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Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project

Author: Adam Savage, Norman Chan, Will Smith

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Posted on Tuesdays, Norm and Will discuss topics of interest with Adam--nothing is off-limits! Still Untitled covers everything from hot-button issues within the maker community to experiences from Adam's life to questions from the audience. Enjoy!
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We're joined by Tested producer Joey Fameli and special guest Eric Cheng this week to discuss filmmaking and storytelling in virtual reality and the making of our Tested VR video series. Adam shares the story of our first experiments making VR video, and what we found so compelling about the process and playing in this new format.
We're back from a weekend New York Comic Con and recap our adventures in the big city! From Adam's visit to a new armor exhibit at The Met to a surprise ride through central park, we had an incredible time both in and out of the convention. Plus, some behind the scenes stories about his latest incognito cosplay build!
We're just days away from our annual trip to New York Comic Con, and the entire team is on deck prepping for the convention. Adam talks about his wonderful trip to TwitchCon to host the cosplay contest, the bummer of his car's break-in, and a special trip to the San Diego pier. Plus, some varied recommendations in books and games!
This week, we discuss some of our favorite baseball movies and why we love the genre as non-sports fans. Plus, a long discussion about interview techniques and memorable interviews, and a few tales of close calls when it comes to making flights. We cap things off with more love for The Boys!
A first for Still Untitled: we're recording in the Tested podcast studio this week! Adam kicks things off by sharing a new YouTube obsession: high-level chess game commentaries. Adam also gives a recommendation for the show Couples Therapy. Then, we roll into a Spoilercast for Amazon's new superhero show The Boys!
We're joined this week by special guest Matt Denton, animatronics engineer and robot builder who has worked on the droids for the past few Star Wars films. Specifically, Matt was part of the team that built the various BB-8s for Episode VII! We chat with Matt about designing animatronics, the puppeteering of BB-8, and his personal robotics projects.
After a particularly intense week, we regroup to talk about the ways in which we chilled and reset ourselves over the long labor day weekend. Norm recaps his trip to Galaxy's Edge, Will read The Fall, and Adam shared his favorite cosplay he saw posted from Dragon*Con. Plus, an appreciation for the puppetry in the new Dark Crystal show.
We're back after a week out of the studio to recap Adam's trip to Silicon Con Valley Comic Con, his Star-Lord cosplay, and the awesome makers we met there. Plus, we dive into a mini-Spoilercast of the latest MCU film, Spider-Man: Far From Home!
We're joined in the cave this week by special guest Sam Farrell, a friend of Adam's and the Senior Producer on Antiques Roadshow! We have a great chat with Sam learning about how the show is made, the appraisal process, and other questions we couldn't wait to ask about this beloved series.
We jump through a wide-range of topics this week, including favorite movie analysis videos, deaging effects, and the details on the North Bergen High School drama class Alien spacesuit. Plus, Will recommends the glass blowing competition show Blown Away and we talk about what kinds of competition shows we like. Next weekend we'll be at Silicon Valley Comic Con!
Comments (14)

Jonas Grumbie

favorite episode so far

Aug 2nd
Reply (2)

Julian Andrews

Related to the Gallipoli discussion Norm says it was in Italy, it was actually on the coast of Turkey.

Jul 8th

Sandi Redman

The Raid is my favorite movie!

Jun 21st

Jeremy Folds

Thank you for doing what you love. You are often the eyes and ears for the subjects that we love.

Oct 9th

Jeff Miller

Someone please fix the audio. Adam is often very low volume and everyone else is loud. I often find myself raising the volume when Adam is talking only to be blown out when everyone else starts talking. It's almost as if Adam doesn't talk into the mic all the time. Can't be that though since he is a seasoned professional.

Jul 9th

Steve Ridley


Mar 1st

little stripes

why are they uploaded backwards

Feb 17th
Reply (1)

Haru Yamamoto

Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project is an excellent source of commentary on the latest film, progressive political, and technological news. The hosts, Adam, Will, and Norm, are always working on exciting projects/presentations/events/etc, and are often joined by guests working on their own unique creations. If you're looking for a lighthearted, nerdy podcast that's socially conscious and atmospherically friendly, look no further!

Jan 15th

iTunes User

love tested and love mythbusters and Will, Norm and Adam are great every episode, keep up the great work. and always be testing

Aug 30th

iTunes User

Love the insights into Adam's life. Topics are interesting and fun. Great length as well.

Aug 30th

iTunes User

This weeks episode is full of great advice. Adam, Norman, and Will put it in plain words how slacking will not help you succeed.

Aug 30th
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