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Author: Greg Fitzsimmons and Mike Gibbons

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Greg Fitzsimmons and Mike Gibbons bring you a funny weekly summation of news straight from the Sunday Papers.
47 Episodes
It’s a party! Cher saves an elephant and the Taiwanese parliament is hurling pig intestines at each other. Dagwood sucks...  
Florida Man this week is a guy sitting in the front row of Greg’s show in Tampa. Mike is out of toilet paper and WTF is running down Rudy’s face? Follow Mike Gibbons on Twitter @GibbonsTime
Consenting sex robots, a very hands on Florida theme park, and "Baby Fae" is remembered - Joanne writes in, still has a crush. 
New president- same Sunday Papers! Magic mushrooms and Exorcism in Portland and, as always, Florida Man comes through big.  
Costco fires the Thai monkeys that were picking their coconuts, Lori Loughlin goes directly to jail, and maybe a little about the election.      
Our first guest contributor Andy Kindler does an op/ed piece and Mike shares about his first time (alone).   Follow Andy on Twitter @AndyKindler Follow Mike Gibbons Twitter @GibbonsTime
From Jackson Hole, Mike joins Greg for a roundup of town halls, ancient Italian porn and, of course, the Sunday funnies.
Greg is in Cleveland and Mike is in Zion National Park in Utah. But the paper still gets delivered! Little bit of Trump in the news.
New Sunday Papers.  Covid in Chief, South Park, Florida Men and oddly a bunch of talk about milk: almond, oat and breasteses.
This week: all the biggest headlines: Refurbished Vietnamese condoms and new 9-11 conspiracy theories.
New Sunday Papers. Van Morrison won’t be on The Masked Singer, Joe Rogan runs Presidential debate and RIP RBG. 
The eighth and maybe final Thursday Papers. Listener emails, This Day in History and an alcoholic's letter to Dear Abby that reminds Greg he’s going to start drinking again.
Fires rage in the west and an insane man fathers 36 children with sperm donations. Family Circus literally makes no sense this week.
More listener corrections and "this day in history." Who wants to run a factory? Jelly Belly Jelly Beans is pulling a Willy Wonka. Plus, Mike gives an update on Sturgis. 
Greg and Mike manage to deliver a tiger-focused story more outrageous than the latest Carole Baskin news. Mike shows continued support for the south, and we find out Greg's not so great with fax numbers. 
More listener emails and an ad for great lobster. Plus, Mike reviews the VMAs and reads reviews for "Hoops" on Netflix. 
From Catalina Island CA, Mike and Greg record from a campground. There are children around which does not stop them from riffing on three-ways and magic mushrooms.
Listeners have more corrections, Greg and Mike review Netflix's "Love on the Spectrum," and Judd Apatow inadvertently calls in.
California is on fire, Greg and Mike return to Sturgis, and Netflix apologizes. It's also revealed the show may not be suitable for hospital listening. 
Greg and Mike give an update on the old biker accident reports from Sturgis: no masks, no helmets, no insurance. Also, your mail and a tough crossword puzzle that even stumps them.
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