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Cory Gochanour graduated with Web Development Cohort 53. I am a technology and audio/visual savant looking to utilize and broaden my skills in a challenging, varying environment. My education and work history have given me the experience and confidence necessary to perform at a high level in a technical niche.
Jasmine Petty graduated with Web Development Cohort 53. Lover of books, music, and all things tech related. I've always been curious and fascinated by how web pages work & how they're created since back in the Myspace.
So Ra Chung graduated with Web Development Cohort 53. My software development journey begin with making pet pages in Neopets back in its heyday. My path in life was complicated, but I have come back to embrace my joy in programming by taking a web development bootcamp at Nashville Software School. I love problem solving and helping people, two things that I believe I can accomplish with a software developer position.
Matthew Anderson graduated with Web Development Cohort 53. Tech Enthusiast and Lovable Scoundrel.
Nathan Center graduated with Web Development Cohort 53. Tech Lover and life long learner!
Jury Byrd graduated with Web Development Cohort 53. I developed a passion for technology at a young age by assembling computers and being an avid video game player. This developed in me a passion for complex problem solving which led to me making the decision to change my career to software development where I can fully engage my mind and ignite creativity and passion into my workday.
Sharif Rashed graduated with Web Development Cohort 53. Originally a history buff, I decided against pursuing higher education in favor of learning a new skill. Curious is an apt word to describe myself.
Sara Hackle graduated with Web Development Cohort 53. After fifteen years in the Service Industry, I got a life-changing opportunity to obtain a Certificate in Web App Development from Ivy Tech. I jumped at the chance to connect my love of technology and my passion for solving puzzles. After successfully graduating Summa Cum Laude, I started an apprenticeship with Nashville Software School in November of 2021. Enhancing my ability to learn new languages, and to learn to work as a team in a simulated work environment. I look forward to professionally continuing my knowledge and growth in this field.
Isaac Weiser graduated with Web Development Cohort 53. Graduated college in 2020. Perfect timing. Spent a year working at a reptile farm. That experience pushed me towards starting an apprenticeship to become a software developer at Nashville Software School
Fred Schmidt graduated with Web Development Cohort 53. I'm a former Band Director of five years turned aspiring game/software developer. I have always enjoyed programming, with the unique problem solving opportunities it provides, and kept up with it as a hobby through game jams and other small projects. Now I am fully pursuing my passion and excited for a future in devlopment!
Hunter Pruett graduated with Web Development Cohort 53. I am a young and aspiring Software Developer. I Enjoy web development as it allows me to code something to together and see it come together into a usable app which I can continuously refine and show to my family and friends.
Jacob Frensley graduated with Web Development Cohort 53. I started my development journey in 2021 with the Nashville Software School as a career change, and it has shown me how fulfilling it can be to solve problems in development. I am a goal oriented team player, and always looking for the next problem to solve.
Ali Paradise graduated with Web Development Cohort 53. As a kid I loved legos and video games. I enjoyed the challenge and the exercise in patience. In college, my emphasis was photography. In the darkroom I could be creative, but also technical, to develop a photograph with just the right exposure. As an adult, I've learned that it's never too late to try something new, and the power of pure creativity. I've found that software development is a combination of all these pieces, with endless possibilities.
Doug Silvera graduated with Web Development Cohort 53. As leader of many Restaurant Industry teams I have seen how many numerous opportunities there are for technology to make operations run smoother, software development has finally provided me the ability to do something about it. Investing in myself and my education has ignited a passion for the problem solving that comes with software development and I am looking forward to adding value to someone's problem solving team!
Nirmaladevi Venkataraman graduated with Full Time Data Analytics Cohort 6. Have 10 years’ experience working with different databases in Data Warehouse (DW) platform. I am always excited about analyzing data in DW for the purpose of requirement analysis, troubleshooting data issues, ETL development and helping business users in their analysis. My interest in data eventually created my passion towards Data Analytics.
Alex Fox graduated with Full Time Data Analytics Cohort 6. Working with and analyzing data is something that I have been passionate about for as long as I can remember. My passion for analytics has grown alongside my passion for sports. Sports analytics is a field that is relatively young but has changed the sports I grew up playing and watching as a kid for the better. As analytics evolves, so do my favorite sports as well. That ever-evolving status of analytics is a key reason why I enjoy it so much. I am looking forward to putting that passion towards a career in analytics to help make informed decisions.
Kenny Simmons graduated with Full Time Data Analytics Cohort 6. Registered nurse with over six years of experience, transitioning laterally to data analytics as it applies to health care. Trained in multiple data analysis and management technologies. Experience with multiple eHR and eMAR systems, utilization management and bed management. Recent nursing experience includes staff nurse positions in bone marrow transplant, oncology and med-surg. Past roles also include acting assistant nurse manager and nurse officer of the day positions.
Emma Jordan graduated with Full Time Data Analytics Cohort 6. Theatre professional turned Data Analyst promising efficiency and excellent communication. My work style is thorough, analytical, and motivated, while bringing a strong creative background to the table. I am described as reliable, positive, and a team player.
Dave Chaniott graduated with Full Time Data Analytics Cohort 6. Data Analyst with a varied background as an experienced Customer Care Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry. Skilled in Sales Management, Databases, and Database Administration. Strong community and social services professional with a Master of Arts (M.A.) focused in Theology from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.
Stephen Love-Wade graduated with Full Time Data Analytics Cohort 6. Resourceful and accomplished professional with hands-on experience in healthcare administration and a proven track record for success. Utilizing these skills and transitioning into the world of tech to expand my capabilities while feeding my appetite for challenging changes and pursuit of knowledge. Aspiring to be a beacon to encourage others to diversity the tech workforce.
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