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Author: Luis Martin

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Studio Confessions is the brainchild of Luis Martin / The Art Engineer. The artist uses the podcast to share his firsthand experiences of being an emerging artist and sharing a POC’s POV. With over twenty years experience as an artist, curator and museum educator, Martín leverages his curiosity, ambition and pop psych wit to deliver biweekly conversations and monologues you’ll want to listen in on.
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I am thrilled to chat with Arlene Dávila, Professor of Anthropology and American Studies at New York University. Her new book Latinx Art: Artists, Markets, and Politics wields her first hand experiences in the art world and leverages her tenured academic voice to bring together conversations that affect Latinx Artists across the country.  Latinx poses questions that could be the playbook for what the new paradigm of the Latinx art and other Latinx endeavors, can look like in a post Covid world. Listen in as we talk about the many elephants in the art world, that to our own detriment, we have been trained to politely ignore. It is time to have these conversations, Arlene and her book are opening the forum, join us.Get your copy of Latinx Art here. Follow the author Arlene Dávila on Twitter
There is a window of opportunity right now. We can create new ways of functioning  and thriving as artists. Listen in as I talk about my first group show since covid and how different it all is. I talk about how the initiative of artists have created amazing opportunities for other artists and performers as in the back story of A Chorus Line and  like the “Septembrollage” challenge, that has really been activating my studio. But before we take on this new work and look ahead into the next six months, let’s make sure we choose our mental framework from a wellness perspective. An escape is closer than you think, and you don’t have to leave, but you can’t stay here, not in the same way as before.Local Project Septembrollage created by: Ariane Valesqua  and Elsa Botting Leone 
Listen in on this Spanglish gem of an episode with Chicago based artist Jaqui Almaguer . I haven’t laughed this much in a while. I literally get my Chicano card revoked and get a well rounded education on some Mexican and Chicano culture. The artist talks about growing up in Los Angeles and Chicago, and how Bob Ross and cholo culture influenced her art and studio practice. Jaqui shares some entrepreneurial tips for artists and some technical advice on going live while listening to your favorite music, without having to pay for copyright (yes, this is a thing)! We also talk about being Queer artists and how it can manifest in our work and empowering cross cultural references. Join the conversation! …ps. it is pronounce “Ale-bree-heh”… (lol)!   Follow the artist and watch there Live Painting events on Instagram at @artejaqui    
Listen in as I get to chat with artist Francisco Donoso about his studio practice. The artist talks about how keeping a studio outside his home, gives him the opportunity to spread out, explore and forge a community in the South Bronx where his first studio is located. We talk about gentrification and the cycles of artist neighborhoods that often end up in the displacement of people of color. Donoso also talks about the use of “chainlink fences” in his work and how he has reframed them through abstraction to take away its power. The artist also offers some advice on approaching a robust studio practice.Follow the artist on instagram @donosostudioSee the artist work on his website:
Meet fellow Angelino, Wesly Thomas, an American musician in Medellin Colombia. It is so exciting to talk to a young talented artist with so much passion and fire in his soul, to create, share and make more art. Listen in to how Wesley landed in Medellin and his goals of learning the language, sharing his adventures and  experiences with other Asian men. Wesley talks about being an expat in Latin America and how being an “other” in his new environment has inspired his youtube channel to educate others about his culture. Join in on this exciting conversation and pick up some mental framework tips, to get you pepped up in your creative practice.Follow the artist in instagram @wesleezyVisit his youtube channel here
The Last Artist

The Last Artist


What would you create if you knew you were “The Last Artist”? Join host Luis Martin/ The Art Engineer in this monolog that asks  “What would you create, if this was it? What needs to come out?” Listen in as he poses a few questions and asks you to imagine your work outside of the gallery context. What role can an art practice play in the new paradigm that is slowly and painful emerging. Let’s talk about what can ease our collective vertigo and put out the flames of the world we have inherited and co-created. You are the last artist, say something! Connect with Luis Martin / The Art Engineer on instagram @artengineer Get an art coach at  
Meet Gary Carlson as he shares his stories of being at the center of the 80’s New York art scene, with his partner, the late artist Robert Loughlin, famously known for his iconic “Brute” pop art paintings. I visit with Gary at his home in Seattle to what would be one of my last one-on-one interviews before covid.I set out to document a queer love story because we don’t often hear or see LGBTQ love stories told or reflected. There is something to be cherish of a life lived and loved. This episode sets out to honor and celebrate Gary and the Chairman.Join in on this love story and adventure that spans 30 years!Follow Gary Carlson on Instagram @artiest_rls_brute 
Listen in as I get to chat with artist and art entrepreneur Rachel Wilkins. The artist talks about her recent monumental project “Shoulders of Giants”. Everyday during pride month, June 2020, Rachel created a work of art that celebrates the life and contribution of an LGBTQ leader. The artist further rallied her community by inviting others to be part of the project by way of writing letters to the leaders at the center of her work. To further the impact and resonance with the trail blazer of “Shoulders of Giants” the artist is donating 50% of sales to the LGBT Task Force.   I was humbled and honored to have the opportunity to address a letter of my own to Sylvia Rivera, a trans Latinx leader who’s work is finally getting some recognition, thanks to the work of artist like Rachel. Also in the podcast, Rachel shares some advice about taking on ambitious projects both creatively and from a business perspective. See more of the artists work at: the artist in instagram at: @artistrachelwilkins   
This conversation is in response to a question I received recently, a question I get asked about often and one I think about a lot myself, its about: visibility. My favorite answer to this question and it is my favorite answer to most questions is “Create your own opportunities to shine”. Listen in as I directly address my new friend “K” about visibility and what it takes to get ready. It’s closer than you think and the people that really matter are already watching and supporting you. Listen in! 
Meet Jasmine Zelaya a multi disciplinary artist based in Houston Texas. The “ritual ornamentation” in her work stopped me in my tracks. Listen in to how Jasmine goes into the zone listening to disco and finds extreme joy and pleasure in a repetitive art practice.  Jasmine talks about her connection to religious iconography and her love of Bernini for the tension of joy and pain in his work. The artist also shares some of her recent and exciting accomplishments that include being on the cover of New American Paintings magazine and having her work displayed on the Main Street Marquee in Houston. Join the conversation, you will want to hear how good it is.Follow the artist on instagram at: @z_e_l_a_y_aSee more of the artist's work on their website: yourself in a state of Prolific Flow at: this conversation (with cat bloopers) on Youtube:
Meet Haitian-American artist and interior designer Franck Hodelin. I had to connect with Franck about his recent Instagram post, of a painting he made based on a painting his mother painted several years prior. Listen in as we talk about the beautiful and complicated legacies we inherit from family, country and systems of oppression. The artist shares the connection between the Black Lives Matter movement and the historic and doomed rebellion that lead to Haitian independence. Join the conversation as we talk about how we find hope in art and the young people creating change in the United States right now.Follow the artist on Instagram @FranckHView more of the Artist's work on his website: into a state of Prolific Flow with me at Watch this conversation on Youtube here.
I am recording from what feels like the bottom of my empty well. Here in the dark, I look to recharge and plant my seeds. Even from here in my very same yet significant and meaningful ways, I can dismantle the patriarchy and take on white supremacy. Don’t be afraid. You are not alone, this is a collective darkness. Wake up, we can give what we don’t have, only to realize that we had it all along… yah I know, it is easier than it sounds though! It will all make sense once you give yourself the time to recharge in this darkness. You know what’s up but sometime we forget with all the noise, listen in and listen up.Get your art practice into a state of prolific flow. Let's work together Prolific Flow Artist Coaching 
Meet Juan-Carlos Perez, a soft spoken powerhouse of an artist. Listen in as the artist shares his stories about arriving in Pasadena, California from Mexico. We talks about the experiences that shaped his understanding of racial issues and how it plays out in his art work. Juan-Carlos talks about his deep rooted relationship to Chicago and his recent return to Southern California. The artist discusses how he and his community has utilized art education as a way to process social issues and mobilize change. Join us for this important conversation with the artist Juan-Carlos Perez. Learn more about the artist on his website: the artist on instagram at: JuanCarlosPerez927Watch this conversation of Youtube here
Aaron Marin: In Context

Aaron Marin: In Context


Meet Aaron Marin, a collage artist based in New York. We reconnect after technical difficulties during our fist conversation, which seems indicative of our current tumultuous times. Listen in as we talk about his collage practice and the call to action he hears from artists and writers that have come before him. Get shook to the core as I did, as we talk about how our art should document this moment in time because history books will never do justice to truth. Chime in as we discuss the longevity and intention in the surge of interest in black artists. This is a raw conversation you will want to be a part of.Follow Aaron Marin on instagram @neutokyoWatch this conversation on YouTubeNástio Mosquito Louisiana Museum in the Netherlands interviewLangston Hughes essay "The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain"ART 21: Art in the 21st Century Kerry James Marshall
OMG has the world always been ending?These past few days have been hell, to say the least. Protests met with hyper police brutality, the pandemic still playing out in the background, health scares in my personal family… I need a second to regroup. So when I reached back for an episode from the volt I found “Matters Beyond Politics”, it is jarring how white supremacy has always informed the systems in which we function in, despite diplomas, money or influence. Listen in to my, one in a billion, battle before the current revolution. These are important times… but I need a nap, good food, some coffee, and a stiff drink. See you next week friends xoxoOriginally EP 33 aired on Anchor June 2019 
This is an unscripted communique. Right now I don’t have the dexterity to sit, write and produce an episode. So lets chat about hope, let’s make plans and deliberately create the world we are heading into. Listen in and tune in to what you are being called to do. In dark times, confronted with walls, Artists like us blast holes, we create our own opportunities to shine, with our rage, our hope and our love as our ammunition.    Music: "Amawamba" by A.M. Beef 
I am thrilled to connect with artist Sari Shryack. Join the conversation as Sari talks about her serendipitous name sake and how it plays into her career's energy. The artist talks about how she chose to show up during this time of crisis by making one painting a day on instagram and how that benefited her community and own well being. Listen in as she talks about how art can be a bridge from poverty into a practice of gratitude.I am humbled and privileged to announce that after completing my first round of The Artist Support Pledge I can offered my support and endorsement by buying an art work from Sari Shryack. In this conversation we chat about the process of demystifying talk about prices and money when I comes to selling art, and how that facilitated for a successful and supportive exchange for both of us. PS. There is a lot of pro tips in this episode, let me know what resonates!      Follow the artist on instagram at @not_sorry_art Watch the conversation on Youtube here
Listen in to this brief and fun conversation with artist and urban planner Thom Stead. The artist shares how quarantine has lead him to reconnect with his art practice while mixing in his love for books. We talk about his memories of growing up in his father’s art studio and how that influenced him. I ask this Philadelphia based artist to let me in on his favorite spots, of which include a local penitentiary, do not miss out, join the conversation.   Watch the conversation here.Follow the artist in instagram @readbooks.servelooks Thom's  Philadelphia recommendations   Eastern State Penitentiary Kalaya Authentic Thai Kitchen 
You are going to want to meet Kandace Creel Falcón, a multilayered artist with a Doctorate in Feminist Studies and former professor. As an artist she mixes Queer Chicana narratives with her authentic love and curiosity for thought and academia. Listen in as she shares how she created space to show and talk about her graduation exhibit “Interior Intimacies”, that explores themes of queer spaces in a rural setting while delegitimizing art cannons. As a bibliophile, Kandace shares a pair of quintessential books on her list. Join the conversation!   Follow Kandace Creel Falcón on Instagram @kjcfalconLearn more about the artist at this conversation on Youtube here.    
Hold the Door

Hold the Door


I would never say this to you, but it’s a new world and things have to be done differently. Listen in as my own words tickle my throat on the way out of my mouth. I also confess about escaping quarantine and share some of the perils that other people of color have faced for doing so in NYC. It is time to stick together and hold the door for one another. I passionately challenge you to hold the door.  Youtube Channel Link Tree  
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