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Author: Paulina and Bricia Lopez

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Hosted by new moms (and sisters) Paulina and Bricia Lopez. Super Mamas is a judgment-free space where new, expecting and experienced mothers can come together to learn from one another, be inspired by each other and bond over their similar upbringings and cultural background.  Laugh and cry along with the Super Mamas every week as they share their stories with friends, experts and each other.  New episode every Tuesday.
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Today’s episode is the final installment of our 3-part series of our Super Mamás Social with WORDAFUL’S Liz Hernandez! We break down the word REFLECTION and what our respective reflection journeys have been. From loving to what we see in the mirror, to choosing cooperation over comparison and learning that the best work we can ever do is the work on ourselves 👏🏽 We also open the floor to the audience members to share their own experiences with how they reflect in their daily lives.   For  full notes, visit like us on Double tap on 
This week we have the 2nd part of our serie from the Super Mamas Social panels, we are sharing our conversation with the iconic Myrka Dellanos, a two time Emmy award-winning journalist who has gained credibility and the love of millions in the United States and Latin America.  We talk about her spiritual journey and the importance of keeping our faith through hardships as these only make us stronger. Doing things with excellence and breaking all stereotypes.     For  full notes, visit like us on Double tap on 
We are back with our 3-part series of our Super Mamás Social panels! This week we are sharing our conversation with Two-time Grammy Award winner, Melanie Fiona. Her distinctive, powerful voice and tone has captivated the hearts and minds of countless souls. As a new mother, Melanie is passionate about creating supportive spaces for women and mothers to be educated and inspired by one another. We discuss  her birth story video on YouTube, how she navigates expectations & so much more   For  full notes, visit like us on Double tap on 
After a 2-week break, we are officially back to talk about our past couple of weeks of highs and lows. After an absolute success of the Social, our family received devastating news a couple days later. Our fellow Super Mamá suffered an immense loss. This past week has been one of the toughest for our family and we had to take a moment away. For the women who are currently going through something similar, this episode is for you. You are not alone. Even now, through the darkest times, God is with you. For  full notes, visit like us on Double tap on 
This week we interview Lisa Roth, executive producer of the highly successful franchise, Rockabye Baby. Since its debut in 2006, Lisa has helped launch close to 80 studio albums packed with Lullaby versions of songs by artists from The Beatles and Jay-Z to Rihanna and Adele. She’s on the show today to share what inspired this idea, how she got it started, all the ups and downs of her journey and Rockabye Baby’s newest and exciting release! Any guesses on what, or better yet, who it is? For  full notes, visit like us on Double tap on 
This week on the show we have Briana Valdez, aka “Breezy” Chief Queso Ambassador of HomeState. Prior to opening HomeState, Briana had never run a business but that didn’t stop her from carving her way into the restaurant industry with one goal in mind- to share her and her families’ story of Texas through food. Briana takes us through her journey of opening up her restaurant, the value of mentorship, staying true to herself, time management and self care.   For  full notes, visit like us on Double tap on 
This week on the show, Bricia and Paulina discuss working mom guilt. Why do women feel that at all times, we want to thrive in our careers but that means more time and that at the sometime means more guilt with the family.  Also, would they even be having this discussion if they were men? Or is it society’s negative outlook on women wanting both a career and motherhood? We discuss!    For  full notes, visit like us on Double tap on 
This week on the show, we have Zoila Darton- NY native turned LA resident and Head Dot Connector of WORD Creative. Zoila is a born connecter and believes fostering community creatively will save the world- basically an incredible human. We talk all about her birthing story and the grueling aftermath, her journey in finding community in LA as an outsider, how she practices self care and her other baby, her thriving business. Also, stay tuned for our POT of the week, you don't want to miss it!   For  full notes, visit like us on Double tap on   
This week on show we have #MomBoss Leslie Antonoff - creator of the @Hautemommie blog, co-creator, executive producer and star of Aspire’s culinary series, Butter + BROWN and Founder of Sweet Knowledge Clothing Company. We talk entrepreneurship, her incredible mindset that has lead her to live without fear, accepting help without shame, the important lessons she’s instilled in her three daughters, the most important lesson she learned from her own mother & so much more. For  full notes, visit like us on Double tap on   
Apart from March being Women History month, it’s also Nutrition month! We have pediatrician Dr. Shapiro dropping knowledge on all things nutrition. We talk the 9 essentials nutrients that are essential to our kids diet, the ways we can keep our children healthy & fun ways to incorporate milk into both our and our children’s diets. Also, "Dr.Shaps"  helps Paulina overcome her mom guilt and helps us all debunk old Latino health myths. This episode is brought to you by For  full notes, visit like us on Double tap on   
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