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Explore every day inventions and discover how they came to be. Each episode dives into the stories behind the inventions -- from personal struggles, to unexpected “aha” moments, to the creative determination of individual inventors. Hear about the creativity and inspiration behind inventions and how intellectual property plays an important role in dreams becoming reality!
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In the season 2 finale of Stroke of Genius, we are joined by world renowned inventor and entrepreneur, Dean Kamen. Dean is best known for his invention of the Segway Human Transporter, although he holds hundreds of patents for inventions that have revolutionized the medical field. Join us in a masterclass on inventing, patenting, and altruism with additional insider tips from his patent attorney, Maureen Toohey. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Join us as we speak with Anna Stork, co-inventor of LuminAID, the world’s first solar-powered inflatable light developed to provide disaster relief aid after the Haiti earthquake in 2010. Hear how two college friends crowdfunded the development and manufacturing of the technology and had the opportunity to pitch their invention for funding on Shark Tank. Through all this, the LuminAID light has become the new favorite product of outdoor adventurists while also providing aid to disaster-stricken communities around the world. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
In this episode, join us as we explore curiosity-driven science with Dr. Manu Prakash. Dr. Prakash is a Professor of Bioengineering at Stanford University who strives to create opportunities for limited resource communities all over the globe. His invention the Foldscope, an origami microscope, costs just $1.75 and allows people all over the world to explore their curiosity through science! Learn more about Manu PrakashThe Prakash Lab website: Foldscope Patent: Foldscope Community: For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Join us in this episode, as we explore how a personal challenge inspired Mandy Haberman to become an inventor, how she made bold moves to grab industry attention, and what happened when Mandy had to protect her intellectual property in court.Mandy Haberman website: Baby products: For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Have you ever wondered how the internet came to be? In this episode, we speak with the "Mother of the Internet", Dr. Radia Perlman, and find out about her invention spanning tree protocol, a system that allowed computers to communicate with each other, a significant contribution to the internet we know today. It took Dr. Perlman only two days to create this algorithm and she spent the next few days writing a poem that is included with her patent!This episode is sponsored by Ryan Mason and Lewis LLP.Read The Spanning Tree Patent and Poem: For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Join IPO Education Foundation and host, Andrea Madho, to learn about Temple Grandin, the world-renowned autism advocate, inventor, professor of animal science, and bestselling author. Dr. Grandin shares childhood stories about her unique method of learning as a child on the autism spectrum as well as cautionary tales about the importance of hands-on education. We'll go out in the field to tinker with two future inventors testing out an experiment from her newest book Calling All Minds: How to Think and Create Like an Inventor. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
In this episode, we'll meet Kenton Lee, founder of Because International and creator of The Shoe That Grows™. We'll learn about how a trip to Nairobi, Kenya transformed an average man from Idaho into an inventor whose product has improved the lives of kids all over the world. Mr. Lee was recently recognized by the United States Patent and Trademark Office with the US Patent For Humanity Award. See the patent for the shoe that grows.This episode is sponsored by Worldwide IP SolutionsThis episode was produced by At Will Media on behalf of Intellectual Property Owners Education Foundation For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Join us as we get to know a Master Inventor at IBM, Lisa DeLuca. Lisa holds over 400 patents for her various inventions across the tech world. We'll hear what it's like to invent for a huge organization like IBM, get advice on patenting your own invention, and learn about some of the incredible projects Lisa has been a part of such as Digital Twin. This episode is sponsored by IBM  Learn More About Lisa Seacat Deluca Her Website: of granted USPTO Patents: Watch her TED TalkThis episode was produced by At Will Media on behalf of Intellectual Property Owners Education Foundation For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Season 2 of Stroke of Genius launches June 10th! Join IPO Education Foundation and host, Andrea Madho, as we take a look into the lives of some of the most influential inventors of our time such as Temple Grandin, Dean Kamen, and Lisa DeLuca. We'll learn about their struggles, their triumphs, and what it takes to turn a great idea into a patented invention. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
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Patent Pending


Season 1 Finale! In this episode, we’ll profile three entrepreneurial inventors in different stages of the patent process who all share a common goal - to make the world a better place. We’ll feature: Amira Idriss, CEO and Founder of TheraV, a wearable device that uses vibration therapy to offer drug-free pain management for amputees and neuropathic pain sufferers. Danya Sherman, inventor of KnoNap, a cocktail napkin that is capable of testing for specific rape-drug presence, providing a discreet, portable, gender-inclusive tool to combat sexual assault. Joe James, whose company Agri-Tech Producers, LLC is creating green jobs in South Carolina, and providing a cost-effective approach to clean up contaminated land and water, through planting, harvesting, and treating bio-crops. Brought to you by IPO Education Foundation and produced by At Will Media For information regarding your data privacy, visit
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