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Principled conservatism with a snarky twist served up daily.
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Steve and the team raise an eyebrow at the latest Democratic poll out of Iowa, which has Pete Buttigieg atop the leaderboard, and Aaron asks Todd why he hates Christmas. Then, the team plays an extended game of Buy, Sell, or Hold? with a sports list that effectively terminates Steve’s will to live. Finally, Daniel Horowitz joins the program to warn listeners that sooner or later, unless things change dramatically, the Left will have a movement and the Right will not.
Steve, Todd, and Aaron examine Nikki Haley’s revelation in her tell-all book that she was pressured by others within the Trump administration to undermine the president’s agenda. Is she the one to unite social conservatives and libertarians with establishment Republicans in 2024? Then, the team holds those who represent “what’s left of America” to account with a round of Fake News or Not? In Hour Two, Steve simply can’t come to terms with the Democrats’ thought process on how best to nail Trump, and Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe joins the program to discuss the extreme leftist double standard for whistleblowers.
Filling in for Steve Deace, Sara Gonzales and Jason Buttrill break down the strange case of a Bay Area police officer detaining a man for, wait for it, eating a sandwich on a public transit platform. Then, the pair examines the slightly humorous, slightly serious story of Californians pouring into Idaho and pushing citizens of Boise to the brink. In Hour Two, the team welcomes in Kim Schwartz of Texas Right to Life, and she tells her story of fighting for a young child slated to be taken off life support because of a Draconian law.
Sara Gonzales and Jason Buttrill discuss the latest round of utter hypocrisy on 'The View,' everyone’s (new) favorite presidential candidate for 2024, and the insanely relative meaning of words for so many on the Left. In Hour Two, the infamous Ukraine whistleblower’s name is revealed because it’s not illegal for anyone outside Washington to do so. Besides, the brass at ABC and CBS were certainly not put off from firing the whistleblower who revealed that the Jeffrey Epstein story had been suppressed three years ago. Finally, a positive update on the James Younger story.
Steve reminds listeners that, according to scripture, government cannot dictate one’s conscience. Then, Tim Carney of the Washington Examiner joins the program to explain how President Trump’s faction within the GOP has shrunk even as his base has grown. In Hour Two, Steve responds to a listener’s email regarding a critical distinction within the power of prayer. Finally, Aaron poses three non-political questions featuring: the Mount Rushmore of underrated actors, the likelihood of global extinction events, and the greatest sports days in our collective memory.
Steve explains why Virginia has become a bona fide purple state in a shockingly short amount of time and shows how the same thing happened to a conservative stronghold in California following the Reagan amnesty of 1986. Could another federal amnesty bill render the Republican Party an afterthought once and for all? In Hour Two, the weekly round of Buy, Sell, or Hold? descends to the brink of Steve nearly giving up on life before Daniel Horowitz joins the program to push him completely over the edge.
Steve, Todd, and the newly engaged Aaron discuss the new Exhibit A in the case of why you shouldn’t trust the mainstream media with your decision-making. Then, the team dives headlong into this week’s edition of Fake News or Not? In Hour Two, Congressman Chip Roy, R-Texas, joins the program to discuss the latest threat posed by drug cartels (which should be labeled terrorist groups) operating along our southern border. The show wraps up with some speculative cinema talk for Pop Culture Tuesday.
Steve, Todd, and Aaron break down the latest polls among the Democratic front-runners and make their predictions for the presidential election one year out from Election Day 2020. In Hour Two, the team opens the phone lines for listeners to share their thoughts on how they think the election will turn out for Trump and the Democrats. Konstantinos Roditis calls in and is projecting the president to expand his base and win over 300 electoral votes.
Steve, Todd, and Aaron welcome in Shannon Joy to break down a week full of leftists pretending not to be plotting the demise of Western civilization. Also, does Twitter have any intention of applying its new ban on political advertisements to organizations like Planned Parenthood? Short answer: no. In Hour Two, Steve answers pop culture questions from listeners and reveals why Pete Buttigieg’s campaign may have been dealt a devastating blow in Iowa.
Steve, Todd, and Aaron lament a group of kids forced to rap about Trump, a not-really-mansplaining Brit getting silenced, and other cultic behaviors that dominate the Left. Then, the team takes a much-needed break from politics (but not from harping on Todd) with Aaron’s Three Questions. In Hour Two, Steve celebrates Reformation Day by delving further into the dark, mysterious world of eschatology for Theology Thursday. Finally, Daniel Horowitz joins the program to illustrate what the Democrats’ next push for impeachment may look like.
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Paul Chambers

how do we get our government back

Nov 13th
Reply (1)


crowd fire you meant Crowd strike 😑

Oct 1st

Ron Estes

Quickly becoming my favorite radio program. Used to be Rush, then Sean, then Glenn, then Pat & Stu (miss them by the way) and now Mr Deace. Great job Steve, Todd and Aaron. All my favorite topics in one place; Jesus, Politics, and Sports. This episode was truly impactful. Having acknowledged Jesus as Savior on June 6th 2010 I've grown each day and make him Lord of my life daily. I fall short a lot but I won't give up trying, because he never gives up on me.

Sep 25th


I listen daily. I love you guys.

Jun 20th


I love Steve, but not a single shoe I listen to, of over a dozen, w this many commercials

Jun 1st

Jason Sparks

great show

May 30th

Tim Mansfield

Their motto is "The year of NO BS!" and that is exactly what you'll get. No Trump shilling, nor NEVER Trump. just balls and strikes called nearly perfect. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll spill your popcorn.

Mar 11th

Smart Girl 👠

love you all

Mar 7th

Smart Girl 👠

💘 Love you guys.

Feb 28th

Diane Standish

love your show

Nov 15th
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