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Author: Cindy Grigg

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Cindy Grigg interviews authors and artists within the “punk” sub-genres such as cyberpunk, steampunk, dieselpunk, decopunk, biopunk, mythpunk, silkpunk, mannerpunk, solarpunk, ecopunk, atompunk, clockpunk, and and other realms of anachronistic techno-whimsy, such as time travel and alternate history. This show is for fans and readers, but we naturally also touch on advice for writers and creatives working in many mediums. Come nerd out with us! www.Storypunks.World
66 Episodes
Hi Storypunks! Not sure I can call recent developments in my life 'unforeseen events' given 2020's general chaos, but as I'm trying to find my best way forward moving into 2021 and probably until 2022, episodes will be on hold a bit longer.  If I can get back to this project sooner, that will be a wonderful happening!  Meanwhile, here's a quote that keeps rattling around in my head: "Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, then it's not the end."-- attributed to John Lennon? Maybe?  I hear that and I think: my only real job as a creative is to not quit. Keep showing up in whatever way I can. During the pandemic and aftermath I am showing up with my creative projects every day, even if I've had to make adjustments--like putting this show on hold for now. I hope you're finding a way to inch or leap forward with your endeavors, too. I also hope to have more amazing conversations in the future and I look forward to rolling these out as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding as I carry on amid uncertain times, and I hope all is going well with you and your projects.  - Cindy
Diana Pho and I continue our conversation about steampunk from her unique vantage point as an editor with more than a decade of experience at Tor and elsewhere. Also, I loved her insight on steampunk as a movement in 2020 and beyond. You definitely don't want to miss it. www.Instagram/Diana.M.Pho -- www.Storypunks.World  
Today I begin a two-part conversation with the creator of the longest-running website on the topic of non-Eurocentric steampunk, Join me for tons of insight from the marvelous Diana Pho AKA Ay-leen the Peacemaker! www.Instagram/Diana.M.Pho -- www.Storypunks.World
There's more! Authors Day Al-Mohamed and Danielle Ackley-McPhail give more insight on their Middle Eastern steampunk novel Baba Ali and the Clockwork Djinn in part two of our discussion. Don't miss it! www.Storypunks.World  
We're back with Season 3! I have a fun discussion to take your mind off the pandemic and onto all those virtual steampunk collaborations you could be doing. Authors Day Al-Mohamed and Danielle Ackley-McPhail join me for a two-part interview focusing on their steampunk novel Baba Ali and the Clockwork Djinn.   www.Storypunks.World  
We've had a fabulous Season 2, thanks to my guests and all of you.  NOTE: Due to unexpected life changes, all off-season aspects of the Storypunks Podcast as well as my writing are now on hold. I'll share more once the show resumes in 2020! In the meantime, check out Kate Shea, Charlie Geiser, and the Children of Proteus team for their comic, a Makeup Monday series (featuring steampunk aquatic creatures . . . awesome!), and more. Best of luck with all you're working on!
In Part 2, Todd and I continue talking about his love for retro pulp adventure, as well as different themes and creative choices when storytelling and punking the 1920s and other eras. Don't miss this conclusion to everything we started nerding out over in Episode 57! --- www.Storypunks.World
Todd Downing describes himself as the "complete creative" because, like many in our audience, he wears a lot of creative hats. In this first of two episodes, we learn about how his Airship Daedalus series developed, including the Greek myth of Icarus and other influences. Join us for your 1920s fix! --- www.Storypunks.World Note: Due to time constraints, I'll publish part two next week. Thanks for understanding!  
In part 2 of this interview about the show Sage and Savant, Eddie Louise shares her process for writing and refining episode storylines (as well as the novelization TransMIGRATIONS) and Chip Michael describes his editing and sound design, including foley and composing the original background music. It's amazing what this duo pulls off along with the other voice actors they work with. Join us! --- www.Storypunks.World
Sage and Savant is a monthly steampunk audio drama produced by Chip and Eddie Louise Clark.  Not only should you check out their show, but Eddie Louise and Chip also have a ton to share about lessons learned from podcasting. You definitely don't want to miss this two-part interview. Reach out regarding their booth setup and more at --- www.Storypunks.World  
Bethany C. Morrow’s decopunk novel Mem is a must-read for anyone interested in historical speculative fiction set in the 1920s. In this interview, we also chat about her other works, including A Song Below Water and Take the Mic, for which she is both a story contributor and editor. Also in this episode: www.Storypunks.World/Apply  
Bethany C. Morrow's decopunk novel Mem is a must-read for anyone interested in historical speculative fiction set in the 1920s. In both episodes of this two-part interview, Bethany articulates many important issues for readers and creators, so prepare to be inspired! Also in this episode: www.Storypunks.World/Apply
Madame Askew and the Grand Arbiter are a hostess and host with the most . . . steampunk! Teapot races. Tea Scouts. Compliment duels. Historical sewing challenges. And that doesn't even begin to pin these two down. For instance, I met them as the Official Steampunk Ambassadors to the Gallactic Steampunk Federation at Wild Wild West Con in Tucson, Arizona. --- --- www.Storypunks.World  
In this second part of two, Dankaert Lexicon shares his involvement with the SCP Foundation's files and other creative projects, of which he has many! Join us for additional perspective on retrofuturism and steampunk, including some thoughts on video and tabletop gaming. All other links mentioned in the show: www.Storypunks.World
Dankaert Lexicon is a character my guest Bonsart Bokel assumes in hundreds of videos about retrofuturism and steampunk communities, books, games, and much more. His "Steampunk Beginner's Guide" playlist may be of particular interest. He also runs two themed troupes for festivals and offers a bunch of insight about that. Great for storytellers of all kinds! All other links mentioned in the show: www.Storypunks.World  
Matthew Mather writes cyberpunk technothrillers, as informed by his extensive background as a cybersecurity expert. In addition to leveraging his expertise, Matthew has gone the extra mile with in-person research or interviews for his books whenever possible. Come learn from this successful entrepreneur turned full-time author! www.Storypunks.World/Editing
In the second part of this interview, Sarena Ulibarri gets into additional detail about solarpunk, including a fantastic list of recommended solarpunk reads. She also shares more about her own solarpunk writing and how other creators can avoid pitfalls in the genre. Tons to learn from here! www.Storypunks.World Note: I refer to England when speaking about the new Minister of Loneliness but I should have referred to the UK! Thanks.  
Sarena Ulibarri has written dozens of short stories that have been published in prominent science fiction magazines and anthologies. In this interview, we chat about solarpunk, ecopunk, and all kinds of futuristic optimism you won't want to miss! I loved hearing Sarena's definition of what makes solarpunk unique and she makes a lot of great points about this fringe but growing punk genre, which is part of a larger lifestyle movement. www.Storypunks.World  
Nathan Van Coops' steampunk Skylighter series is a great point of reference as we continue talking about steampunk, alternate history, retrofuturism, and more. Since Nathan is a pilot, I also picked his brain about the airships and other contraptions we love to speculate about as punks. It's a really fun and creativity-inspiring chat. Join us! For punk-related editing inquiries: www.Storypunks.World/Newsletter  
Some consider time travel its own genre and in this first part of two, I explore this with author Nathan Van Coops. We talk about types of time travel, including a few that may surprise you or ignite new creative ideas. Nathan has so many relevant insights for anyone reading or writing their own time travel fiction. Don't miss it! For punk-related editing inquiries: www.Storypunks.World/Newsletter
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