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Get useful tips, clinical wisdom, nursing inspiration and exploration of key topics from Straight A Nursing. Join Nurse Mo to learn about a wide range of topics ranging from the basics of nursing care to complicated cases seen in the ICU.
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Compartment syndrome occurs when pressure inside a limb or other compartment of the body rises to the point that it impedes blood flow. Left untreated, compartment syndrome can result in tissue death and loss of the affected limb.  In this podcast episode, we’ll talk through the six Ps of compartment syndrome, how we assess patients and what the emergency treatment is for this serious condition. Looking for a great Facebook group full of positive, supportive and encouraging nursing students? Join the Thriving Nursing Students Facebook group here: Read the show notes here:
One of the most critical times in a surgical patient’s hospital stay is the period right after surgery and the day or two that follow. Taking care of patients at this stage requires diligence, quick thinking, and an eye for spotting and preventing complications. Today we’ll be chatting about taking care of patients in the post-anesthesia recovery period when they are potentially the most unstable, and then transitioning to talk about nursing care once the patient leaves PACU.  Want to learn more about PACU nursing? Check out this blog post where I discuss my transition from ICU to recovery room: Read the show notes here:
In episode 114 we talked a lot about time management and prioritizing in clinical, but what about in your nursing school classes? Today I’ll be talking about one of my favorite subjects...being organized and efficient in nursing school. Looking for a way to stay on top of your busy schedule? Check out our planners here:
As cute and adorable as they are, kids are not just tiny adults. Especially when it comes to pharmacology. The way kids absorb, distribute, metabolize and excrete drugs varies greatly, making pediatric pharmacology a truly unique subject.  If you’re heading into your pediatric rotation or starting out as a new pediatric RN, then pop in those earbuds. I’ll talk you through the key things you need to know to utilize medications safely in this very special and vulnerable population.  Want to “bulletproof” your medication administration? Download my freebie here: Read the show notes here:
When you think of diabetes, chances are you immediately think of insulin. But did you know there are quite a few pharmacological treatments that go way beyond insulin? In this episode, we’ll talk about insulin and non-insulin treatments for diabetes mellitus.  Are you looking for a foolproof way to perform dosage calculations...even the tricky ones? Check out Dosage Calculations Bootcamp here: Read the show notes here:
Hopefully your final semester clinical experience hasn’t been impacted negatively from Covid-19 and you’re embarking on your preceptorship with joy and anticipation! These clinical hours are absolutely precious. You definitely want to get as much out of each and every minute so you can make that transition from student to new-grad RN with relative ease. In this week’s podcast, I’ll talk you through my best tips for thriving in this cumulative clinical experience. Good luck! You’re going to do great! Looking for the brain sheets and run sheets mentioned in this episode? They’re right here:
Today we’ll be diving into third spacing and fluid shifts. This is a process you’ll see quite often in critical care, but also in Medical-Surgical patients as well.  So, pop in those earbuds and get outside for a’s beautiful out! Enjoy! There is still time to enroll in Crucial Concepts Bootcamp for the Fall of 2020, but only if you hurry! Enrollment closes August 11, 2020 and you can grab your spot right here: View the show notes here:
While pulse oximetry tells you about your patient’s oxygenation status, capnography tells you about their ventilatory status. In fact, capnography can alert you to declines in respiratory function much faster than pulse oximetry, which makes it a wonderful tool in sedated patients or those recovering from surgery. In this podcast episode, learn the basics of capnography monitoring and how it helps keep patients safe. . Check out Episode 89 for more information about oxygenation, which is actually a complex concept for many students to master (but not you!). . Snag your spot in Crucial Concepts Bootcamp and prepare to achieve total nursing school mastery. . Read the show notes here:
If you’re a new nursing student who is starting your program, CONGRATULATIONS! Before classes begin, it’s important to set yourself up for success. In this podcast episode, I’ll talk about five easy things you can do before classes begin that will help you start your program with your best foot forward. Click here to grab the blood flow cheatsheet! Bloodflow Through HeartDownload Bloodflow MnemonicDownload Crucial Concepts Bootcamp is open for enrollment! This course arms you with the core concepts you need to achieve total nursing school mastery. . Grab my Nursing School Thrive Guide on Amazon and see why it has an average 5-star review: (#ad) . Wondering what supplies you need for nursing school?
In this podcast episode Nurse Mo talks you through the basics of TORCH infections, which occur when pathogens are transmitted from mom to baby during pregnancy or delivery. These infections are toxoplasmosis, other (syphilis, listeria, varicella zoster, parvovirus), rubella, cytomegalovirus and herpes simplex virus. We’ll touch on the key details you need to know to prep for your NCLEX and your nursing school exams! . Show notes available here: . Ready to be the most organized student in your class? Get the planner made just for nursing students here: . Do you LOVE the PodQuizzes at the end of some of our episodes? Then you’ll LOVE our flashcard app (COMING SOON!). Get on the waitlist here and be the first to know when we launch:
Sometimes an asthma attack can be so severe that oxygen and bronchodilators simply aren’t enough. Heliox to the rescue! Heliox is a mixture of helium plus oxygen that creates a gas that is lower in density, thereby decreasing work of breathing and helping inhaled medications get into the more distal areas of the bronchial tree. . View the show notes here: . Crucial Concepts Bootcamp is open for enrollment! This course arms you with the core concepts you need to achieve total nursing school mastery.
In episode 7 I talked about how to give an excellent end-of-shift report. In this episode, we’re taking a deep dive into how nurses use “brain sheets” to ensure that report is thorough and efficient. For this episode, you’re going to want to print out the downloadable PDF and follow along with me as we go through all the components of an effective brain sheet so you can feel confident in the clinical setting. . Download the report sheet for one patient here: . Download the report sheet for multiple patients here: . Looking for a way to boost your nursing school success? Crucial Concepts Bootcamp teaches you the core, underlying concepts you need and is especially helpful for incoming students. All the juicy details are here: . Ready to master dosage calculations in a step-by-step manner that will give you total confidence? Dosage Calculations Bootcamp is your new BFF! . Listen to Episode 7: Giving End-of-Shift Report: (
Patients with active GI bleeding are definitely high on my list of things that make me nervous. In many cases these patients can decompensate quickly, so careful monitoring and decisive action are key to keeping them safe. In this podcast episode, we’ll talk about the nursing care of patients with GI bleeds so that you can feel ready for anything. . Want to be the most organized student in your class? Get the planner made just for nursing students here: . Do you LOVE the PodQuizzes at the end of some of our episodes? Then you’ll LOVE our flashcard app (COMING SOON!). Get on the waitlist here and be the first to know when we launch:
In this week’s podcast episode we’re diving into Kawasaki disease, a condition that mainly affects children under the age of 8 who are Japanese or of Pacific Islander descent (though it’s certainly not limited to this group). We’ll go through Kawasaki disease in peds patients using the Straight A Nursing LATTE method, which is the perfect way to learn the info most likely to be on your exams.  Show notes available here: ( **** Looking for a way to get and stay organized in nursing school? Our planners were designed with your busy schedule in mind. Check them out here ( and see why they’ve got a 5-star rating!
In this podcast episode, we’ll talk about some interesting disease conditions that can often be recognized by the very distinct odors they produce. In addition, we’ll also talk through some tried-and-true strategies for dealing with foul odors in the clinical setting so you keep your patients (and yourself) comfortable. Show notes available here: ( Our nursing student planners are available as printable PDF or digitally for your iPad/tablet. Grab yours here:
Making the transition from nursing student to new grad nurse is one of the most intense, nerve-wracking and amazing experiences you’ll ever have. Even though you’re excited, you’re likely also a little bit nervous (maybe even scared!). These tips for new grad nurses will help you ease into your new role like a pro. Show notes are available here: ( Interested in creating a nursing portfolio? See my how-to here: ( Got an interview coming up? Master these 20 questions and wow everyone on your interview panel ( Brain sheets are key to keeping you organized and efficient throughout your shift. Grab some free brain sheets here: ( Ready to gear up for your new job? What supplies do you really need? (
Let’s talk about hydroxychloroquine...what it’s actually used for and the nursing assessments and safety guidelines surrounding this medication. We’ll use the Straight A Nursing pharmacology framework, DRRUGS to make things nice and organized (and hopefully, easy to remember!) Show notes available here: ( Craving a way to get uber-organized for nursing school? Our nursing student planners are right here and they are gorgeous! (
Today we’re going there...talking about how to deal with difficult patients and families. While most people you encounter as a nurse are a pleasure to work with, there’s always going to be challenging interactions. With the right attitude and a commitment to setting boundaries and expectations, you can help shield yourself from taking it personally or getting emotionally wounded. If you are a new nurse or a nursing student, this one is especially for you! Show notes are available here: ( Shout out to Alwin who left such a great review about the planners! Just ordered my second planner from Nurse Mo! Looking forward to another organized year!! This planner is really the best for nursing students! So motivating to be able to check those little to-do lists! Love it! -Alwin Looking for the planner that Alwin is so in love with? It’s right here, and right now you can get 30% off with the discount code CELEBRATE100 through May 2020: (
In this podcast episode, Nurse Mo talks you through first, second and third-degree heart blocks so you can recognize them quickly in the clinical setting or on your exams. Together, we’ll cover: -key ECG elements of each heart block-the many names for the second-degree blocks (why are there so many???)-causes of heart blocks-nursing assessments and interventions-an easy way to keep it all straight Show notes are available here: ( Looking for tips on thriving in nursing school? Grab the Nursing School Thrive Guide here ( #ad References: Continuing Education Consortium. (2008). Basic cardiac monitoring course. Continuing Education Consortium. Garcia, T., & Miller, G. (2004). Arrhythmia Recognition: The Art of Interpretation. Jones and Bartlett.
Taking care of patients after a thyroidectomy involves very specific assessments and interventions if complications arise. In this podcast episode, we’re using the Straight A Nursing LATTE method to go through signs/symptoms after thyroidectomy, how you should assess the patient, what tests and treatments will be administered, and how you’ll educate the patient.  Ready to get organized for nursing school? Our planners are available in printable PDF format and digital format for your tablet. Both are available here: Celebrate 100 episodes with me! Use the discount code CELEBRATE100 at and get 30% off a nursing student planner through the month of May, 2020. Hungry for more thyroid learning? Check out Episode 61 on hypothyroidism (, and Episode 58 for hypothyroidism (
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Vctoria Wlls

Could you please do a podcast on therapeutic communication and deescalation in the psychiatric setting. thank you!

Jul 7th

Heidi Christensen

Hey from Idaho! There is a group of us that listen to your show, we are second year students at the college of Western idaho, we love your show!!! It would be so helpful if you took a deeper dive into respiratory since we'll be testing when we go "back" to school 4/6. Thank you! Amy, Heidi, Sage, Alishia, Mary Lou, Alexis, Brittney, Susan, Saira!

Mar 26th

Budhakala Rai

the best podcast for nurses🥰🥰🥰🥰😇😇😇😇😇😇

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can you do an episode on the concept of inflammation?

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great podcast! easy to listen to and informative

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Julie Larson

Love this! This is my first time hearing your podcast. I start nursing school in 2 1/2 weeks (at age 44). I didn't want this podcast to end. Thank you!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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Charles Ferguson

Straight A Nursing podcasts are just awesome, they are perfect for future nurses or like me and you want some refresher courses. Excellent for the commute to work.

Feb 28th
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