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Success Made to Last...Living Your Best Version
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Success Made to Last...Living Your Best Version

Author: Rick Tocquigny

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Success Made to Last are a variety of podcasts centered around living the best version of YOU. Our dream is to create a nation of mentors, filling the void of absent fathers. To date, we have over 160,000 pairs of mentors/proteges, well on their way to living their best version.
2641 Episodes
Hear Legendary author Stewart Emery on Success Made to Last. Stewart talks about becoming the best version of yourself. 
Hear about growing up Deana Martin with mentors like Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald was an extraordinary time. Listen to this exclusive interview with Dean Martin's daughter.
Hear lessons of leadership from P&G Alum on Success Made to Last Legends with Brad Moore of Hallmark Gold Crown Pictures.
Hear from Frank Blake and the extraordinary mentors he experienced in his career including the late, great Jack Welch of GE, President Reagan and President George Herbert Walker Bush.
Success Made to Last welcomes Carol Carter, author of 20 books focused on students' success. This serial entrepreneur is dedicated to helping first generation college students. Hear her enlightening story of overcoming limitations. Hosted by Tim Moore.
Success Made to Last explores the Zero Moment of Truth for Kodak with Digital Photography, unpacked by inventor Steve Sasoon, father of modern day digital photography.  What can your company do to prevent this same miss-step? 
Building character into the next gen of fathers was the real coaching success of Tom Osborne, NCAA Coach of the Decade from The University of Nebraska. 
Get to know Special Ops through American hero, Colonel Oliver North, advisor to President Ronald Reagan.  Hats to our Special Ops heroes blessed with courage and bravery.  Get some good news on Americans today. It's long overdue.
Legendary author Homer Hickam of Rocket Boys fame talks about his book Carrying Albert Home...the family legend about Buddy Epsen (Jed Clampett from The Beverly Hillbillies). Hear about family legends and how to take your story to book form. 
Best Selling Author Seth Godin shares insight from Linchpin on Success Made to Last, hosted by Rick Tocquigny. This show is presented by greeting cards, America's favorite encouragement cards. 
Legendary CEO Jay Walker from Priceline and Upside shares surprising future. Hear Jay's prediction on future technology that will shock you. Hosted by Rick Tocquigny.
Success Made to Last is honored to interview the one and only Ed Asner to "unpack" the movie UP. Hear him talk about unqualified love. Ed shares his view about fatherless homes across America.  
Mike Berenstain of Berenstain Bears talks his Papa and Mama- Stan & Jan. This is the most touching tribute to two of the greatest authors of children's books. Don't miss the inside sweet story of success. 
Success Made to Last Series with Dr. Ken Blanchard hosted by Tim Moore. This is one of seven shows that we recorded with one of the world's authority on management, servant leadership and core values.
Success Made to Last exclusive with former P&G Chairman Ed Artzt. Hear about the importance of leading through core values. 
Lisa Bovee, author of Guided by Grief, shares the story of losing her son in a car accident exclusively on Success Made to Last.  This show is presented by encouragement greeting cards. 
Hear the secret to success from legendary golfer Doug Sanders exclusively on Success Made to Last.
Exclusive interview with sports legends Shirley Spork and Marilynn Smith, two LPGA pioneers on Success Made to Last.  Hear about the beginning of the LPGA tour, the struggles, the obstacles and how these two ladies prevailed. 
Success Made to Last takes a different look as SNL star Victoria Jackson beat cancer. Hear her incredible story of faith and family. 
Meet the co-founder of Success Made to Last Tim Moore and hear about his illustrious background from the education and publishing world. 
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Rick Tocquigny

This was a terrific podcast about the Masters. We really miss it given the corona virus.

Apr 20th
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