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Stuck at Home is the daily kids entertainment show from the UK's children's radio station Fun Kids. Join our presenters from across the UK as they give you interesting and fun things to keep you entertained and we hear what's happening on the radio. There's celebrity interviews, stories and more.
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Bex helps bees (as a Bee-xpert) and Dan suggests camping under the stars.
Bex and Dan give you loads to do, including going on a litter picking trip and making a special tree!
Dan and Bex are back again, giving you tips for things to do if you're still at home. We also hear from Fun Kids' resident environmental expert, Marina Ventura.
Dan and Bex give you ideas for things to do if you're still stuck at home, including making ice lollies from smoothies (get a grown-up to help!) and marble mazes.
Dan and Bex (Fun Kids friends and real life friends) give you ideas of things to do including going on a run and having a sunset picnic.
Josh is learning to write in this episode of Stuck at Home, Michael from The Week Junior tells us about some do-it-yourself coronavirus face coverings and we hear another song from Sean and Robot's Comedy Circuit.
Conor suggests getting sporty now that lockdown rules are being relaxed as Bex gets creative with some photo-frames.
Conor gets his watercolour paints and pencils out in this episode of Stuck at Home as Bex makes a den! Plus, we find out what's happening in the world with the team behind The Week Junior magazine and we hear a tune from Sean and Robot's Comedy Circuit.
Sean and Bex chat about what you can do at home, including making a comic book of your own and re-purposing old wreaths. Sean also plays us one of his tunes from Sean and Robot's Comedy Circuit.



Sean plays us a tune from his brand new podcast, Sean and Robot's Comedy Circuit. Plus, he suggests holding your very own Olympics as Bex talks about tonnes of octopuses.
No Dad's are allowed to listen to this episode! It's Fathers' Day this Sunday so Bex and Conor chat about ways they're treating their grown-ups and provide some suggestions for you too!
From cat builders to hippo bank managers, giraffe bus drivers and donkey refuse collectors, Sean's suggesting ways to re-ignite your imagination as Bex asks you to draw places around the world!
Sean boots Dan off the pod and suggests ways you can have fun at home, Bex plays a game of sort-of Twister, they both have a good giggle at the Question Writer, and we hear a brand new mini-series all about chemistry.
Dan's telling you how to spice up your zoom calls with a bit of animal-spotting as Bex tells you how to turn some paper plates into an awesome living-room game!
Dan's asking you to design your own football stripe in this episode of Stuck at Home as Bex suggests a way to make projects and your calls more fun!
Dan and Bex are back for another pod as Ciaran from The Week Junior tells us about some unusual experiments on birds.
Dan makes his own country – Danmark – as Bex reminds us to do some random acts of kindness.
Conor's baking new types of bread – the recipe of which you can find right now on the Fun Kids website at – as Bex encourages us to re-enact some history.
Josh turns his home into a barber shop (so that he doesn't look like a shaggy dog from all the ads) as Bex makes a fan from paper, PVA glue and lollipop sticks.
Josh is back on the pod and up to some strange things including writing a diary from the perspective of his dog. Meanwhile, Bex makes rainbow cookies!
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