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Join host Sapphire Sandalo (Ghost Town Terror, Something Scary, Paranormal Caught On Camera), a queer Filipino (Cebuano/Ilonggo) American occultist on a mission to add more empathy and diversity to the paranormal, supernatural, and horror communities through stories and interviews from the Philippines and around the world. Each episode includes true stories that share a theme, with Sapphire's thoughtful commentary weaving them together. To share your story, send an email to | Support this independent show on Patreon! Support this podcast:
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This is Small Tales & Emails, where I read your responses to the podcast in between regular episodes. As always, if youd like to submit an email or story, you can send it to In this week’s episode, I’ll be sharing email responses from the Close Calls episode a few weeks ago.
Have you ever had a dream that made you wonder if a spirit was communicating with you? In this week’s episode, I’ll be sharing true stories from real people who have.First, I tell the tale of a nursing student who dreamed of a stranger looking for her baby. Then, I recount the time a person saw the same little girl in their dreams for a week. Next, I share the story of a person who saw a glowing white figure in the middle of the night. Then, I narrate the account of a college student who was experiencing horror in her dorm room. And finally, I tell the tale of a woman who was visited by her deceased friend in a dream.Ch 1 - Have you seen my child? Submitted by JoshCh 2 - Woman in the backseat, submitted by IsabelCh 3 - The glowing white figure, submitted by RenCh 4 - My dreamcatcher, submitted by CarmenCh 5 - See you in two weeks, submitted by Jeanette
Welcome to Small Tales & Emails, where I read your responses to the podcast in between regular episodes. As always, If youd like to submit an email or story, you can send it to storieswithsapphire@gmail.comToday, I’d like to share an email from Aura. She’s the one who told us of the mysterious woman on the highway and the afterlife hotel. She sent the following after she heard the story about genetic memory this past December and the devotee series this past January.
Have you ever had a dangerous close call? This week, I’ll be sharing true stories of real people who had brushes with the other side, and lived to tell about it.First, I tell the tale of a kid who kept getting mysteriously lured out of bed. Then, I share the story of a woman’s close encounter with an unknown winged creature. Next, I recount the time a kid was surrounded by a Tik Tik. Then, I narrate the account of a young person who was saved by their dog. And finally, I read the experience of a young girl and her dad who got into a horrible jeepney accident. Ch 1: Almost taken, submitted by AnonymousCh 2: The wing, submitted by KimberlyCh 3: The Tik tik, submitted by CyrilleCh 4: Good girl, submitted by LJCh 5: We should have died, submitted by Mina
Have you ever walked into a building and immediately became overwhelmed by… a weird feeling? And you couldn’t really pinpoint why? You just knew something felt…off. Because mainstream representations of the paranormal are dramatized and sensationalized, people think that these experiences need to be BIG and SCARY in order to be real. But sometimes - maybe, most of the time - it’s subtle. Sometimes you dont find a reason. Sometimes it’s just…weird vibes.So for today’s episode, i'll be sharing true stories from real people who also got strange inexplicable vibes somewhere.First, I tell the tale of a teenager whose childhood home had a room they all avoided. Next, I narrate the account of a photographer who was taking photos in a bungalow with a dark past. Then, I share the story of siblings who explored the abandoned house next door. And finally, I recount the time a young woman connected with something in an old museum. Ch 1: The room we avoided, submitted by KatieCh 2: The AirBnB bungalow, submitted by CalvinCh 3: The abandoned house next door, submitted by XavierCh 4: Ice cold hands, submitted by Anonymous
Yesterday, a new paranormal documentary was released on several streamers and platforms including Apple TV and Amazon Prime. It’s called Shadows in the Desert, and it was directed by, written by, and stars Derek Hayes (Monsters Among Us) and David Flora (Blurry Photos). I even make a couple appearances in the film as well! So on today’s bonus episode, I sat down with Derek and David and we discussed the challenges they faced creating a film in 115+ degree weather, the importance of conducting honest investigations, whether bigfoot is physical or spiritual in nature, and why YOU should check out the beauty and mystery of the Anza-Borrego triangle. Hayes IG - @monstersamonguspodcast and @derekhayesmauDerek Hayes Facebook - Flora IG - @blurryphotospodcastDavid Flora Facebook - Hayes Bio:Derek Hayes is the creator and host of award-winning podcast, Monsters Among Us, an anthology of real paranormal stories told by the witnesses themselves. Hayes has also appeared as an on-camera expert on the Travel Channel series Paranormal Caught On Camera, seasons 1-4. He currently calls the mountains above Los Angeles home, but originates from the backwoods of Southeast Ohio. Hayes has also appeared on the Travel Channel series In Search Of Monsters, and has spoken on panels at AlienCon, LA ComicCon, and CryptidCon.David Flora Bio:David Flora is a Kentucky-born, Colorado-based actor, writer and podcaster. An 11-year podcast veteran, he hosts the award-winning paranormal podcast Blurry Photos. He also co-hosts a trivia podcast, Quiz Quiz Bang Bang and another paranormal podcast, Hysteria 51, and a short story pod, 5-Minute Frights. You can hear more of his narration on Audible or Amazon, where he has numerous audiobooks as well.
When I was getting serious about magick and opening my third eye, a skeletal face appeared to me in a vision. For this week’s episode, I wanted to share other true stories from real people who have also had bizarre experiences looking into an unfamiliar face. First, I tell the tale of a girl who was haunted by an unknown face under her bed. Then, I recount the time a man’s coworker’s face morphed in front of him. Next, I share the story of a kid who encountered a faceless being in a red cloak. And finally, Virgil Apostol shares the time he saw a face appear in a ceremony.Ch 1 - The face under my bed, submitted by AkiCh 2 - The shifting face, submitted by EdwardCh 3 - The faceless worshipper, submitted by LiaCh 4 - The angry green face, with Virgil ApostolCheck out Virgil Apostol's work:Kaïlūkuän Combat and Healing Arts school based in Walnut , (IG and fB),Book: Way of the Ancient Healer:Sacred Teachings from the Philippine Ancestral Traditions" (North Atlantic Books, 2010)
Welcome to Season 10! Thank you for listening these past 4 years! Today’s episode features true stories from real people who have also encountered a stranger who turned out to be more than they expected. First, I share the story of a young kid who made 2 new mysterious friends at the beach. Then, I narrate the time a teen was approached by a hooded man at a carnival. And finally, we hear from Lea Sportis about the woman in her grandpa’s old apartment who took a liking to her. Ch 1: They could have taken me, submitted by VienCh 2: The Carnival Man, submitted by VCh 3: Lady Leckerman, with Lea Sportis
We have reached the end of this mini series featuring different deities and their devotees. This week, I’m joined by my dear dear friend Rannie AuGoGo. She works with many different deities, but today she’ll tell us all about Papa Legba, the Vodou deity of communication and crossroads. She talks about her relationship to Papa Legba, miraculous ways that he’s assisted her, concerns about appropriation, and insight on how to build meaningful relationships with deities. And just like last time, I did not censor Rannie’s colorful language so if that bothers you, this is your heads up.Book a session or take a course:
While the show is still on a break, we’ll be continuing the mini series with devotees of different deities and spirits. Today, we hear from Ry, a devotee of Santa Muerte, the Mexican folk saint of Death. Ry discusses who Santa Muerte is, how they found their way to her, some of their most profound experiences with her, and resources on how to learn more about her.||Ry @themestizomysticThe Red Text Podcast
Happy 2024! While the show is still on a break, I’ll be releasing bonus episodes speaking with devotees of various deities and spirits. Today, I share what led me to become a devotee of the Filipino (Visayan) goddess Dalikamata, and I speak with Angelica Cresci, a devotee of Hades, King of the Underworld in the Greek pantheon.Angelica Cresci:
This is Just For Chills, where on select weeks in between regular episodes I read spooky, spine tingling fictional stories - just for the chill of it. If you'd like to submit one, you can send it to storieswithsapphire@gmail.comToday, I’ll be sharing the story of a father trying to find whats scaring his daughter. Then, I tell the tale of 2 friends who became psychically linked through a doll.Chapter 1: Prankster Before Christmas, by Gela JenssonChapter 2: The Doll, by Krystal Clarke
As the last full episode of the year, I’d like to leave you on an uplifting note with stories from real people who have been comforted and assisted by another person or spirit.First, I share the story of a young person who performed an impromptu exorcism on her friend. Then, I tell the tale of a person who began finding gifts from a deceased relative. Next, I narrate the time someone received an undeniable sign from their deceased father. And finally, I speak with Melissa Trahan, host of the Ay Ghost Mio podcast, who had a reiki session that changed the course of her life.Listen to Ay! Ghost Mio Podcast: minute holiday gift ideas!Healing sessions with Rannie Augogo // Skincare, ritual supplies, spiritual consultations, and more with Lyn Pacificar //Filipino & magickal inspired art prints from Acaballz //Ube pancake mix and other treats from Ninongs Dessert Lab //Filipino inspired makeup from Filipinta
If a spirit walked past you, would you even know? In this week’s episode, I’ll be sharing stories from real people who encountered entities pretending to be something else.First, I tell the tale of a person who witnessed something imitating her baby brother and mother. Then, I share the story of a mysterious black dog that visited a woman in labor in the Philippines. Next, I recount the time someone mistook a spirit for their friend.Then, I speak with Kristen and Erica, the hosts of Dinky Podcast, who share their bizarre encounters with spirits who made them do a double take.|| Listen to the Dinky Podcast -
Happy Native American Heritage Month! On today’s episode, I speak with Shanclen and Hero, Indigenous Navajo paranormal investigators. They talk about what led them to create their Youtube channel Unearthing the Supernatural, what paranormal reality shows today get wrong, their favorite pieces of evidence they’ve captured, and their most memorable interactions with spirit.Unearthing the Supernatural Shadow Productions
Alright, I know it sounds silly - haunted bathrooms? Really? BUT, think of how many paranormal games take place in there. Think of the iconic horror movie scenes. There's something about bathrooms that make them ripe for hauntings, and that's what we'll be exploring in this week’s episode.First, I tell the tale of a camper who encountered a boy scout late one night. Then, I share the story of a home that had a permanent resident in the bathroom. Then, I narrate the story of a mysterious childlike entity peeking over a stall. And finally, I tell the tale of a house plagued by inhuman energies.Chapter 1: The Boy Scout, submitted by KaseyChapter 2: Girl in the Red Dress, submitted by CatherineChapter 3: Little Kid in the Stall, submitted by MinaChapter 4: The Basement Bathroom, submitted by River
Introducing: I Hear Fear

Introducing: I Hear Fear


Nothing is as terrifying as the sounds we hear in the dark. The slow creak of a door opening late at night... or a whisper in a room when you thought you were alone... or a distant scream in the wind. One noise at the wrong time or place can scare us for days.Each episode of I Hear Fear plunges the listener into a tale inspired by real events, from a deadly dance party to a cursed film set. Join host and two-time Oscar nominee Carey Mulligan for six immersive stories designed to jangle your nerves and haunt your dreams.Follow I Hear Fear on the Wondery App or wherever you get your podcasts. You can binge all episodes of I Hear Fear ad-free right now by joining Wondery Plus. Listen now:
In this week’s episode, I’ll be sharing stories from real people who found themselves victims of a curse.First, I tell the tale of a man who inherited a cursed home.Then, I share the story of a kid who was punished by duwendes.Next, I recount the time a young girl was married to a djinn.And finally, Ria Tirre shares the story of how her family helped free a man from a hex.Listen to Fresh Hell Podcast the Frantic Romantic music video for "Jigsaw"
Follow MrBallen’s Medical Mysteries wherever you get your podcasts. You can binge the first 8 episodes, early and ad-free on Amazon Music. Download the Amazon Music app today.The human body is a miracle. But when it’s not working, it can be the stuff of nightmares. On this new series from master storyteller MrBallen, we’re sharing medical horror stories and diagnostic mysteries that are surgically calibrated to make your blood run cold. From bizarre, unheard-of diseases and miraculous recoveries to strange medical mishaps and unexplainable deaths — you’ll never hear the phrase “heart-stopping” in the same way again. MrBallen’s Medical Mysteries is a first of its kind collaboration between MrBallen and Wondery, the award-winning company behind Dr. Death. Listen Now:
Apologies in advance for my voice in this episode, I was recovering from Covid as I recorded it. First, crisis counselor and tik tok creator Ria Tirre shares the story of a terrifying shadow entity that haunted her apartment for years. Then, journalist Ozzy Mora tells us about the time she reported on a haunted jail, which led her to investigate with the "Ghost Adventures" team, and the horror followed her home.
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Bea Nelson

I really enjoyed this episode. I grew up watching ghost shows and wondered why the ghost hunters were always provoking the spirits to get proof. Then they would leave the owners of the properties with upset entities. Why can't they access the situation and help.

Jan 3rd

Shane Trent

Zach Bagans is a fraud and a shill.

Oct 11th

Bea Nelson

I looked at the Host. It was good! Highly recommend. Very happy for the recommendation.

Aug 12th


The problem with this guys entire argument against ghost hunting, is that it assumes or implies everyone is, or should be a Christian

Jul 11th

Bea Nelson

This is a really good interview.

Oct 10th

love love it

Aug 3rd


"Do you want to see yourself?" that's what I heard anyway...

Apr 14th

Amelia W

This episode gave me goosebumps and also made me cry. So good!

Nov 30th

Caitlin Leonillo

just opened my podcast acc yesterday and very happy that this channel's available!! cant wait for more!

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Toni Diane

That was definitely one of her pets. I don't believe her. That makes me doubt her whole story.

Jul 7th

Mi Hyoun Lee


Apr 19th

Sabrina Colon

Very interesting! I personally believe owls to be signs of the goddess Lilith and I've never heard of a relation to them with aliens.

Jan 4th

Amelia W

I have literally been seeing owls everywhere since I listened to this

Dec 21st

Curtis Miles

If owls are an embodiment of a loved ones spirit, then what are ravens?

Dec 16th

Curtis Miles

I just came across your podcast suggested on my feed. Interesting stories - Excellent show

Dec 5th

Jardar Alai

i love this episode so much. i am listening to the episode right now and i enjoying every second

Nov 4th
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kevin kelbaugh

loved listening to her when shebdid snarled and now love listening to her here

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I like the podcast a lot pretty cool

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love you so much and love the story

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