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Author: Ania Haas

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Start with Heart Podcast is dedicated for Executives, Visionary Leaders, Entrepreneurs and everyone else to create a Shift,  Grow Business, Increase Performance & Evolve Leadership through Awareness, Accountability, Inspired Communication and Conscious Action.
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This episode is about turning off the overworked Mind and cluttered thoughts. Let's use Mind Cleansing technique to gain Clarity.
In this episode of Start with Heart let's talk about self-sabotage and it's connection to the belief system. What can you do to stretch your comfort zone? Listen to guided visualization to help you rise vibration and get closer to the person you want to be.
There is a strong correlation between Belief System, emotions and behaviors. Understanding the relationship can help in improving communication skills.
Know Your Belief System

Know Your Belief System


When you work towards a goal and it seems like no matter what you do, it doesn't  bring the outcome, it's not a matter of you, it's matter of your belief system. It's everything you hold within that creates a certain outcome.
How do you show up for yourself and fir the world? Are you aware of the message you send to others? In this epizode we explore both conscious and unconscious communication.
Welcome to Start with the Heart, a podcast dedicated for improving communication and through that creating a massive success.
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