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Episode 007 – Drunk 2

Episode 007 – Drunk 2


Apologies, its another drunk episode. But hold tight for some great stories. Even if we never hear about the stag do.
Well it’s been a while. This episode was recorded back on 17th March, so it’s a month now. Finding time to record and edit an episode is proving difficult with work commitments. But we are setting time aside to work on more skits and episodes. I hope you stick around because its starting to feel … Continue reading "Episode 006 – Feminism"
This week Steve and Dave discuss the English language. But mostly what bugs them about it. Brought to you by Sal Pitchman, high energy advert sales in your area. Join us …. @SADWIPUK
Well that’s the 4th episode in the bag. We had a great chat about Marathons in the build up to the London Marathon that was running past the flat the following day. Join us for jokes, banter and skits aplenty. Technically it’s much better quality, I’ll create a blog to explain the audacity changes, I’m … Continue reading "Episode 004 – Marathons"
Join us in the 3rd episode, we’re proud of this one. We interview Jordan, who is working on his start up selling street food in Eindhoven in the  Netherlands. He’s also used his talents to add a few guitar chords that we are adding music to help the episode to spice things up a little. … Continue reading "Episode 003 – Street Food"
Episode 002 – Traffic

Episode 002 – Traffic


Well, we come to episode 2 and we nearly didn’t upload this. I think lesson learned here is to keep it to a punchy 40 minutes at most or split the episode. With Episode 3 in the bag I didn’t want to mess with the numbers at this stage. So I’ve done some very light … Continue reading "Episode 002 – Traffic"
Episode 001 – Drunk

Episode 001 – Drunk


The first episode of Steve and Dave’s a Work in Progress. A bit rough around the edges but we are finding our feet. We also get a little tipsy toward the end, so plenty of lessons learned there. Next steps will be to start looking at the quality of the production and making a better … Continue reading "Episode 001 – Drunk"
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