are 5 LIFE CHANGING reasons why I think its good for YOU to have your very own side hustle for 2020. MORE BUSINESS VIDEOS FOR YOU ► How To Start A Business in 2020 - ► 5 BUSINESS MISTAKES I Learned A Lot From - ► HOW I made YOUTUBE my FULL TIME JOB - --- Send in a voice message:
Step by Step Guide to Starting A Business Online in 2020, it might sound like a daunting task so today's video is dedicated to the 9 Steps i took to Start My YouTube Business over the last years. From side hustle to how to start a business in just 3 years, and you can do it too. My 5 BUSINESS MISTAKES - I Made YouTube My FULL TIME JOB in 3 Years - Get A FREE AUDIOBOOK of YOUR CHOICE - I'm going to be reading a lot more in 2020 starting with @GaryVee Crush It ( and Crushing It ( then pouring more into my head over the year. I want to try and read 50+ books/audiobooks using audible, I will also be revisiting John Green's ( books in 2020 as well - if you want a free trial goto #AlanSpicer #StartCreating #Business #Entrepreneurship #GaryVeeChallenge #YouTubeCertified #YouTubeTips #YouTubeTutorials #Tutorials #YouTube #FAQs #YouTuberProblems #HowTo #Education #Learning #Help --- Send in a voice message:
To get more views on YouTube can seem like a hard task but if you chase trending topics it can 10X Your Channels Views and growth as long as you know how to follow up afterwards. Today I share with you proof that trending topical videos and offer rapid growth to grow a channel fast on YouTube and all you need to do is make sure you are prepared to react once the trend kicks in. How To Grow on YouTube with Topical Trends and News Katie Price Bankrupt, how is Katie Price's Bankruptcy going to get you views? YouTube is all about great content at the right time. Sometimes that time might be in 3 years time, so you need to make the content evergreen, like tutorials. But sometimes the content that will help you grow your channel and get more views is topical, trending news happening RIGHT NOW and you need to jump on it and make sure you get as much juice out of it as possible to grow your channels baseline. --- Send in a voice message:
5 MISTAKES In Business I Wish I'd Learnt From Sooner // Starting and growing a business has its up and downs I have learnt a lot from my business mistakes. In today's video I want to share with you the 5 lessons i learnt from my biggest mistakes over the years. How I Made YouTube My Full Time Job - I'm going to be reading a lot more starting with @GaryVee Crush It ( and Crushing It ( then pouring more into my head over the year. I want to try and read 50+ books/audiobooks using audible, I will also be revisiting John Green's ( books in 2020 as well - if you want a free trial goto --- Send in a voice message:
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