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The Street Cop Podcast with Dennis Benigno, the founder, and CEO of Street Cop Training.
14 Episodes
Hooked for Life

Hooked for Life


If you are new to the Police game, you might feel that this lifestyle was not what you had signed up for at first. Dennis explains the dopamine hit from your first successful bust, and how each successive bust adds to the rush.
What are you spending your time on out in the field? Dennis recalls an experience and talks less about headlights and more about how to be effective in the field.
Helping Other Cops

Helping Other Cops


What it means to be in the Brotherhood of Police Officers.
Dennis sits down with a new acquaintance, Jake Bigelow to discuss the real problems in law enforcement right now.
Taken from a live video, Dennis Benigno discusses making a decision and sticking to it.
The Real Minority Report

The Real Minority Report


Dennis sits down with the Real Minority Report to discuss his career & Street Cop Training
Dennis sits down with one of our own and top three instructors at Street Cop, SGT. Kenny Williams. Kenny is a well known interdiction police officer throughout the country, also known as The Red Ninja. Dennis and Kenny discuss the beginning of his career, training, and interdiction. Sergeant Williams began his career in 2007, and currently works as a full time K9 interdiction officer. Williams has been personally responsible for the seizure of over 4 million dollars cash, several hundred pounds of illicit narcotics, and well over a ton of Marijuana. Williams has received countless awards for his work from numerous organizations and has established a national reputation. Williams is a fully certified EPIC and DIAP instructor.
Uncle Den Answers Group Members Questions From Our Private LEO only Facebook Group.
Dennis sits down with Brad Gilmore, an instructor with SCT and talent in law enforcement. Brad discusses his origin story, some of the struggles he had in the beginning of his career and what he does now!
K9 SGT Scott Kivett drops by Street Cop Training
Dennis sits down with Oklahoma Highway Patrol to discuss Street Cop Training, Case law, and more.
Philadelphia police officer Jesse Hartnett, who was wounded in an ambush shooting back in 2016 joins Dennis on the Street Cop Podcast to discuss the life changing incident, his career and what life looks like now.
Dennis sits down today to discuss the Top Ten Most Important US Supreme Court Cases that cops need to know. Case law is fundamental for all cops. This is one of the core beliefs of Street Cop Training.
Dennis sits down with Captain Tom Rizzo to answer questions on police leadership and correct approaches. Thomas Rizzo began his law enforcement career in December of 2001, as a Patrolman with the Middlesex Borough Police Department (NJ). In 2004, Rizzo was hired by the Howell Township Police Department (NJ), where he is currently serving as the Investigations Division Commander at the rank of Captain. Rizzo formulated Howell Township Police Department’s first Criminal Suppression Unit, where he has participated in a variety of search warrant executions, intra/inter-agency collaborations, and take-downs of distributors. Rizzo takes great pride in the constant pursuit of leading by example, while consistently being a student of human behavior.  Rizzo has quickly become one of Street Cop Training’s most sought after instructors.
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