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Author: ABC News

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A straightforward look at the day's top news in 20 minutes. Powered by ABC News. Hosted by Brad Mielke. Winner of the 2019 Edward R. Murrow Award for Excellence in Innovation.
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The US Postal Service warns states that mail might move more slowly than their vote-by-mail deadlines allow. Bucking years of stalemates, the United Arab Emirates decides to recognize Israel, paving the way for other Arab nations. And Iowa farms are in crisis, days after a storm tore up large chunks of the state's corn crop.
As Joe Biden & Kamala Harris give their first speeches as running mates, FiveThirtyEight's Nate Silver breaks down where the presidential campaign is going next. President Trump continues to push in-person schooling, despite quick shutdowns. And protests threaten to topple a longtime dictatorship in Belarus.
Joe Biden has made his pick -- so we invited a panel of analysts to dissect it. Russia skips large-scale testing to get its vaccine to market. And Duke University tries to measure which masks work, and which don't.
As college conferences considering abandoning football this fall, players blast the NCAA and top officials for abandoning responsibility. After an explosion nearly wiped Beirut off the map, the Lebanese government resigns in disgrace. And observers wonder that the US election might rest in the hands of the US Postal Service.
Amid a congressional deadlock, President Trump issues four executive actions on pandemic relief. Hundreds of thousands of bikers descend on a small town in South Dakota for an annual rally. And a government loan deal with Kodak is put on hold as investigators grow suspicious.
Congress has given itself just hours more to hash out a pandemic relief deal, after which President Trump might try to craft one himself with an executive order. Critics ask whether a vaccine could be unsafely rushed because of presidential politics. And New York prosecutors sue the NRA, arguing the organization itself should be dismantled.
Lawmakers say the deadline is Friday, but unemployment recipients say the money has already stopped arriving. Observers say the massive explosion might have been an accident -- which might be even more destabilizing for Lebanon. And as TikTok struggles to finalize a deal, Facebook presses the issue with a new Instagram feature.
Within two days of opening, several classes and school systems are already witnessing coronavirus cases. President Trump implores Florida Republicans to sign up for vote-by-mail, after dismissing the practice as illegitimate. And an explosion rips through Beirut, injuring thousands.
No Perks for Dr. Birx

No Perks for Dr. Birx


President Trump publicly ridicules another top scientist on his own coronavirus task force. Hurricane Isaias forces testing sites to shut down. And murder rates are on the rise, but public perception of crime remains skewed.
As some schools begin to re-open, a new case study examines how easily children can spread COVID-19 to each other. President Trump says he plans to ban TikTok through executive action. And former Vice President Joe Biden gets ready to announce a VP pick of his own.
Knock the Vote

Knock the Vote


As colleagues memorialize John Lewis with passionate calls to vote, President Trump preemptively questions this year's election results. Unemployment checks stall, as residents and business owners ask how they're supposed to pay rent. And an ESPN investigation examines an alleged culture of abuse at NBA training camps in China.
In a dramatic shift in American strategy, the Pentagon announces the withdrawal of 12,000 US troops from Germany. A congressman tests positive for COVID-19, after going mask-less in several high profile interactions. And President Trump makes another controversial move to garner support in suburbs.
The Power of Mayor

The Power of Mayor


Despite direct public pleas from White House scientists, some governors have declined to take their recommendations, while preventing mayors from enacting it themselves. Twitter takes down several presidential retweets, ahead of a Big Tech hearing today. And Attorney General William Barr defends himself in a contentious Capitol Hill appearance.
Republican leaders present a White House-approved relief bill, but roughly half of Senate Republicans are already opposed. Days after opening, Major League Baseball is already scrambling to contain a virus cluster among players. And ABC News investigates whether the federal government missed early warning signs about a potential pandemic.
99 Days

99 Days


With less than 100 days to Election Day, President Trump and Joe Biden cement their strategies for the stretch run. Gunfire erupts at multiple protests across the nation. And the casket of John Lewis makes its final journey across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma.
After announcing they would unveil a relief bill Thursday, Senate Republicans go back to the drawing board. ABC News & FiveThirtyEight analyze which communities need a surge in coronavirus testing. And the president's former lawyer says he was given a choice: stop writing a book about President Trump, or go to jail.
As deaths from COVID-19 rise while testing lags, the federal government continues to tweak its guidance for those who test positive. Staff is ordered out of the Chinese consulate in Houston. And after years of growing gun violence in Chicago, the Trump Administration sends in reinforcements - but not everyone is on board.
President Trump once again briefs Americans on COVID-19, but this time without his top scientists on hand. Congress debates how to get money to struggling Americans. And amid growing outrage in Portland, other mayors contemplate what they'll do if federal officers arrive in their cities.
Multiple pharmaceutical companies now say they've performed well in Phase 1 vaccine trials. Doctors question cards being presented at businesses, claiming mask requirements violate disability laws. And the shooting of a federal judge's family in New Jersey highlights a surge in threats nationwide.
As Congress rushes to fund states in their fights against COVID-19, sources say the White House is trying to avoid additional money for testing and contact tracing. A new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows President Trump trailing Joe Biden by 15 points. And Oregon officials tell the Department of Homeland Security to stop snatching protesters off city streets.
Comments (24)



Aug 7th

Seancassandra Cefalu

i really like this podcast, the storyline is based in fact and it is a good way to absorb the main headlines of the day. more facts than opinion 20 minutes well spent

Jul 24th

Megan Mitchell


Jul 15th

Otto Wayne

Brad is great. The show is great.

Jun 29th


This is total shit this was a total justified shooting

Jun 15th

Maria Nelson

Your reporting is so bias it’s absolutely sickening.

Jun 4th
Reply (1)

Rachel Trischetta

I need to see more coverage of the police brutality during peaceful protests. They are inciting violence in crowds against completely compliant people, macing a little girl in the face, shooting paint canisters at people for standing on their own front step.

May 31st

Nuage Laboratoire


Apr 20th

Leslie Darrah

Why was the $8 million held up by HHS to the Native people when Congress appropriated this money? Why did it take so long for it to be released? Who directed the money to be held up? Sounds like Ukraine all over again. 🙄

Apr 3rd


If mask is useless for healthy people, why you doctors wear them? ?😒

Mar 26th


The advice is from a DOCTOR??... Even less rational than Trump's...

Mar 26th

Ann Wolterbeek Hawkins

excellent episode. thank you for the info

Mar 23rd

Otto Wayne

This episode on COVID-19 was thirteen minutes of excellent advice and common sense. Exactly what we all need right now.

Mar 7th


the US didn't invent Thanksgiving, but did play a prime part to make it popular.

Nov 29th

Órlaith de Búrca

Brad.... great piece as always. but what's the deal with giving that conspiracy theorists' book an advertising shout out?! By telling your audience the title I assume the Google hits have soared 🤦🏼‍♀️

Jun 19th
Reply (1)

Juan E Hernandez

I really enjoy the show for multiple different reasons such as to keep with the crazies of the world and America. I feel it is important to let you know something went wrong with today's recording I couldn't finish listening after 13 minutes.

Jun 13th

Eoj Hou

Your bias is showing. You only mentioned negative issues in your coverage of Joe Biden. Why not mention his accomplishments? Why not cover both sides instead of calling him a "man of yesterday"? Every when his launch was, in part, framed around our best days still being ahead of us? Please do better.

Apr 26th


congrats on your anniversary

Mar 29th


"He's for medicare for all"? Really? Do you guys know ANYTHING about politics?

Feb 1st

suzen carey

Apparently I will have to Google this story of the shooting of this family going to the coffee shop to get the real story. What's with the rabbit hole? Why report it if you don't have the facts?

Jan 7th
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