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“We were able to match Canada’s entrepreneur spirit and volunteer culture together, and I think that is what makes Canada so strong."Victoria Lennox is the Co-Founder, President and former CEO of Startup Canada, the national rallying community supporting and giving a voice to Canada’s 3.5 million entrepreneurs. She is an innovation policy and program architect, ecosystem diplomat, and an angel investor passionate about fostering equality, hope, peace, and prosperity through entrepreneurship. As one of Canada’s leading proponents of entrepreneurship and innovation, Victoria works alongside government, industry, and entrepreneurs to construct the nation’s entrepreneurship ecosystem and to ensure that the right policies, programs, and enabling frameworks and infrastructure are in place to compete and thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As the co-founder for the US-based Startup Nations and as the founder of a UK-based charity supporting young entrepreneurs, Victoria supports the development of enterprise and social innovation organizations in more than 20 countries; provides advisory support to international organizations in the areas of entrepreneurship networks, education and policy development; and supports colleges and universities in enhancing their entrepreneurial activities. In this week’s #StartupPodcast, Rivers sits down with Victoria to talk about her journey as a serial entrepreneur in the UK and Canada, how she’s grown a thriving non-profit, and what’s next for Canadian entrepreneurship.
“Fall in love with the problem, not the solution.”Every day, entrepreneurs are faced with unique challenges in every facet of their business. Whether it’s adopting new technologies or dealing with a marketing issue, entrepreneurs are constantly thinking outside the box. That’s why Lyndon Johnson developed COMMS.BAR, a Toronto-based walk-in communications clinic where entrepreneurs can go for PR support. Lyndon helps entrepreneurs to build, test, and measure relations and marketing to find commercially valuable strategies for their businesses. COMMS.BAR works like an Apple Genius bar – only providing strategic advice and guidance on public relations, marketing and publicity when entrepreneurs need it. Lyndon is also the inventor of the Lean Communications Methodology and the author of a soon-to-be-published book, The Lean Communications Playbook.On this week’s #StartupPodcast, Lyndon shares his story with host Rivers Corbett and dives into the concepts behind COMMS.BAR and much more. Listen now at!
Adrian Salamunovic is a serial entrepreneur of several multi-million dollar Internet retailers, including Adrian is an investor, public speaker, strategic advisor and also the co-author of Free PR, the book that helps entrepreneurs earn the media’s attention, for free.“I want to make it easy for startup entrepreneurs to begin doing PR from day one - that is my mission."In this week’s #StartupPodcast, Rivers Corbett talks to Adrian Salamunovic about the importance of PR strategies from the beginning, and how to build one to capture the media’s attention today.
Shafin Diamond found entrepreneurship through watching his own father and uncle create and build their own businesses. Shafin Diamond is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Victory Square Labs, a venture builder that is committed to giving back to children and youth who face poverty. Venture Labs also builds startups in the web, mobile, gaming and film space. “I truly believe education is the best tool to break the cycle of poverty”. In this week’s episode, Rivers Corbett talks to Shafin about his journey in the entrepreneurship world and why giving back to the community and nonprofits hold a special place in his heart.
What started out as Nicole McLaren’s work book club has morphed into a reconciliation project when she founded Raven Reads in 2017. The subscription-based service sends Indigenous books and gifts across Canada every three months. “Reading is safe. You pick the time and the place, and as a reader, you decide how deep you want to dive into certain topics”. In this week’s episode, our host Rivers Corbett talks to Nicole about the process of reconciliation and some challenges she faces being a social-cause-based company.
Mike McDerment is the Founder and CEO of Freshbooks, the world’s #1 cloud-based accounting software for self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs. Mike designed Freshbooks to meet the accounting needs of individuals across all fields, from designers, marketing professionals, plumbers, architects and everyone in between. “I would hope, if you are Canadian, you are saying “I can build a global company”In this week’s episode, Mike reflects on his humble beginnings of starting Freshbooks and why Mike created a secret competitor company, BillSpring.
Dr. Alexandra Greenhill is an award-winning physician and entrepreneur and is the Founder of Careteam Technologies. Careteam Technologies is a digital health platform that puts patients, families and health professionals on the same page so patients receive the health care that they deserve throughout their patient journey.“Anyone involved in the care of the patient, needs this patient collaboration platform”. In this week’s show, we will talk to Dr. Alexandra Greenhill about innovation and impact to achieve better Canadian healthcare as well as using digital platforms to advance patient’s experience.
Sam and his co-founder Forrest Zeisler launched Jobber in 2011, growing it to a team of over 120 people with tens of thousands of users delivering billions worth of home services in over 40 countries. “You need to leverage technology in all the place that it makes sense, to deliver to your customers”. In this week’s episode, Rivers talks to Sam about the challenges faced by many small businesses that often result in productivity and revenue loss and how to build a successful tech company in a technological world.
Greg Hemmings is an entrepreneur, filmmaker and community movement maker with a commitment for positive social change. Greg achieves the change he wants to see in the world through his work as Founder and CEO of Hemmings House. “It is very clear that if we didn’t make that film, it would have taken a lot longer to lift the program off the ground”In this week’s #StartupPodcast, Rivers talks to Greg about discovering his passion for film and the moments Greg realized the impact his work has had in the world of business.
Paul Jarvis is an entrepreneur and author who believes in the power of one, and that bigger isn’t always better when it comes to business.“I like to have an active dialogue with my audience because they’re the most important people to me.” In this week's podcast, Rivers talks to Paul about turning freelance work into a successful company.
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