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Author: David Freiburger

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Are you curious about how successful people got to where they're at? In this podcast, I talk to some pretty successful people and ask them questions about HOW they grew as individuals at college, in their early careers, and current personal life's. The one-word summary of my podcast is growth, so if you're interested in growth, you've come to the right place.
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In this episode I had the chance to speak with Doug Bouton - who is the President, Chief Operating Officer, and co-founder of Halo Top Creamery. I talk to Doug about his time at Georgetown University, also what helped prepare him for where he is now and what it was like jumping from law school, to a law firm, to then an ice cream start up that’s now worth up to 2 billion dollars according to BBC, and plenty more! I hope this episode can help guide you on your own path and also fingers crossed - help relieve some of the pressure and overthinking we do over college, career paths, success, and life in general
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