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Radio air talent Allen Edwards talks about anything and everything.
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Demented Dictator Donny is personally calling republican state/county board members seeking to “rescind” their votes to certify the election result. The gloom-and-doom orange buffoon has also invited Republican state lawmakers from Michigan to the White House on Friday to mount an effort to overturn the results of the election he lost to President-elect Joe Biden.
President-elect Joe Biden said he doesn't want to focus on investigating the gloom-and-doom orange buffoon.  Um, what the hell is wrong with that statement.  Let's discuss this.
Dems Are Also To Blame

Dems Are Also To Blame


People are always wondering why the GOP is letting Trump get away with his madness.  Well, would you believe that the Democrats are also letting Donald get away with a bunch of crap.  Listen to this show to find out what Dems should be doing to stop the Trump train.
On this radio show you can witness Trump supporters flaunting their knowledge at a hate rally. Plus see how Obama feels about Trump not conceding. We'll also hear from Bernie Sanders about Trump's tantrums and Boris Johnson insults and slaps Trump a good one. This is a great show this week!
This is my post election show that includes unbelievable audio of Trump supporters on the streets, a prayer marathon for Trump's win and a Bernie Sanders prediction that came true. A must listen show!
Haven't we all had enough?  Aren't you tired of what has been going on in the past 4 years?  Don't you think it's time to get our country back?  If you said YES to all these questions, then you need to listen to this Election Eve podcast.
Poor little snowflake dictator Donny. He just can’t handle the truth. The 60 Minutes walk-off temper tantrum is not the first time. In a 1990 CNN interview, President Donald Trump walked off when reporter Charles Feldman pressed him on questions over the financial stability of his Atlantic City casinos.
We must be on Mars. Alex Jones claims “juice boxes makes young boys gay” and Fox News’ Lou Dobbs told viewers NOT to vote for Linsey Graham
Long-time Republican strategist Stuart Stevens says that he no longer recognizes the Republican Party under President Trump and says the party has collapsed.
America is melting.  It's falling apart by the day and Trumpanzees are claiming America is "great" right now.  I talk about how frustrating this phrase is and what we can do about it.
I put together a list of seven tasks you do can right now. Tasks that WILL make a difference if a lot of us do them. If you feel helpless, it’s time for you to take action. If you feel that there’s nothing you can do, check out this list. I did all the legwork for you. You can do all these tasks in less than 20 minutes. At the very least, you’ll feel a lot better about yourself for doing something to make a change.
Today I talk about how important it is for Dems to vote in person.  I explain why it's so important to go to the polls compared to mail-in voting.  I also share a message from a Trump supporter and why Trump's base is so loyal no matter what he does.
Donald trump takes the stage with a variety of laughable statements and script fumbles.  We also talk about how Trump's base will allow Donny to "go out on Fifth Avenue and shoot someone and still get away with it."
In this week’s podcast we discuss how Trump is losing his mind. How he’s seeing things, hearing things and going crazy before our very eyes. I’m also sharing some great commercials about Trump as well as reveal how unhealthy Trump really is. Physically unhealthy and mentally.
We welcome new listeners, talk about Trump lies and explain what Stuck In The Middle Radio Show is all about.
After everything that Donny does, do you ever wonder why Americans still support him?  After all the lies.  After all the racism and division.  The corruption, lawsuits, hate-filled tweets; why would anyone support this man?  Well, I have an explanation.  You have to listen to this podcast.
AOL and Masks

AOL and Masks


Am I the official voice for the America Online 'Welcome' intro.  I will reveal the truth.  I also want to talk about Trumpanzees and masks.
Trump Is Not Leaving

Trump Is Not Leaving


Donald Trump stated he will leave the White House "if he loses".  The key phrase is "IF HE LOSES".  The problem is Trump is going to claim he did not lose and cause chaos during the election.  He's going to scream "fake election" and "corruption" then call for his base to stand behind him.  This is a warning, Democrats need to act now to prevent this man from staying in the White House.  He's not going to leave!
Second Wave Is Coming

Second Wave Is Coming


As people are becoming lax with Covid 19, we are warned of a serious 2nd wave.  This will more than likely be worse than the first (if past pandemics are any sample).  So take this warning along with other news topics.  Listen to this important podcast.
Americans need to open their eyes on what's going on in this country.  We have never been so divided since the civil war.  Many Americans see it.  The world sees it.  YET, many Trump supporters think the country has been been better.  Let's discuss.
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