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Sterloid Talks!

Author: Aaron Sterling

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Aaron "Sterloid" Sterling talks to himself and with guests about his favorite things like Music, Culture, Literature, Perrier and Unicorns. Aaron is a drummer, producer and engineer who lives in Los Angeles and whose credits include John Mayer, Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey, Maren Morris, James Bay, Keith Urban, Sara Bareilles, and many more.
6 Episodes
In My Solitude

In My Solitude


Solo episode. On the road. Aaron breaks down his "touring rig" and also HAS a breakdown about his inability to smile on stage. Also new editions of such hit segments as "What Have I Been Listening To Lately" and "I've Got A Story To Tell."
Deconstructing Finnegan's love of Hip Hop, Analyzing the NBA, Predicting the future of Fortnite, Recognizing the power of Work Ethic, Avoiding Spiritual Coves, and another juicy edition of “Who Do You Like, Who Do You Not Like, Who Did You Used To Like?”
Gothic Tropic

Gothic Tropic


Her cool ass record that everyone should hear.....Being a sideperson with Beck, Borns and Charlie XCX.....Why guitarists are good at percussion.....Full on nerd talk about guitar tone.....We play “Who Do You Like, Who Do You Not Like, Who Did You Used To Like"
Check Out My DM's

Check Out My DM's


Aaron and Laurel go through Aaron's DM's and answer questions while repeatedly getting interrupted by their kids, their dog and a full fledged Southern California earthquake.
Aaron sits down with Ben Rector and discusses songwriting process, his new live record, potential collaborations with Bill Belichick, being afraid to say people's first names, love of Golf and Ultimate Frisbee and the genius of Swedish pop songwriting.
Aaron attempts to layout the groundwork for his new podcast with the help of his wife, Laurel, and everything goes super smoothly. 
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