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Author: Sam Taggart and George Civeris

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StraightioLab is an intellectual podcast where smart comedians George Civeris and Sam Taggart unpack the rich, multi-colored tapestry of straight culture. In each episode, George and Sam are joined by a guest to hold a MIRROR to society and finally get to the BOTTOM of mysterious and perverse topics such as college fraternities, gender reveal parties, the military, themed restaurants, and the concept of "the holidays." Scared? Good.
37 Episodes
"Holidays" w/ Julio Torres

"Holidays" w/ Julio Torres


Space Prince and Food Delivery King Julio Torres joins George and Sam on this episode that, quite frankly, shakes the StraightioLab universe to its core. The boys talk holidays, bi-erasure in the Lord of the Rings, and get an honest critique from Julio that leaves them questioning their very reason for podcasting. Points are made. And while they are not GOOD points necessarily, they are still points nonetheless.   
"Ketchup" w/ Sandy Honig

"Ketchup" w/ Sandy Honig


Fresh out of Twitter jail for impersonating Ivanka Trump, creator and star of Adult Swim's Three Busy Debras (more like Three Busy KARENS!) Sandy Honig joins the boys for a salon on bad 9/11 art, problematic LGBTQ foods, and the eternal question of modern life: How do you reconcile wanting to be mean with not wanting to hurt people's feelings? 
All attempts to make StraightioLab normal failed miserably this week as Sam and George welcomed Caleb Hearon onto an ep that Wired Magazine has called "riddled with technical difficulties." Nevertheless they persisted and managed to talk about the differences between straight vacations and gay vacations, what counts as "sports entertainment" and what is just sports, and whether or not kids can still ethically be named Milo. Also, this episode starts a feud worthy of a Ryan Murphy limited series, so listen and then choose which side you're on... bitch!
"Hats" w/ Jay Jurden

"Hats" w/ Jay Jurden


Taped during the nail-biting aftermath to last week's election, this episode of Pod Save America spinoff podcast StraightioLab considers the concept of politics (it's "famous people but make it ugly") before diving into a wide range of more pressing issues. Intellectual powerhouse Jay Jurden joins us to ask some inconvenient questions, such as: What is America's Next Top Model's relationship to the Iraq War? Who is G-Eazy? Does George speak English? And finally: Are hats "hot"? 
This episode of StraightioLab is a time capsule to a simpler time (a little over a week ago) when election anxiety felt like a lifetime away, guest Annie Donley had not yet been cancelled for her heinous crimes, and Sam and George had not yet considered the politics of deli counters. Now? We are informed. We know better. And most importantly, we know when this episode comes out. So go vote and then treat yourself to this incredibly innovative podcast in which comedians discuss things.
"Society" w/ Robby Hoffman

"Society" w/ Robby Hoffman


The most important mind of our generation Robby Hoffman joins Sam and George for a comprehensive conversation about what is happening in society today. Gender, money, dating, interior design, democracy, the global art market... Nothing is off-limits, no one is safe, and no child gets left behind. If you're still breathing by the end of the episode, don't forget to watch Robby's weekly call-in show DYKEVICE Thursdays at 10pm EST here.
"Porn" w/ Edy Modica

"Porn" w/ Edy Modica


Are podcasts the new punk rock? Probably not, but we still ask this and more on this week's episode of StraightioLab with our sexually open guest Edy Modica. This episode explores all of our deepest fantasies like...what would it be like to open a restaurant, how does it feel when Sam and George get in a fight on air, and what's the sensation of listening to Sam turn trying and failing to turn his lights on. We also do a fully collaborative shoutout session, which actually did work.   
This week, Sam and George are joined by the reigning queen of horror comedy Sasheer Zamata to talk about the passion of LGBTQ+ ally Kathy Najimy, why voting needs to be more Instagram-friendly, and whether it's ethical to ruin someone's life because they posted a cringey video on Facebook. Plus: Sasheer and Sam reminisce about their improv days at UVA, and George lashes out because he feels left out. Listen, rate, subscribe, live, laugh, love, and while you're at it, stream Sasheer's new show Woke on Hulu and rent her new movie Spree on VOD!! 
It's the crossover event of the financial quarter, and thank God, because profits are plummeting! Talk Hole's Eric Schwartau and Steven Phillips-Horst join Sam and George for a no-holds-barred salon on some of the most important questions of our time, such as: Is podcasting art? What is the correct number of gay men that should co-exist in one space? Is Eric's Canadian boyfriend real? Clicky-clicky, time to press play!!! 
This week on the normally tasteful pod StraightioLab, we get absolutely raunchy with Lorelei Ramirez. We call people fuckers, we talk about who's gonna pay for our steak and martini lunches, and we discuss Hillary Clinton's new catchphrase. That's right, dim the lights, make sure your parents aren't with you, and tune into this nasty episode. Also we touch on Carhartt clothing, but mostly all agree that it looks good, especially if you work in or aspire to work in film. 
OK podcast description starts now. On this episode of the global sensation known as StraightioLab, we discuss what could have possibly led Ana Fabrega to do comedy, what you should do if you're ever in a job interview and don't know what to say, and whether or not Ana should decorate her room with photos of beautiful busty women. We also return to the now classic and beloved concept of asking if our title is good and eventually we talk about the bravery of people who wear pajamas to run errands.
This week, Joel Kim Booster (lives by a river) joins us to discuss our experiences with post-9/11 nationalism as a stupid gay teens. Then, we contemplate how various politicians, celebrities, and famous criminals would have handled New York City's response to the coronavirus pandemic and Joel shares a harrowing story about seeing Antoni Porowski wearing a monocle. All this and MORE on the podcast one reviewer called "flashes of wit but it all seems like an inside joke that I'm not privy to." 
This week on the podcast that can't be tamed (StraightioLab), the notoriously gay Matt Rogers comes on to unpack the pain and suffering surrounding sheds and garages. This is truly a tell-all of an episode as Matt also talks about his part in voting on the Iraq War, how he came to have a sordid affair with a reviled gay celebrity, and each of the boys share their experiences from Gay Birthright, which is of course going to a taping of The View as a joke. 
Sam and George finally decide what the podcast is "about" and then welcome comedy icon Jo Firestone to chat about her career as a Christian sex comic. Then, they unpack (aka briefly mention) the finale of the HBO series Entourage and play a depraved game of Duck Duck Goose. 
This week we ask Clare O'Kane the iconic ice-breaker question "How many of your family members are in therapy, and if you could change that number, who would you tell to stop therapy and who would you tell to start therapy?" After that, we go DEEP into what skateboarding means for the dusk of the American empire, and George asks Clare if there are "drag houses in skate culture." And then, when you least expect it, we get SINCERE! 
"Prom" w/ Drew Anderson

"Prom" w/ Drew Anderson


On this week's StraightioLab, George and Sam welcome Brooklyn-based sweetheart Drew Anderson on to unpack prom and, in a greater sense, what it was like to listen to music in 2004. This episode overcomes so much (hand washing in the middle of recording, boring anecdotes) and emerges stronger than ever (attacks the Slate Culture Gabfest, tries to put all gay couples into a box of either being a Portia or Ellen). There's nothing that can't be overcome...on the podcast that is named StraightioLab (rhymes with Radio Lab). 
This week, George and Sam welcome comedian and Nicole Scherzinger sound-alike Mary Beth Barone on to the pod to talk all things Sopranos. No stone is left unturned as they cover everything from the upsetting laws that forbid unwed women from watching the show to the distasteful yet prescient "Sopranos Curse." Anything is possible on StraightioLab, the ONLY podcast that was created specifically to spread misinformation. 
"Camping" w/ Mary Houlihan

"Camping" w/ Mary Houlihan


This week, comedian and noted outdoorswoman Mary Houlihan answers all our most pressing questions about camping culture, including: Where do you poop? How do you start a fire? What is the name of that one Haim sister? Plus: Are our moms disappointed in us? Listen to find out! 
On this episode of the completely optional podcast known as StraightioLab, George and Sam welcome living legend Naomi Ekperigin on to unpack parenthood. This episode also asks many tough questions like...are comedians inherently evil? Is George's face grumpy when resting?? And what is Naomi's connection to Jeffrey Epstein??? You'll have to find out. 
This week, Sam and George are joined by Joe Rumrill and Rachel Pegram, a real-life COUPLE brought together by StraightioLab producers many years ago. Joe and Rachel break down the depraved politics of straight sitcoms and finally get to the bottom of which Jon Favreau is which (and why it doesn't matter). Plus: Sam finally opens up about his Juilliard days, and George tells a twisted story about the intersection of food and tech. 
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