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At a time when we’re longing for a deeper sense of meaning and belonging, there’s a new story emerging that we’re all a part of. When we hear someone else’s journey, it can inspire our own. This is the Stu Murray Podcast, where we have honest conversations with people who are contributing to a more beautiful world. This is our story. I’m your host, Stu Murray.
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This is a special episode of the Stu Murray Podcast. I have the opportunity to chat with my dear friend and business partner Dan Gillis. Dan is a creative entrepreneur, father / husband and guide for others trying to navigate their life. Dan founded Realized in 2022 to help support people in making the shift from ambition to meaning through the realization of their highest value contribution during a time when humanity needs it most. He currently offers 1-on-1 coaching for those looking to maximize their potential. We are also in the process of creating a self-guided version of the journey that will be more accessible to people all over the world. To learn more about the access the free resources and learn about the latest updates, sign-up at or email Dan at A few key topics include:Living a life of purpose and meaningAnswering the call to adventureThe messy process of self-discoveryThe benefits of working with a guideI hope you enjoy! Connect with Dan GillisWebsite | https://www.realized.lifeEmail | dan@realized.lifeConnect with StuWebsite |  Instagram | Facebook | https://www.facebook/stumurraypodcast TikTok |  YouTube | Follow & Subscribe to the Stu Murray Podcast Rate & Review the Stu Murray Podcast 
Humans are capable of great things. We just need to unlock the power of our hearts and our minds and focus on what we want. If you’re wondering “How to be my best self?,” you’re already steps ahead of everyone who isn’t trying. It’s time to commit to the journey and become your best self. In this episode, Yves Doucet and I dive deep into living a life of authenticity and meaning. He shares many practical tools that can help us become our best self. A few key topics include:Shifting from the pursuit of more to the pursuit of meaning How to become the master instead of being the victim The mindset of innovation and how to break through your creative limitationsHow to open the door of possibilities and live your most authentic lifeWho will thrive in the future of work I hope you receive as much value from this conversation as I did.Connect with Yves DoucetWebsite | Facebook | @Yves DoucetInstagram | @yves_doucetConnect with StuWebsite |  Instagram | Facebook | https://www.facebook/stumurraypodcast TikTok |  LinkedIn | | Follow & Subscribe to the Stu Murray Podcast Rate & Review the Stu Murray Podcast 
Are you interested in having deeper personal relationships and being in a high-functioning and vibrant workplace? Who isn't? In this episode I dive deep with Kaitie Brinston, founder of Culture Academy Coaching, about how we can lean into our values, cultivate the courage to be vulnerable, and live our most authentic lives. A few key topics include:The importance of workplace culture in the success of an organizationRaising children with solid values and the power of leading by exampleCommanding authority from fear as opposed to from respectThe power of vulnerabilityI hope you enjoy! Connect with Kaitie BrinstonLinkedIn | Connect with StuWebsite |  Instagram | Facebook | https://www.facebook/stumurraypodcast TikTok |  LinkedIn | | Follow & Subscribe to the Stu Murray Podcast Rate & Review the Stu Murray Podcast 
When you meet certain people in your life, it’s not always clear what role they will play. My guests Matt Thompson and Bradley Daye  are two of those people. We met over a decade ago playing football at Mount Allison University. We’ve all gone through some massive shifts over those years and throughout that time we have only grown more aligned in how we want to show up in the world. They have become lifelong brothers and will forever inspire me to be a better human. In this episode we discuss:Purpose driven business/organizationsCreating spaces where people can thriveThe importance of leading by exampleWhat true masculine leadership looks like And so much more! I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. Connect with Matt and BradleyWebsite | Facebook | Instagram | @placemaking4gConnect with StuWebsite |  Instagram | Facebook | https://www.facebook/stumurraypodcast TikTok |  LinkedIn | | Follow & Subscribe to the Stu Murray Podcast Rate & Review the Stu Murray Podcast 
Are you willing to risk being considered crazy to become who you actually are? Andre Boulard has visited some dark places and has emerged on the other side with some amazing lessons. He’s learned to let go of what others expect him to be and is more authentically himself than ever. With everything he does, it is clear he does it from the heart and wants to share his unique gifts with the world. Being of service is what keeps him going! A few key topics we discuss include:Tapping into creative expression as a means of overcoming depression and suicidal thoughtsFinding a balance between belonging and authentic self-expressionThe value of healthy relationships and supportive communityBeing of service as a means of healingI hope you enjoy!Connect with Andre BoulardWebsite | | @Andre BoulardConnect with StuWebsite |  Instagram | Facebook | https://www.facebook/stumurraypodcast TikTok |  YouTube | Follow & Subscribe to the Stu Murray Podcast Rate & Review the Stu Murray Podcast 
There are people in our lives who really light us up and offer us a sense of deep connection and inspiration. Katlin Doyle is one of those humans for me. Ever since meeting her, I have been so moved by how she shows up. She is truly a devotee of the sacred, of the living cycles of life, and of the beauty in all. Katlin has a special ability of weaving her unique gifts into authentic, heart-opening experiences for humans, from cacao ceremonies, women's circles, ecstatic dance events, musical performances, and so much more. A few key topics from this episode include:Following the path of our own heart and living an authentic lifeLearning to listen to and trust the whisper, even amongst the noiseNavigating conflict in a healthy, open-hearted, and constructive wayHealing the inner child and tapping into the wisdom of our ancestorsThere’s tons of juicy nuggets of wisdom in this conversation. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Connect with Katlin DoyleWebsite | Facebook | @Katlin DoyleInstagram | @katlinanndoyleConnect with StuWebsite |  Instagram | Facebook | https://www.facebook/stumurraypodcast TikTok |  LinkedIn | | Follow & Subscribe to the Stu Murray Podcast Rate & Review the Stu Murray Podcast 
What are your thoughts on the value of recreation and leisure and their impact on human development? In this episode I chat with Moni Lowen, the Executive Director with Recreation Opportunities for Children (ROC) Eastman. She has several decades experience reducing barriers to recreation opportunities for children. Moni is helping children have a chance to experience the benefits of meaningful recreation and, in doing so, foster happier lives and healthier communities. A few key topics include:The value of recreation and leisure in life qualityThe barriers to access of recreation and leisureTreating the root rather than the symptom - getting off the endless treadmill of sickness and mental healthHow to avoid burnout and compassion fatigue in care-giving jobs (like social worker, teacher, etc.)I hope you enjoy! Connect with Moni LowenWebsite | roceastman.caFacebook | @ROCEastmanInstagram | roc_eastmanConnect with StuWebsite |  Instagram | Facebook | https://www.facebook/stumurraypodcast TikTok |  LinkedIn | | Follow & Subscribe to the Stu Murray Podcast Rate & Review the Stu Murray Podcast 
Do you ever feel helplessly caught up in the rat race? Do you ever wonder how you can get off the fast-paced treadmill? If so, this conversation is a MUST listen. My guest, Macy Miller, designed and built her family’s tiny home in 2011. Her now iconic tiny house has been featured in Time and Dwell Magazine. She’s influenced countless tiny house enthusiasts around the world. In this episode we dive deep into:Tiny home living (~200 sq ft) with husband, two children, two cats and a dog! Her family’s homeschooling journey; an honest exploration of a counter cultural movementAmazing insights on navigating technology use with childrenThe importance of decentralization in empowering communityI learned so much from this episode and left feeling super inspired. I’m already planning to do part 2 with her to learn more about her family’s inspiring lifestyle. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did! Connect with Macy MillerWebsite | Minimotives.comEmail | mizacy@gmail.comInstagram | @whatifworkshopIdaho Connect with StuWebsite |  Instagram | Facebook | https://www.facebook/stumurraypodcast TikTok |  LinkedIn | | Follow & Subscribe to the Stu Murray Podcast Rate & Review the Stu Murray Podcast 
Have you felt overwhelmed with the growing number of people who are ending up on our streets? Do you envision a more equitable society where homelessness is never inevitable, inescapable, or a way of life?I sure have. Often.In this episode I have an honest and confronting dialogue about homelessness with my friend Charlie Burrell, founder of The Humanity Project. Charlie believes a community can ignite social change and improve the everyday lives of our fellow human beings. Their organization’s objectives have been achieved by ensuring 100% of donated resources are put directly back into the community. They have fed over 500,000 people since 2014 and continue to expand their positive impact - all without a cent from the government. In this episode we go DEEP. A few key topics include: The inception of The Humanity Project Getting to the root of homelessness, mental health and addictionThe fragility of our existing systems - it can happen to anyoneCreating social structures and support systems that catch people who fall through the cracksThe challenges of working with government on addressing the root of homelessnessIf you want to live in a vibrant community, where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, this conversation is a MUST listen.Connect with Charlie BurrellWebsite | thehumanityproject.caFacebook | | @The.Humanity.ProjectConnect with StuWebsite |  Instagram | Facebook | https://www.facebook/stumurraypodcast TikTok |  LinkedIn | | Follow & Subscribe to the Stu Murray Podcast Rate & Review the Stu Murray Podcast 
What does having an entrepreneurial mindset mean to you? How do you bring creativity into your days? In this episode, Sally Ng and I dive into personal development and entrepreneurial mindset. Sally shares some amazing tips for anyone looking to level up their impact. A few key topics include: How to create a board of mentors, who can help you navigate the challenging decisions and scary unknowns How we can build trust in relationships and shift from surficial transaction to a deeper relational way of connecting with one anotherWhy it’s important we own our mistakes and celebrate our differencesSally shared some great advice that I will be putting into my own practice. I hope it serves you, too! Connect with Sally NgWebsite | http://www.thetripleeffect.comFacebook | | @sallycngConnect with StuWebsite |  Instagram | Facebook | https://www.facebook/stumurraypodcast TikTok |  Subscribe to the Stu Murray Podcast Apple | Spotify | YouTube | 
How do you deal with discomfort? What practices and tools do you have to help you overcome challenging situations?In this episode, I chat with my friend Jordan Best. Back in 2017, Jordan embarked on a journey of shifting from the victim to the master of his life. He reached a breaking point and decided to take control. He lost over 100 pounds and reversed a number of addictions as well as physical & mental health conditions. Jordan is now helping others overcome their suffering and transform their lives. Where he teaches how to change your mindset, stop bad habits, build discipline, make the hard stuff easy and stay consistent. We dive into his radical transformation and some of the practices he has implemented to make the shift. Regardless of where you are in your own journey, this episode is sure to have some juicy lessons. I hope you enjoy! Connect with Jordan BestBest Interest (Jordan's Coaching Platform) | the Dinosaurs (Jordan's Band) | Connect with StuWebsite |  Instagram | Facebook | https://www.facebook/stumurraypodcast TikTok |  Subscribe to the Stu Murray Podcast Apple | Spotify | YouTube | 
Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the environmental issues we are facing? Do you ever wonder what you can do to make a difference, today? In this episode I have an inspiring conversation with Christopher Mohs. Christopher is one of the founders and COO of Smart Healthy Green Living, a streaming service that is dedicated to all things sustainable when it comes to the home and garden. We talk about the value of making small changes and how, overtime, that can create massive results. We also explore conversations about rising above the noise in mainstream media and uniting the polarities that we are seeing in our social spheres. And much, much more. I hope you enjoy! Connect with Christopher MohsWebsite | https://shgliving.comFacebook | Instagram | with StuWebsite |  Instagram | Facebook | https://www.facebook/stumurraypodcast TikTok |  Subscribe to the Stu Murray Podcast Apple | Spotify | YouTube | 
What is more important to you being right or pursuing truth? These two goals can often come in conflict with one another, and far too often our desire to be right can be the barrier to deeper connection.In this episode, Marcel Petipas and I dive deep into some of the greatest social and political challenges we are collectively facing: cancel culture, identity, politics, tribalism, political corruption, and so much more. We engage in constructive and nuanced dialogue with the common goal of deeper understanding.Marcel also shares his thoughts on the importance of emotional intelligence and critical thinking in navigating our complex world. We will ultimately disagree with one another, and that's part of what makes life diverse and beautiful. And underneath all of that, it's so important to remember that there is more that connects us than there is that divides us.This episode with Marcel might just be my favourite episode yet. I hope you enjoy. Connect with Marcel Petitpas Website | Facebook | Instagram |  Connect with Stu Website |   Instagram |  Facebook | https://www.facebook/stumurraypodcast  TikTok |   Subscribe to the Stu Murray Podcast  Apple |  Spotify |  YouTube | 
Do you feel called to be of service in your community? Do you think there is value in offering your gifts without the expectation of anything in return?In this episode, Joanne Murray and I dive deep into these questions and so much more. Joanne has over thirty years experience in the nonprofit sector, as an Executive Director and Board member, she has seen firsthand the impact that the right systems, processes, and knowledge have on the success of charities and nonprofit organizations. Beyond supporting organizations with improving their impact, Joanne helps people lead from the heart while actionizing their values and principles. Human systems are complex, but there are common needs and qualities that connect us all. Listen to this episode to learn more about simple places we can start to make a big difference, today. Connect with Joanne MurrayWebsite | www.jmurrayconsulting.caLinkedIn | with StuWebsite |  Instagram | Facebook | https://www.facebook/stumurraypodcast TikTok |  Subscribe to the Stu Murray Podcast Apple | Spotify | YouTube | 
Are you interested in buying a house but are not sure where to start? Do you own a home and want to leverage your assets to build wealth for the long-term? In this episode, Alex Leduc talks about his company Perch, which helps people take back control of their life and finances by simplifying the pathway to home ownership. He also shares incredible insights on how to build long-term wealth through real estate, where if done effectively, you could earn more than three times the return on your investments than someone who doesn’t use these strategies. Listen to the full episode to learn more! Connect with Alex LeducWebsite | http://www.myperch.ioConnect with StuWebsite |  Instagram | Facebook | https://www.facebook/stumurraypodcast TikTok |  Subscribe to the Stu Murray Podcast Apple | Spotify | YouTube | 
Are you passionate about deepening your connection with the environment? What does that look like to you? There are so many ways to heal and lean into our connection with Mother Nature. In this episode, I speak with Kate Pepler, owner of the Tare Shop in Halifax and Dartmouth. Kate is on a mission to help people reduce their waste footprint and support local businesses in the process. Her journey of identifying a significant challenge in her community and having the courage to create a solution is nothing short of inspiring. I hope you enjoy :) Connect with GUEST NAMEWebsite | | | @thetareshopConnect with StuWebsite |  Instagram | Facebook | https://www.facebook/stumurraypodcast TikTok |  Subscribe to the Stu Murray Podcast Apple | Spotify | YouTube | 
 Daniel Beaupre reached out to me after one of my previous episodes and shared a bit about his personal transformation journey. After my initial call with him, I knew his story had to be shared. Daniel was adopted as an infant and went through an incredibly traumatizing childhood, which ultimately led him to doing 11 years in prison. He is now on the other side of that and has completely changed his life around. He is now a professional boxer and an active member in his community. His hope is that his suffering is not in vain and that he can help inspire others who are going through hard times. His story does just that. Connect with StuWebsite |  Instagram | Facebook | https://www.facebook/stumurraypodcast TikTok |  Subscribe to the Stu Murray Podcast Apple | Spotify | YouTube | 
This episode with Neal Collins really made me consider my beliefs around real estate… a place I’ve had mixed feelings about for quite awhile. As Neal says, real estate is the commodification of land and as such has become the epitome of the transactional world. He is doing amazing work with his company Latitude, where he and his team are attempting to re-imagine real estate as a relational model. We go far beyond the housing market, however, and dive deep into philosophy about our purpose and place on this planet, how the stories we hold shape our actions, our relationship with nature and each other, and so much more! Connect with Neal CollinsWebsite | chooselatitude.comInstagram | @latitude.regenerative.reConnect with StuWebsite |  Instagram | Facebook | https://www.facebook/stumurraypodcast TikTok |  Subscribe to the Stu Murray Podcast Apple | Spotify | YouTube | BuzzSprout |
I want to thank you all for tuning in to the podcast so far, whether that's been many episode or one or just this one. This has been a new journey with a steep learning curve. But I feel so blessed to be having these conversations and sharing them with you. It truly hope these interviews have been of service to you and have offered you enjoyment, inspiration, or whatever else you are needing. This process is so new to me, and I'm learning new aspects of it every day. If you have any feedback or constructive criticism, feel free to reach out. I'd love to hear your input on how to take this podcast to another level and better serve you.I decided to do something that I would normally have a really hard time doing. I've given myself permission to take a four week break. Part of that is because it's summer and I'll be going on some hikes and trips and will be out of service. The other part is because I'm doing some big work on the back end of things. I plan to ramp up the social media presence, create new and different forms of content, bring on new and inspiring guests from around the world and so much more. This will take some serious work and dedicated effort to learn the new skills and take things to another level. But I'm happy to do this to be of greater service and offer more for you. Thank you for your patience and understanding. And I'll see you in four weeks. In the meantime, take care of yourselves and take care of one another. Peace!
This episode, with Margaux Khoury, touches on so many interesting topics including: creating new systems based on trust and respect; the value of being able to admit we were wrong and being open to change our minds; reaching the highest point of contribution while nurturing what matters most to us; and the perils of censorship. So many juicy ideas for you to sink your teeth into!Guest Bio:Margaux has started a wide range of companies and eco brands. Her experience is vast: from starting and selling a juice bar, to founding a global, 100% plastic-free, vegan company.She is certified in holistic plant-based nutrition, with a focus on longevity. She has studied what the longest living people on earth have in common and loves helping mothers look younger and live longer. She is in the process of organizing a summit for women who want to live longer, look younger, and be happier. Learn more at Margaux has naturally become an advisor for ethical start-ups, especially those wanting to be vegan for the environment, human health and animal welfare, and works with companies who want to make an impact. Among other projects, she is currently a corporate advisor for Plant-Futures with the PFI chapter at Harvard. Connect with GUEST NAMEEmail | Connect with StuWebsite | Facebook | YouTube | Subscribe to The Connected Movement Podcast Apple | | Stitcher | iHeartRadio | BuzzSprout | 
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