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Stuck with Damon Young returns with more off-the-cuff conversations inspired by today’s most culturally relevant headlines and round ups of Damon-approved listener-submitted questions. Each episode, award-winning author Damon Young is joined by some of the best, brightest, and Blackest people he knows including special guests Kiese Laymon, Roy Wood Jr., Elaine Welteroth, Nikole Hannah-Jones and others. Come explore the uncomfortable, hideous, and hilarious absurdity of our human behavior. Listen to Stuck with Damon Young on Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

55 Episodes
In the season finale, damon talks to stephen scatter field, creator and co host of high on the hog, about the racial and economic politics embedded in food creation and consumption. Later he's joined by Panama Jackson for a conversation about money, anxiety, and what's next for both of them Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Cultural critic and native New Yorker Shamira Ibrahim joins Damon to contextualize the bevy of sexual assault allegations levied against Sean Combs, plus the mogul's history of physical violence, harassment, and theft against men and women 00:00- Cold open 00:27 - Introduction 1:38 - Shamira Ibrahim introduction 2:35 - Lawsuits of the adult survivors act 8:00 - The power imbalance between gender/ class 13:55 - Cassie and Diddy exposition  21:50 - No public skepticism of Diddy’s allegations 25:50 - The fallout of the Diddy revelations 37:40 - What does justice Look Like in this situation? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jacqueline Woodson joins Damon to discuss her decorated career and what we can do to combat the legislative effort to ban books from Black and queer authors from classrooms and school libraries. Then journalist Hillary Crosley Coker comes through to celebrate and contextualize the legacy of Jezebel and the rest of the now extinct Gawker Media Network.  CHAPTERS: 00:00 Open 00:15 Introduction 01:24 Damon welcomes author Jacqueline Woodson 10:00 Damon and Jacqueline discuss book banning in schools 33:31 Damon actually loves his production team 36:19 Damon welcomes journalist Hillary Crosley Coker  37:47 Hillary discusses the impact of publications like Jezebel shutting down Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dr. Saida Grundy returns to help Damon understand some of the cultural and economic nuances of the Black Mecca, in response to the response to TikTok restaurant critic Keith Lee's unpleasant experiences with some popular Atlanta restaurants. Then, author and NBC correspondent Antonia Hylton discusses her upcoming book Madness: Race and Insanity in a Jim Crow Asylum, which leads to a revealing conversation about the racist roots of mental health care in America. Chapters 00:00 Open 00:23 Introduction  01:38 Damon welcomes Dr. Saida Grundy to the show 06:24 The facade of Atlanta restaurants  30:11 Damon Hates when people invite him over and don’t offer food 32:59 Journalist Antonia Hylton joins Damon for a conversation on black mental health Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Malaika Jabali returns to discuss her new book "It's Not You, It's Capitalism," and how the American economy hurts the American experience. Then comedian Zainab Johnson helps Damon advise a parent apprehensive about a future filled with family-themed halloween costumes.  00:00 Open 00:19 Introduction 01:30 Damon welcomes Malaika Jabali, author of “It’s Not You, It’s Capitalism: Why It’s Time to Break Up and How to Move On  07:31 The performance of capitalism  27:50 Damon Hates that he’s not extroverted 30:52 Comedian Zainab Johnson helps answer a listener’s question for Dear Damon Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dr. Karida L. Brown & Charly Palmer, authors of "The New Brownies' Book: A Love Letter to Black Families," a collective anthology inspired by W. E. B. Du Bois’ original work, join Damon to talk about some of the ideas behind their work, the importance of the book at a time when so much black literature is being challenged in schools, and the process of working on a project like this as a married couple. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Michael Harriot, author of Black AF History, joins Damon for a discussion on the history of the word "woke" and the real world danger of writing the truth about white people. Then, Morgan the Producer helps Damon discuss how Jada Pickett-Smith's recent comments on her and Will Smith's "marriage" change Damon's opinion on the Chris Rock Oscars slap. 00:00 Open 00:12 Introduction 01:19 Michael Harriot joins Damon for a conversation about wokeness 12:29 Black authors who write about racism with a large following of white people 25:59 Damon Hates the way he was given a citation  29:05 Dear Damon with Morgan the producer on Will and Jada Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Democratic United States Representative Summer Lee returns to Stuck with Damon Young to discuss the implications of student loans on black Americans, then Minda Honey, author of “the Heartbreak Years,” helps Damon decide who the most famous person in America is in 2023. 00:00 Open 00:12 Introduction 01:10 Damon and Congresswoman Summer Lee on small talk 07:08 The experiences gained from higher education 17:36 Rep. Summer Lee totals her student loan debt 39:41 Damon Hates that he’s running out of inspiration for tattoos 41:42 Dear Damon with author and critic, Minda Honey 01:03:10 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Gene Demby, co-host of NPR's “Code Switch” podcast, joins Damon for a conversation on the dangers of social media illiteracy, and how everything—from how we vote and what we eat to where we live and even how we consume sports—can be affected by misinformation.  00:00 Open 00:46 Introduction 01:38 Gene Demby of NPR’s Code Switch joins Damon 03:48 Widespread misinformation on the internet 13:31 The NFL’s influence in media  38:58 Outro   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jenee Desmond Harris, Slate’s “Dear Prudence” columnist and podcast host, joins Damon for a discussion rooted in divorce and giving relationship advice during a time when it feels like couples from all walks of life are splitting up. Then, Panama Jackson returns to help Damon advise a young man with cash flow issues who wants to know if he should pursue dating while broke.  00:00 Open 00:40 Introduction 01:44 Welcome Slate’s Dear Prudence columnist, Jenée Desmond Harris  06:47 Celebrities getting divorced  21:31 How Jenée separates her personal life from her advice column 35:29 Damon Hates birthday gifts for kids 38:52 Dear Damon with Panama Jackson 55:31 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Deesha Philyaw, author of "The Secret Life of Church Ladies," joins Damon for a discussion about making money on the heels of Deesha's two-book seven-figure deal. Morgan the Producer then makes her Dear Damon debut talking tipping etiquette.  Chapters: 00:00 Open 00:32 Introduction 01:39 Welcome Deesha Philyaw  04:26 Turning her writing into a seven figure book deal 19:37 How the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strike is affecting the writer 28:19 Damon Hates 31:07 Dear Damon with Morgan the Producer on tipping 51:05 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mitch Jackson, Pulitzer Prize winning author of "Fly: the Big Book of Basketball Fashion," joins Damon to discuss the impact of the NBA on the black community's fashion decisions. He and Damon also share bumps in the road in their own respective fashion journeys.  Chapters: [00:00] Open [00:53] Introduction [02:06] Mitchell S. Jackson and Damon on forming their personal style [06:47] How style icons are formed in the NBA  [14:37] Allen Iverson’s style influenced the game and fashion [35:48] Are the white NBA players as fly  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
On the NFL’s opening week, best-selling author and MacArthur Genius Kiese Laymon joins Damon for an in-depth conversation on how they can enjoy such a violent, racist sport that profits on the destruction of (primarily Black) bodies. Plus, they find beauty in Black virtuosity and 90s-fine quarterbacks.   Chapters: 00:00 Open 00:26 Introduction 04:54 Growing up in the deep south as a football fan 08:38 Deion Sanders leaving his HBCU team to coach at a PWI 15:53 Damon roots for Mike Tomlin first, then the Steelers 22:40 Damon and Kiese can admit Jalen Hurts is an attractive man 29:17 The consumption of violence through the NFL 47:54 Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jeff Jenkins, host of National Geographic’s Travel series Never Say Never, joins Damon for an extremely fun and lively conversation about their own (and some stereotypically Black) anxieties about travel. And then for Dear Damon, the brilliant writer and educator Dr. Bettina Love helps advise a prospective writer, who fears there will be no writing related jobs left when they graduate. Chapters: 00:00 - Cold Open 00:38 - Show Intro 01:52 - Jeff Jenkins Intro 6:10 - Damon's First International Travel Story 10:40 - Traveling On A Budget 14:30 - Jeff's Travel Hacks 18:58 - Discussing "Never Say Never" 28:15 - Making It As a Travel Influencer 32:00 - Damon Hates 33:59 - Dear Damon with Dr Bettina Love Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
On the heels of retired NFL player Michael Oher’s recent lawsuit against the Tuohy family, where he claims that they manipulated him into a conservatorship, University of Boston Professor Saida Grundy returns to help Damon unpack all of the problems with “The Blindside.” Including why the white savior narrative is so seductive (and so dangerous), and how both Michael Lewis (the author of The Blindside) and the Tuohy family have capitalized, for years, on an intentional mischaracterization of Oher possessing severe intellectual disabilities.  Chapters: 00:00- Cold Open 00:35 - Show Intro 01:58 - Saida Grundy Intro 3:00 - Explaining The Blindside/ Michael Oher Conservatory Saga 12:35 - Film Discussion 18:08 - Who are the Tuohy's 28:00 - Saida's White Savior Identity Theory 34:30 - What Happens Next? 38:55 - Outro Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
In the wake of the 50th anniversary of hip hop, Clover Hope, author of "The Motherlode: 100+ Women Who Made Hip-Hop," joins Damon to explore their respective histories and current perspectives on the genre. Then in Dear Damon, NPR music critic Rodney Carmichael helps Damon talk through the differences between different generations of hip hop artists.  Chapters: 00:00 - Cold Open 00:42 - Show Intro 1:35 - Segment One (Clover Hope) Intro 2:10 - When Did You First Fall In Love With Hip Hop 6:42 - Do You Feel The Same Way Now 12:30 - Dream Hampton Quote of Whether Hip Hop is Revolutionary 16:00 - Female Rappers Impact on the New Generation 26:40 - Damon Hates 29:33 - Dear Damon with Rodney Carmichael Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Morgan the Producer makes her Stuck with Damon Young debut to help unpack the circumstances surrounding the Montgomery River Brawl - or Fade on the Water, as Damon likes to call it Damon and Morgan chronicle the event, its main characters, the potential fallout and even offer what each of them would have done, if they’d been there. Chapters: (00:00) Open (00:28) Introduction (01:54) Damon and Morgan The Producer break down the riverfront brawl (05:48) Fade in the water (13:21) The characters in the fight Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Allen Hughes, director of the Emmy nominated Hulu original documentary "Dear Mama" on the life of legendary rapper Tupac Shakur, joins Damon to discuss his career, personal relationship with Tupac, and experiences directing the recent documentary. Then, author Blaire Kelley joins Damon to advise a black woman who is concerned for the outlook of a new relationship with a black man who has only dated white women. Chapters: Show Intro - 00:27 Allen Hughes Intro - 1:35 Hughes definition of "Legend" - 5:10 Hughes Recounting of Being Jumped by Tupac/ Forgiveness - 13:25 A Discussion of Hughes Past Works - 17:55 A Change in Hughes Directing Perspective - 23:55 Damon Hates - 27:40 Dear Damon - 30:30 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Cultural critic Shamira Ibrahim consoles Damon while he laments Pittsburgh's removal from Beyonce's international tour. Nestled deep in the heart of Taylor Swift country, Pittsburgh, or as Damon likes to call it, the Paris of Appalachia is the only stop so far to be struck from the tour. Shamira helps Damon unpack why that may be and quantify the effect of the decision of Pittsburgh's black community. Then on Dear Damon, spoken word poet Kyla Jenee Lacey helps Damon advise a listener who doesn't know how to react when R. Kelly's music plays in public. Chapters: 00:00-00:36 Open 00:42-01:46 Introduction 01:50 Shamira Ibrahim welcome 02:40 Pittsburgh least livable city for Black people 06:25 Beyonce cancels tour stop in Pittsburgh 21:01 Doja Cat doesn’t love her fans 25:50 Damon Hates cupcakes 28:12 Damon and performing spoken word artist Kyla Jenee Lacey discuss supporting problematic artists   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Joel Anderson, host of Slate's "Slow Burn" podcast, which this season is focused on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, joins Damon to discuss the origins and driving motivations of one of the most influential, yet problematic, African Americans in our country's history. Then on Dear Damon, Shaniqua McClendon, vice president of politics at Crooked Media, helps advise a listener who is tired of discussing politics. CHAPTERS 00:00 Show Open 00:37 Intro 01:41 Joel Anderson Introduction 05:45 What Damon’s Dad Thinks of Clarence Thomas 10:30 Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill 20:06 Clarence Thomas is one of the Most Influential Black Figures in History 34:40 Damon Hates 37:18 Dear Damon with Shaniqua McClendon Learn more about your ad choices. Visit