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Strive 4 More: Lifestyle Podcast

Author: Ronica Jacobs

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Self-care and personal development topics for people wanting to make a serious transformation within themselves to achieve their maximum potential.
90 Episodes
Talk Radio Host Kristen Harper talks getting through emotional trauma, battling eating disorders, and how a hair sample can tell you how toxic your body is more than a blood sample. Listen to her Radio Show every Tuesday at 3pm PST through
Award-winning multi-media professional Brigitte Williams James discusses the importance of being mentally fit as a journalist, the progression of African-American women in journalism and media, and how to increase your exposure through interviews. Advertise your service or product and expose it to a new audience. Contact me at
Jen McKee from KeeHart Marketing shares the importance of accountability and consistency, how to use each social media platform to market your business, and the best advice she’s ever been given. More information at
Life after 50 is definiely not downhill. It is actually filled with wisdom, perspective, and emotional maturity. Famed Blogger, Stephanie Raffelock discusses life after 50, powerhouse female leaders like Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Vice-President-Elect Kamala Harris, and how women are the true containers of emotions to the betterment of our society. If you truly enjoy this pocast, please tell a family member or friend. Thank you to all of you who have listened, shared, and rated my show!
Dr. Russell Thackeray is one of the leading minds of organizational development. Listen as he discusses the beauty of the shift in leadership as a result of the pandemic, how leaders can get the best out of their people, and how to manage up. More information can be found at
A Reason to Be author, Norm McCombs, talks about the importance of seeking support when caring for someone with Alzheimer's Disease, receiving the National Medal of Technology Innovation from President Obama, and encouraging young people to pursue a career in biomedical engineering to save our future existence. More information at
Entrepreneur and Founder of Wit Digital, Stephen Christopher not only believes in female leadership, he provides opportunities to make it happen. Listen as he shares how to truly support female leaders, why it is important to check your website on mobile platforms and not just desktops, and how to create SEO and SEM strategies. Interested in sponsoring an episode? Check out
Registered Nurse Rochel Marie Laswson, founder of Blissful Living 4 U, discusses the mask or no mask debate, preventive measures to take before spending time with family and friends for the holiday season, and the difference between detoxing and cleansing. Find more show notes at
Do you know how to find your voice to deliver a powerful message? Cynthia Zhai is the ultimate voice coach to turn you into a speaking powerhouse. Listen as she discusses how to use suspense to capture the audience, digging deeper behind our challenges, and the truth about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech. Please leave me a review on your favorite podcast player if it allows. Find all show notes at
Life after 50 does not have to end for women. Hear how Jacqueline "Jack" Perez is helping women live a Kuel Life after 50. She discusses authentic female empowerment, what having a woman as the Vice President means to her, and encouraging women all over the world. Sponsor an episode at
Many of us have had a love/hate relationship with sugar. Some of you may even be addicted to sugar or it has caused you extreme health problems. Thom King has discovered sweeteners that help combat metabolic disease and offer a healthier alternative to sugar. Find show notes and more at
Tune in as we talk all things podcasting and how you can really start a business with no money. Alan Donegan founded the Popo-Up Business School and hopes to inspire people to take control of their financial destiny. Show notes and more at
Chad Peterson has made an awesome living out of helping people sell their businesses or grow their existing business by acquiring another. He shares how to know if you are an entrepreneur or a business owner and how to spot the difference. Interested in starting a podcast? Contact me at and let's get you started!
Depression in young men is not always a topic that is openly discussed. Zen Bon Monk Jacques-Pierre Cole shares his journey from pain to peace after experiencing mental, physical, and sexual abuse. Please find show notes and more information at
The basic foundation of interaction for social beings is communication. Sometimes we get it right and other times not so much. Several events have been misinterpreted and the intention did not match the outcome. Berthine speaks on Black Lives Matter, Cultural Competence, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Trainings, and how to turn lemons into lemonade.
Growing a business needs actionable steps from a well laid out plan. David and Dana Hagstrom feel it is their mission and ministry to help entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams of entrepreneurship. Coaching is different from mentoring because a coach will help you plan and prioritize what goals and strategies are needed to help progress the business closer to its goal. Sponsor an episode and expose your product and/or service to a news audience. Contact me at or visit
Do you know what a happy entrepreneur looks like? Well, Che Brown coined the phrase "The Happy Entrepreneur." Entrepreneurship is about how you think and not what you think. He shares some serious golden nuggets to help all entrepreneurs strive 4 more!
Having a good relationship with money is one we all definitely deserve. Bob Wheeler discusses the common issues we fall into with money. Our emotions are heavily tied to how we manage and spend our money. When you have a healthy relationship with money, you can conquer any financial goal no matter what stage of life you are in.
Discussing topics associated with sexuality seems to make some people blush. Sharika Brantley shares how she helps couples explore intimacy to create a strong bond in their relationship. There has been a sexual revolution brewing in our culture allowing women to comfortably embrace their sexuality and feel free. Warning: This episode contains adult content that is best suited for listeners 18 and over. Interested in starting a podcast? Send me an email at
Kim Ades challenges us to think about how to think differently to make a massive change. Behaviors follow beliefs, so we must change our actions in order to change our behaviors. She also discusses accountability not being the coach's job. We must hold our own selves accountable as we move towards our preferred reality. Listen to learn about her 4 P's of Leadership Training Program.
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