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Stuff You Missed in History Class

Stuff You Missed in History Class

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Join Holly and Tracy as they bring you the greatest and strangest Stuff You Missed In History Class in this podcast by
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Kayl matthew

Change name to "Stuff you missed in 7th grade Womens Studies"

Oct 18th

Ruth Reynoso

I hope that they start focusing more on historical events and less on biographies of people. it's cool to have background knowledge on historical figures but this has turned out to be quite boring as of late

Oct 12th

Justin Bryce

This show has gotten pretty stale. Women have done some awesome stuff and have had to overcome alot but I feel like lately all of the subjects of this pod have been personal heroes of the hosts, and people whose stories are kind of voring. Did they have historical importance? Yes, but that doesn't make for an entertaining 30 min. Compared to earlier episodes these latest episodes are bland

Oct 10th

Ford Prefect

what an amazing woman

Oct 8th

Lyle Broadhead

Rename to: Stuff WOMEN DID THAT You Missed In History Class Seriously ladies; expand a little. I get that women are awesome, but you can do shows on guys as well.

Oct 5th


Lyle Broadhead Guys are already covered. It's called "history."

Oct 6th

dabney stack

CD by

Sep 27th

Terry Helm


Sep 19th

Ryder Ferenc

Well, Scots is an English dialect and they are more or less mutually intelligible.

Sep 19th

Kayl matthew

this pod could be so much better. Im sick and tired of hearing about slavery and or sexists topics. i took womans studies in high school and understand the importance of looking back on past atrocities but holy shit. these two woman are lame. history can be so much cooler

Sep 6th

Christopher Pinnell

love your show! keep it up ladies ❤

Aug 27th


one interesting podcast idea would be about the Black Ball pirate ships

Aug 23rd

J Bunker

Lowland Scots primarily spoke Scots, not English. Gaelic is not pronounced 'gay-lik', its closer to 'gah-lik'.

Jul 30th

Emily Holz

unless picked up as a kitten feral cats are not able to be domesticated

Jul 25th

Stephanie Mitchell

The movie got made! It's called Queen of the Desert.

Jul 21st

Kimberly Falkowski

wish they would slow down.

Jul 20th

Bobbie Brooks

I'm really surprised that Missouri didn't uphold slavery. The Little Town I grew up in called New Haven Missouri There was a well off Family Called Trails Hill that family had a tunnel that went under the road and straight to the Missouri River they helped runaway slaves My Great Granny worked for them and so did her children my Grandma Dorthy my Mom worked there Those Trails people remind me of the Walton's lol. It pays to listen to family background

Jul 18th

Gracie Kinnaman

I love this one! I've lived in Tulsa all my life and I had never heard of the Tulsa Race Riot until last year when my class went to the Jewish museum and the curator brought it up. I'm exited because at school we get to learn about it this year. Thank you for talking about the Tulsa Race Riot. Have a Hood day.

Jul 11th

Kurtis Rose

Nails on a chalkboard

Jul 9th

M. S.

I listened to "How the Berlin Wall Worked" and only learned that Kennedy may have said he was a jelly doughnut in German. Waist of my time.

Jul 5th

Vee Barea

its surprising how something for us is common sense , it was out of the box thinking then. she was an amazing woman, much enjoyed this podcast, thank you

Jul 2nd
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