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Sumo Kaboom!
A weekly podcast dedicated to our favorite sport - sumo wrestling. We chat about tournaments, current events, history, and our favorite wrestlers. Both Collins sisters have been performers, improvisers, creators, and comedians for over 20 years.
Having lived in Japan, Leslie loves researching the history and traditions of sumo. She also has a deep love for sumo karaoke singers.
Laurie is fascinated by Japanese television, the sumo training regimen, and Hakuho.
Together, they serve up exciting sumo treats for curious sumo fans. These kooky sisters share an enthusiasm for sumo and like all sisters, they work amazingly well together. All of the time. There are never any issues. Ever.
54 Episodes
*Eros Armstrong *is the heavyweight representative on the 2020 Women's U.S. National Sumo Team. She's athletic, talented, and driven to be the best. And, she wants to bring more women into the sport. Eros speaks eloquentrly about soul combat, warrior spirit, and leading other women to the sport of sumo - either through sumo clinics like the one at the WINS tournament or by walking up to other women at the grocery story and telling them that they would be good in sumo. If you ever wonder where we get our research, check out our [Show Notes] Check out our ever-changing Sumo Kabbom merch at Red Bubble (
Black History Month

Black History Month


We love learning new things, so this week, we decided it was time to focus on the contributions that POC have made to sumo wrestling. From myth and legend to modern history, there's plenty to explore here. Today, we celebrate Yasuke, Henry Sentoryu Miller, and "Tiny" Manny Yarbrough. If you ever wonder where we get our research, check out our Show Notes ( Check out our ever-changing Sumo Kabbom merch at Red Bubble (
It's February- the season of love! Time for some love related sumo poetry, stories, and the skinny on sumo marriage.
Pre Bout Rituals

Pre Bout Rituals


What do wrestlers need before a sumo match? Shiko! Power water! Salt! Belly thwacks! Shuffles! Crab walks! Big flexes! And so much more! We breakdown the rituals that come from Shinto and the individual rituals we all love to watch.
Yokozuna Tochinoumi, would just passed, who was he? And, are you confused about Special Prizes? Why did 3 guys get the same prize? Why did no one get a prize? This is the episode for you! Plus, we manage to throw in Burgess Meredith, beauty pageants, silicone, yoga, Barb and so much more.
Beginning with our BINGO winner, we move to highlights from days 11 - 15 of the January basho. What a treat that was, and congratulations to all the winners. We can't wait for more! If you want more information on Daieisho, check out Sumo Kaboom's episode 28 where we discuss Okinoumi and Daieisho.
We break down days 4 -10 in a weird, wild basho. So many wrestlers are out due to covid restrictions. What's wrong with Takakeisho? Shodai's style of sumo. Terunofuji gives me high blood pressure. Learning kimarite.
We welcome a brand new sumo club to the area and review the January basho days 1-3. Who is looking strong? Who is under pressure? Who drew blood? And because we are who we are... Carrie, that horror film/musical and Bo Taoshi. Plus, our struggles learning the kimarite! Special Guest: Corey Morrison.
News that covers Bingo to Coronavirus. Discussion of the January banzuke and spotlights on Akiseyama, Midorifuji, and Ikioi. We cover a lot in this episode! Plus we manage to weave in shaky weights, Lauren Bacall, Nicholas Cage, boy bands, and Friends while we're at it. Who would YOU like to see using shaky weights? Who would be in YOUR sumo boy band? Should they still host the January basho? Why is Akiseyama so beloved? Which wrestler had no idea who Paul McCartney was?
We feature YOU today- your favorite moments in sumo and your choice for sexiest wrestler of 2020. featuring Sumo Mainichi, the Grand Sumo Breakdown boys, and Tachiai blog. Special Guests: Andy from the Tachiai Blog and Dave and Amy from Sumo Mainichi podcast.
Sumo Holidays

Sumo Holidays


What do profesional sumo wreslers do over the holidays?
We talk about the special prizes and what the winner takes home. Also, what it would take for Takakeisho to become a yokozuna? Can he do it? And, just what is the difference between a macaroon and a macaron?
Our favorite matches and interviews. The best throw downs. Who we were rooting for. The terrible phrase that Leslie's Japanese friends taught her. Sumo Kaboom Awards. Rocky, Star Wars, Annie, Chariots of Fire and walruses. We're a bit slap happy, and yes, we cover it all.
We love watching these boys wrestle, and we love commenting on the commentary, too. Mawashis, wedgies, horror movies, WWE wrestling moves, retirements... we cover a lot of ground here.
Review of Sumodo, the latest sumo documentary, and SUMO is BACK! November basho- days 1 and 2. Somehow we manage to discuss Ryuden's kooky laugh, juryo treats, cheerleading moves and more. We've missed these boys! And, we're playing BINGO again. See our website or socials for more information.
Sumo Snack and Chat

Sumo Snack and Chat


Akua. Bingo. What it's like at a sumo tournament. Bento boxes. Blood type personalities. It's a hodgepodge of an episode with lots of laughter.
New to November's sanyaku (though 2 of these guys have been here before), THE 3 T's. Which wrestler is nicknamed Riceball? Which one is known for his big feet? Which one fears ghosts? Which one used to play the lead in his school plays? There's oh so much delightful information to share about these boys!
Doreen Simmons and Katrina Watts. Two sumo commentators and experts in the field. Don't know their names? You should!
Mongolian wrestling is why so many Mongolians are good at sumo. And, dang, those outfits! Time to get to know this wrestling style. "The sexy sport of Mongolian wrestling. Yes, it IS sexy. We'll get to that." Sunk Kaboom
Just HOW does a person become a professional sumo wrestler? Especially, if you can't show up on the doorstep of a sumo stable in Japan, how do you train in sumo? You participate in international sumo and martial arts! That's what we discuss today. From judo to ju-jitzu and sumo, what's the purpose of international sumo? We talk to two teachers and athletes - Derrick Garza of Dark Clan Fight Lab and Justin Kizzart of Dark Circle Sumo. Special Guest: Justin Kizzart.
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