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Do you ever have one of those days when everything seems to be happening at once?

Whether it's your children pulling out your clothes, the boss wanting your attention, or your mind just working overtime?

Then if you haven't got enough on your plate, the phone rings!

It's your mum, with a relatively minor problem but wants to talk about it for the next three hours.

I get it, and I love my mum too!

Stillness in the Storms of Life podcast is about seeing life differently, and creating an awareness with tools, and structures that will help you to navigate and enjoy calmness when you need it.
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If you really want to know how to be healthy, more energy and sleep better. Listen to your body. One of our biggest teachers is our own body, yes your body. It is giving you all the information you need to make wise decisions, yet we very often do not listen to it. In this podcast Steven Webb the host of Stillness in the Storms talks about his body, his paralysed body and how he needs to listen to it a little more deeply than most would have to.
Every year on the anniversary of when I broke my neck, I reflect on my life being disabled, being paralysed like I am and how it affects me. How I can find the gift in what happened, and how I can use it to help others. This year I reflect on the day of my accident, that morning and what did I do on the last day I could walk.
Is it really possible to be angry and be kind at the same time? I answer this question on today's podcast, while sharing the story about an argument they could have gone seriously wrong. Have we got anger completely wrong, and should we change the way we see it.
We often hear how meditation is the one thing that will save us from everything. It will improve our health, allow us to live many more years, reduced anxiety, and remove stress. Is it really realistic? I'm Steven Webb, the host of Stillness in the Storms. And what a lot of people do not know about me is that I get stressed, and I am a long time sufferer of overwhelm. It is time to talk about it, and how I use meditation to help manage my overwhelm and stress.
Very often you hear in Buddhism about the middle way, but what does it really mean to live the middle way. This podcast is a general chat at the end of a long day, and how I remain positive and optimistic without going into my own suffering.
What are the things that we should learn from 2020, and not only asked what about the governments? In this episode Steven Webb explores a few things we could all learn, as well as governments from 2020 and the coronavirus/COVID-19.
We may not like the prospect that we are already living the best possible life, but that's the reality. However, it doesn't mean we have to settle for it.
Even before we realised we embark on the spiritual journey, we want to reduce our suffering. Let's talk about reducing suffering rather than the spiritual journey, and perhaps we might get somewhere.
Solving most of your problems is a big claim. Is it really possible to solve 99% of your problems? I think it is, however you've got to do one thing in order to make that possible. If you don't do what I talk about in this episode you will never be able to get rid of any of your problems. Become a patron: Steven Webb's website:
So if the world doesn't need more love, what does the world need? When it comes to black lives matter there is a lot more the world needs than a group hug, some loving compassion. In this episode Steven Webb discusses what the world needs more than ever.
How do you expand your comfort zone without too much risk?
When life takes a turn for the worst, there is 3 really important things you can do if you don't want your life to spiral out of control. I share a couple stories of my life, and also what I did when I ended up severely paralysed one Sunday night without any warning.
If you want genuine freedom, and not just nice inner peace then you cannot settle for hugging your demons or your Dragons. You have to do something deeper something that takes courage and insight. Becoming friends of your suffering is one thing, learning to use it as the catalyst for your future is your key to freedom. Become a patron:
Become a patron - Is there a difference between caring and empathy? Everybody believes they are caring, and almost everybody I talk to believes they have some form of empathy. What is the difference between empathy and caring? And does everybody really have both?
The spiritual journey is not easy, and there is so much information out there telling you that with a little effort you can find inner peace. Is that really the case?
This is a difficult time for all of us, not only difficult unusual and we are thrown in circumstances we never thought we would be in. However, there are three things that can help us through this together. Keep your relationship intact, your children balanced, and your family together.
I believe we are all frightened at times. In this episode I talk about how we can embrace our fear rather than try to dismiss it and push it away. I'm Steven Webb your host and I've faced a lot of fear in my life, and I share how you can embrace yours and overcome it.
Let's talk about the three cultural poisons and how it showing up everywhere in the world right now with the coronavirus and Covid 19. I'm your host Steven Webb let's take a different approach on living deeper lies. --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode of Living Deeper Lives I ask a very simple question: Where is happiness? The answer is far more elusive and complicated than we first imagined. Yet when we find it, it is far simpler than we imagined. Happiness is something that seems to elude many although that is the one thing we are all searching for. I'm your host Steven Webb and I help people with active minds and busy lives enjoy inner peace. Transcript Where is happiness? Try to pinpoint where happiness is right now. I'll just give you a few seconds. It's quite a simple question to ponder upon. And it's something I've been thinking about recently. So, where is happiness? It's not so easy to locate, is it? It's not a place, it's not an object, it's not somewhere out there, it's not a place you need to get to. It's a feeling. So, what is happiness?   That sounds like the question on today's podcast. I'm Steven Webb and this is Living Deeper Lives and also Stillness in the Storms podcast. And this podcast is for you, if you have an active mind and you have a busy life, and you don't have time to sit and meditate for hours every day, but you still want a little inner peace.   Happiness, what is it? Where is it? How do we get it? We all want it as children, what do you want to be when you grow up? Well, I want to be this, I want to be that because we think it's going to make us happy. And as parents, whenever you ask a parent, what do you want your kid to be when they get older, they might say a doctor or something like that. But above all, they always come back and say, “I would like my child to be happy.” And I think that's what we want for our partner, our children, our parents, everybody, we want them to be happy.   But what is happy? What does it mean to be happy? If I asked you when you're happy, so why are you happy? You're very often might mention something on the outside world, “Well, I just got a job promotion or I just got a pay rise or I just passed an exam, got a new car, just start a new relationship” or something or just got out of a relationship perhaps, more than likely, you will mention something externally. You won't look up and say, “I just feel happy.” And then if you say to other people, “What will make you happy right now? What will improve your circumstances right now?”  And, they'll say, “Well, if I had a bit more money, if I was a bit healthier, if I lost a bit of weight, if I gained a bit of weight, if I had a bit better tan.” Nowadays, it’s liposuction, lipo-fillers or either fake eyebrows or a few more likes on Facebook, etc.   And now it's like, I'm not interested in likes, I want the love. I don't want any of the other things, you know the likes, are no longer interesting. And this is really funny, and I talk about the happiness line. And if you imagine a piece of paper, draw a line right in the middle of the piece of paper and then if I say to you that line is your center line, that's the line when you feel normal. You're not excited, you're not in intimate moments, you're not cuddling anyone, you're not feeding any kind of excitement or enlightenment or spiritual bliss or any of those things. And below that line is everything, and you go to the doctors find out you are ill or cannot pay your debts or you're feeling lonely or you're feeling depressed or anything like that has blurred the line.   And depending on whether how far up or down on the scale above and below the line you go, you know, if you're going on holiday, you're quite high up above the line. If you're in bed and having an intimate moment, you're having sex with somebody, you're quite well up above the line. And then the moment you climax, you're like top of the paper, off the paper, off the scale. But then when you go to the doctor's and you suddenly get diagnosed with something that isn't that good, or you hear
Dealing with OVERWHELMING THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS   You know that feeling when you want to close the curtains, dim the lights, sit on the floor in front of the sofa bring your legs up, and rest your forehead on your knees.   Suddenly thoughts and emotions have become overwhelming. There happens to all of us, there is no shame or anything to feel bad about.   If you have a big heart, you care a lot and sometimes you going to be overwhelmed with emotions.   How to deal with overwhelming thoughts and emotions is the topic of this podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
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