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Strikedeck Radio: Customer Success Live

Author: Strikedeck & Kristen Hayer

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Podcast by Strikedeck & Kristen Hayer
69 Episodes
Join Kristen Hayer and Mona Yoast, VP of Educator Success at Learning Ally as she shares her experience of transforming a team she inherited into a high-performing customer success team.
Join Paul Piazza, Sr Dr of Customer Success at Reciprocity and Kristen Hayer as they talk about ways that CS can share customer feedback with the rest of the organization, and the positive impact that can have on a company.
Join Lauren Costella and Kristen Hayer as they talk about how lessons from sports have helped her approach to Customer Success.
Join Jason Whitman, VP of CS at JustWorks and Kristen Hayer as they talk about hiring the right people to create a team that both scales with the organization and delivers exceptional customer experiences.
Join Neelu Shaikh, VP of Customer Success at Tipalti and Kristen Hayer as they discuss tactics for scaling a CS team, and developing scalable team structures.
Megan Macaluso joins Kristen Hayer to talk about the importance of balancing automation with a human-driven onboarding program.
Join Kristen Hayer, the host of Strikedeck Radio & Bill Cushard, host of Helping Sells Radio as they team up for one night at Service Rocket, Palo Alto for a LIVE podcast!
Join Lynn Tsofias, a serial Customer Success leader, and Kristen Hayer, Founder & CEO of The Success League as they discuss tactics for building a digital or self-service customer success program.
Join Kristen Hayer, the CEO & Founder of The Success League and Bill Cushard, Director of Marketing at Service Rocket as they give a preview about their LIVE podcast on the 25th of Sept, 2019! For more details and to sign up, click below:
Ruicong Yan joins Kristen Hayer to talk about how Success teams can and should be involved with Product Development.
Barry Kelly, the CEO of Thought Industries joins Krister Hayer and talks about the various components of a successful customer education program.
Karen Rhorer, the Head of Customer Success and Sales Strategy at Atrium HQ joins Kristen Hayer, the host of Strikedeck Radio to talk about operations, metrics, analytics and KPIs for both CS and Sales. Palo Alto 2019 Customer Success Live Podcast Link:
In this podcast, Mark and Kristen talk about career development in Customer Success, his philosophy on career building as well as some of the specific tactics he has employed in his organization.
Rona Yang will be sharing her Customer Success journey, as well as some of the approaches she took to building up the processes that have made the CS team at Dynamic Yield successful. Link to CS Live Podcast Meetup:
Irene Lefton, a customer success thought leader, joins Kristen to talk about a really important topic in our field – gender diversity in Customer Success.
Andreas, a seasoned customer success leader, fellow consultant and partner in the development of the Customer Success Performance Index, joins Kristen to discuss the CSPI - a publicly available tool that CS leaders can use to benchmark their performance on 8 dimensions.
Jim joins Kristen to share his interesting approach to creating an exceptional customer journey with a cross-functional team. He calls them Journey Teams! Jim goes over who is a part of them, how you form them, how to get buy-in for them, and much more!
Kristen worked with Evan Rich, the Director of Customer Success at NS1, as he built out their first health scoring system. This episode covers that process, what it took to build, how that reporting helped his team, and what he would recommend to other leaders looking to do the same.
Courteney joins Kristen to talk about data-driven Customer Success programs. They get into the details of how to shift from an emotional, reactive program to a data-driven, proactive customer journey, and much more!
John Laino, the Vice President of Customer Success from ServiceTitan joins Kristen to talk about a very cool initiative he kicked off on his team called ALIGN, which is all about optimizing customer outcomes to go beyond product adoption.
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